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Every Drew Lock Pass & Run | NFL 2019 Highlights

Check out every throw and run from rookie QB Drew Lock. The Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL preseason.

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That option at 0:50 boutta get the camera man fired


    @American Sports Fan lol


    omg yes

    Giants Pride


    Dino Rosga


Eden Fesi

Looked a lot better than at the Hall of Fame game.


    Honestly felt like people were exaggerating how bad he looked the first game anyways. He was a little off but he seemed to make all the right decisions that first game. It’s not really about the end result right now. The process looked fine and looked fine again in this one.


    I believe in him


    Thanks weeb


    American Sports Fan he’s facing third and fourth stringers, if you have what it takes you should be able to put up gaudy stats even Keemun and bridgewater, perennial backups play lights out in the pre season.

Justin Boone

He didn’t look the best, but he was also under pressure the whole time



    Sam Ploscowe

    But he did better than the hall of fame game

    Dev Shah

    Yup. Couldn’t even take a second to make a throw. Luckily he didn’t get hurt from getting hit so much. The second and third unit o-lines are terrible


That offensive line wasn’t doing him any favors.

    That Guy Donny

    Mattcuz11 give him the o-line Flacco and hogan had and his game would have been better

    Q Kellz

    This coming from a Buccaneers fan if he had a good o-line I think he would do way better


    That Guy Donny Exactly I want to see Lock with the starters💯

    Bryce Junco

    Mattcuz11 fangio praises lock after the game and outplayed hogan so I expect some reps with the 2’s.

    Will McKinley

    Mattcuz11 they never do

Nathaniel Brownlee

The o line was terrible

    American Sports Fan

    Ikr its like they are not nfl starters….wait a second

    Nathaniel Brownlee

    American Sports Fan ur funny

    American Sports Fan

    Thanks i try.


Much better day for him. That last interception wasn’t his fault. But i think he should steal some first team reps so he can actually take some shots

    Alon Wigodsky

    He threaded the needle at 4:22-4:30

    Ben Pinckney

    The last interception was his fault. He was under pressure and he forced the pass


    Whos fault was it ? Lol

    Trevor Thompson

    How was the last interception not his fault? 😂


    SangheiliWarrior wut lol that last pick was 100 pct his fault. Awful decision making almost threw multiple other picks too. You don’t just throw up a duck and it not be your fault lol


At least we saw improvement which means he’s capable of learning. Can’t say the same for some of you stagnant youtube idiots who tend to be stuck on stupid.

    Billboe Bagginns

    mrtrex01 ah… ok? Not really sure who you’re calling out here boss, but ok.

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Billboe Bagginns must be you since you replied

    Billboe Bagginns

    #1 Broncos fan! You right, my b. Go Browns by the way

Ibraheem Rao

Hopefully someday he becomes THE FIRST EVER QUATERBACK drafted by Denver to lead them to a championship.

    pimpin magician of prophecy

    Maybe. But old habbits die hard.

    American Sports Fan

    Umm didn’t John Elway get drafted by denver…

    Ibraheem Rao

    @American Sports Fan NO. Go Google him

    Jens Agerskov

    @American Sports Fan No, he was drafted by the Colts and had told them predraft that he would not play for that organisation, and would play professionel baseball instead if they did not trade him.
    Tebow is the only QB drafted by Broncos that has ever won a playoff fame for us.

    Earl Rhee

    Yeah we’re kinda notorious for how bad we’re at drafting quarterbacks

Ibraheem Rao

Drew was my favorite quaterback prospect predraft.

    Ohyeah Rocket

    You see that safety Blair #27 for SS. Imagine they grabbed the LB too out of Utah!

Ibraheem Rao

Totally knew that drew world get drafted by Denver way before the draft.

Deshawn Hill

He do need to sit a year tho

Gabry LV

Playing with 3rd and 4th stringers doesn’t help a lot. He was under pressure and with a lot of hurries. If we can see him in 2 weeks or in 10 days with the 2nd stringers we are going to see him for real. Really good game for him, he is looking like the future


    Gabry LV that’s not an excuse considering he’s also facing 3rd and 4th stringers.

Michael Jr.

We lost, but Lock looked pretty clean with a crappy Oline… good job Lock! 🤙🏽


    That first string o-line though!🙌🏼

Demarius Jackson

He gonna be really good in 2 years


Lock doesn’t look bad that o line is what looks bad

Parth Kumar

Like 7 of those incompletions were drops improved from the first game but still needs some work

Bran den

This is how I rank every QB performance today from the big 4

4. Dwayne Haskins
3. Drew Lock
2. Kyler Murray
1. Daniel Jones
This however doesn’t mean Haskins is the worst nor Daniel Jones is the best. This is just who performed the best TODAY.

    Cringe Griffin

    Bran den he was a fourth rounder for the patriots

    Bran den

    Cringe Griffin ahh ok thanks seems like a good pick I’ll do a whole list with every rookie next week on a random game


    Haskins = bust.

    Mandalorian Legion

    Preseason means nothing. Jones threw 5 passes and everyone’s changing their mind already.


    @Mandalorian Legion preseason or not, he can handle the bright lights and big moments.

Mr Piranha

Damn be looked really good when his o line wasn’t trash

Mike Oz

I counted 6 bad passes, a ton of drops and the worst offensive line performance I’ve seen in a while. He looked great, and that pass to Winfree shows his ceiling is sky high if he keeps improving at this rate.

Angel Sanchez

The broncos and falcons are having 5 weeks of preseason…wtf

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