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Emperor Palpatine

Now upload Eli Manning blocking highlights

    Brendan Villafane

    Cormel lol Eli didn’t get a hold like flowers would.

    Goku Black

    Blocking??? I don’t get it

    Evander Holyfield

    Goku Black Eli threw a sick run block for Wayne gallman in this game


    I was impressed when I saw Eli blocking down field. This is football!

    stop hating and spread love

    Eli want that starter spot so bad 😂😂

Fernie Velez

Danny Dimes back at it again 🔥🔥


    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Danny Dimes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he 🚮🚮🚮🚮 Giants fans 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rafael Padilla

    @Rickhunter83 tru

klh0425 followmeonthegram

He’s doing better then most QB s😷

    Stephen Curry

    klh0425 followmeonthegram faxs

    Young Ghost

    klh0425 followmeonthegram sloter?

    David Ogle

    It’s still preseason if he gets in the regular season then we’ll see how that goes

Escocivo 30

Daniel Jones is on 🔥 this preseason! He will be starter eventually.

    Emmanuel Constant

    Tough to argue with 3 solid performances in the preseason. Now if he can look good against some of the first unit players against the Patriots defense in the final game – The Giants will be in business with this youngster in the future.


    Emmanuel Constant agreed. I’m still very hopeful, yet concerned with how our defense will do against the Pats next week.

    high horse

    LOL Sam Bradford 2.0

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    If he starts enough games this year, I think he’ll win OROY

guy nigg

No one’s gonna say it now but if Daniel Jones does good in the regular season, the Giants made a good pick

    Kareem Bey Jr

    @Christian Bryant “you don’t know that” either

    guy nigg

    @Kareem Bey Jr umm I don’t know if u misread what I just said but I literally just said that

    guy nigg

    @Kareem Bey Jr but only if, who’s to say he gets pt maybe they’re trying to groom him into a starter like Jimmy g.

    DMVlive23 *

    Same goes for all the rookie QBs

    Christian Bryant

    Kareem Bey Jr Okay???? Yes I do they were working them out and several analysts said he was going before Haskins and that they were high on them and it was on many mock drafts. Were the giants supposed to just pick the QB they didn’t even like???

Jon H

If Kyler Murray was doing this people would be losing their minds.

    nalim lattarai

    Alberto Esperanza Shut up Albert

    nalim lattarai

    Jessie Jonez stop

    Hdhshs Usuahs

    Pat shurmar always made qb better he did it with case keenum and Eli Manning too bad Kyle murry has a bad coach cause I see potential and Dwayne Haskins is not very good or accurate take away the deep easy down the field throw and he will miss alot of throws it’s gonna be tough for him

    Gabriel Afonso

    Jon H what did Jones do exactly. I see nothing special here

    Kevin P

    Meh… 10 yard passes aren’t “losing my mind” kind of talent


He will sit behind Eli for this year and next year Mahomes I’m calling it plus with Barkley giants fans you should be excited

I was playing around

    eat a chicken wing

    Danny Meer Lmfaooo I will speak for him I think the giants are going to do the same thing they did to mahomes they benched him for a season and made him take time to learn under alex smith


    Watson will be Mahomes tier next season…..He had the worst Oline and took the texans to the playoffs. Cheifs had top 5 Oline.

    Willie Davis

    Fade bruh stfu u sound stoopid

    Anthony Sheridan

    Eli’s contract is up this year I doubt he’ll take a 1yr 7mill contract which would be the most we should give him if anything

OrZo Eeece

He looks amazing!! – Coming from a Chiefs Fan

    OrZo Eeece

    Brian Fisher no, I put that in for context, to tell people I’m not a mindless giants fan that thinks Daniel Jones is the next TB


    OrZo Eeece I agree it’s way too early to make those kind of predictions but he could be. Never know

    Matthew Cooper

    What did he do


Man I gotta say it the giants made a great pick


    Colin Barlow be quiet peasant

    Colin Barlow

    polyonym I’ll be quiet if you be quiet


    Colin Barlow dont tell me what to do peasant

    DMVlive23 *

    preseason lol

guy nigg

Re edit y’all video, y’all posted the same play 2 times in a row


    you’re name fits that comment for some reason lmao


Kid keeps on impressing. Eli has someone breathing down his neck for the first time in his career for playing time. Nice throws from Jones.

    Nick 2324

    Wolf Tickets4Sale I never said I knew more than any pro 😂😂. You’re right about him standing tall in the pocket I love that about him. However his arm strength is lacking and it can be seen by the number of throws that have come up short and or low throughout each of these three games. 1:40 is a good example. He completes the pass but he had to really gather himself and load up to get it there. There are other flaws that are noticeable but it doesn’t matter right now because he should sit so he can correct them.

    Nick 2324

    ngpdreamteam2k4 idk if you’re being sarcastic or not but 1:40 is a good example of his lack of arm strength. He has to gather and shuffle several times before releasing the ball. He completed the pass thankfully, but it shouldn’t take that much to get it about 30 yards.

    Wolf Tickets4Sale

    Nick 2324 His head is on a swivel as he shuffles. Reading the receivers or looking off his intended. He bit off chunks of yards fooling defenders with his eyes, head and feet.

    I’m not crowing him. I am optimistic but I know there’s still questions and his arm strength is one. Just saying there’s not enough proof either way just yet. We gotta see more.

    Nick 2324

    Wolf Tickets4Sale right but he should sit this year. Starting him too early will ruin his potential.

    Wolf Tickets4Sale

    Nick 2324 💯 % Agree. That’s the best part about what he’s already displayed. Knowing who he is now and what he can become with a year on the sideline learning and watching the speed of the game in real time. Learning his receivers tendencies. Also allows our O-line to gel together. Giants are in a great position having Eli there to smooth over the transition.

Dwayne Wilkins

As an Eagle fan I hate to admit, but I think NY got something here.

    Wolf Tickets4Sale

    Dual Purpose My only real concern with the Eli of today is his deep ball accuracy. Felt he did throw short too many times. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because we both know that line gave him zero confidence. This year they seem to be better.

    Either way I feel the best course of action is not rushing Eli out or Jones in. Would be so dope to see Eli go out on top while simultaneously handing Jones a complete team.


    🛑 You Sound Foolish


    @Matt Olivieri Eli also had more yards than Brady last year with an o line that still had Ereck and was the worst in NFl.

Ditch 79

In 2022: *Daniel Jones won 2 Superbowls, 2 MVPs, 1 4000 yard season, and 690 Touchdowns*

Dave Gettleman: _They called me a madman._

    Nash Scheber

    As a giants fan this comment crazy 😂

    Bob Marley

    Ditch 79 You mean 2032???

    Ditch 79

    Bob Marley dont disrespect the 2nd goat danny dimes

    Janelle Taylor

    I hope you’re right

    DMVlive23 *


Curtis Warren

Keep proving the haters wrong

Jonathan Ross

Giants fans on draft night : he sucks wtf are the Giants doing!

Giant’s fans preseason: “dAnNy DiMeS! ”


    Jonathan Ross

    @Andrew Hare I’m talking about Josh Allen the pass rusher for the Jags, not the QB for the bills.

    Andrew Hare

    @Jonathan Ross In other words, the UK defensive back.

    Michael Anthony

    I always thought he was a solid pick I actually watched video from him playing in college. Great qb on a shitty team.

    Michael Anthony

    @Skeletal Pirate you dont know that for sure bro. If I played the lotto last week I could have won too.

    Michael Anthony

    @Cris Mike you dont know that for sure bro. You are just guessing. You pick the player you want period. Everything else is just guessing.

Christopher Bedell

WAAAAAAAY better than i thought he would be. WAY BETTER


    Christopher Bedell These vanilla scripted plays build confidence. He has 3 fumbles in 2 games. Most of his completions are 5yrd check downs. Guys he’s a good quarterback that why he’s in the nfl. You’re amazed that he can throw and complete passes on this level? He’s playing like he should in a preseason game. But he not playing 1st round 6th pick level. We’ll wait and see. Eli right now is better than DJ will ever be in his prime. He doesn’t have major upside. He seems like a QB that needs everything to work out perfect for him to be successful. I see him being a DT/DE/SS/FS/LB DREAM! Getting sacked fumbles and int’s

    Michael Williams

    @TROYLU You make absolutely no sense. Preseason Stats: 25 for 30, 369 and 2 touchdowns and 0 Interceptions. Also, 5 Passes of over 20 yards downfield. How is he throwing 5 yard dumps? At this stage he is better than Eli, he is definitely more mobile, and he is doing this not with Shephard and Tate but with Lattimer, Fowler and the rookie slayton. Sheesh, he didnt even have engram. Imagine if he receivers could get some damn seperation from the db’s which hasnt been happening. And two of those three fumbles were due to a strip and a sack because his tackles didn’t hold up. I dont know what you are watching, vanilla coverage’s or not.

    Gabriel Afonso

    Christopher Bedell please dude, bunch of slants and screen passes. Guys arm is weak.

    D P

    It’s preseason so let’s all calm down. It will be another 2-3 years until we can truly determine whether he’s really good. I remember everyone calling Mark Sanchez the Sanchize where is he now?


    @Michael Williams HAHA he is doing everything Shermur is telling him to do and he’s doing a good job at that. Even then, he is not a 1round 6th pick good. Everyone’s only getting excited because Eli has slumped!


The ball placement of this kid is like a Payton ….to be honest, and I am Steelers fan..!

    O.G.PAPPÍ Foreal

    Next Tom Brady keep saying it


    Michael He has the placement of Peyton, and the release of Brady, the athleticism of Young/Luck


    That’s because Peyton worked with him during the off season while he was at Duke. After all David Cutcliffe, Duke’s football head coach, was Peyton’s OC and QB coach when he was at Tennessee.

    tha Bruh from 94

    TB12 and Peyton Manning don’t under throw targets like DJ. He’s good and improving, but to go as far as to say DJ has there ball placement is disrespectful to TB12 and Peyton Manning. Especially after only 3 preseason games.

    DMVlive23 *

    tha Bruh from 94 I cant wait for our defensive line to smash him

Danielle Parks_661

This dude got smack a few good times and still got back up and stood in the pocket to deliver…. That’s the kind of QB you want on your team.

    Mark Drekaj

    Danielle Parks_661 well said mommy

    Amazing Guy

    He has Eli’s toughness too

    Danielle Parks_661

    @Amazing Guy right that explains why the manning family told the giants that’s your guy it was now officially a sign off after the hits he took by that sorry O Line


    Danielle Parks_661 You obviously don’t know How tough Eli was in his prime.


Imagine if he plays with a left tackle who can actually pass protect

    Andrew Jordan

    Solder got burned so badly on that play. Hard to watch

matt m


Dude throws with such accuracy

Tom Brady 2.0

    tha Bruh from 94

    @matt m DJ under threw every intermediate to long route. In the regular season those will be picked. He does well in the short pass game, but I haven’t seen anything this whole preseason that tells me he can consistently make second level, NFL caliber throws. That’s the only thing I’d watch for.

    DMVlive23 *


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