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Isaac .A

It’s sad everyone bashed him before giving him a chance


    I didnt completely despise this dude


    Bad Cornflakes tHaTs fOotbALl FAns fOr YoU….


    Fans also are afraid of taking someone who the media refers to as reaches in the draft, and I know not every team or expert was as high on Jones, but a lot more were in the scouting (the real experts) than the media. A lot of the frustration with the pick from Giant fans was that we thought we could get Josh Allen a premier pass rush talent we could’ve used at 6 and then Jones at 17, but the scouting department doesn’t care about what we or the media think.. they do their homework and if they think this guy is a future successful franchise qb, then maybe he should’ve even been taken higher one day in hindsight!

    luoi sant

    That’s because most people listen and trust ESPNs stupid analysis


Other than the fumbles DJ put up an encore fumbles are easily fixable

Anyway 11/14 161 1TD

What I love about DJ is how he isn’t shaken by the fumbles he’s just relaxed and confident and he fights through adversity and plays better than his last drive that type of leadership along with Shep Tate and Barkley is what’s gonna lead us to the playoffs


    MR YTC lol eaaaaasy I thought DJ was the best QB in the draft for awhile, and he’s looked good but no way in hell are the giants a 9-11 win team, DJ won’t even start at least at first, I’d expect a 6 win season tbh

    Jayden Knowles

    And with Eli Manning as his mentor he can have a great season

    Jordy Easy

    @Jayden Knowles ??? Manning cant even look himself in the mirror

    Kevin Kart

    MR YTC you’re not gonna make the playoffs with Daniel Jones the dude hasn’t even played a real game yet lmao

    Infinity War

    @Kevin Kart shut up you’re 5 2


Im not a giants fan so i only heard about how bad this kid was, but looks like hes making everyone eat they words. Hes making playes with a barely decent wr core

Edit: A pretty good core, but hes making great plays

    that boy Devin

    He’s going up against a 3rd string defense. Don’t hype him up to early. Let’s see what he does going up against the starters.

    GamingBros XL

    I’m glad he’s doing good so far, I never really rooted against, just him being picked at 6 made us all baffle at gettleman. Btw I’m a ravens fan here I’m just saying I hope Daniel Jones does well


    Clayton Thorson looked similar last night and he was a 5th round pick. Jones doesn’t look like Wentz, Darnold, Mahomes, Matt Ryan guys drafted in the first half of the first round …that is what you want your franchise QB to look like. Looking good like a Prescott or that level player is a bad thing if you’re a fan of the Giants. As an opposing team’s fan this is what you want a rival team’s QB to look good because they then get the false sense of security they have their guy and spend years trying to justify it.


    Decision making is key to being a a good QB and pocket awareness. DJ is showing that really good. Plus accuracy. I would like to see him under professional pressure.

    Kevin Kart

    TGFU_Rapid wait till he plays a real game he’s trash


Listen, out of all the rookie qbs, he has looked the most impressive hands down. I mean even after both of the fumbles he kept his composure and led his team to a touchdown. This kid is gonna be special

    David Johnson

    @Mr Fiu you’re a cowboys fan, your bias is obvious.

    Mr Fiu

    David Johnson yes I do support the cowboys, though I’m not sure how I can possibly be bias by simply saying to reserve judgement

    Kevin Kart

    David Johnson it’s the truth

    Nash Scheber

    @Conye89 the first one the mishandled snap by the center wasnt jones fault . The second one definitely was he just didnt see the pressuee on his right side .

Tristan Davis

I like Daniel Jones. I’m a Cowboys fan and I want him to do well, he never deserved the crap he got

    Tristan Davis

    @T Judah Witch can be a great representation of how he will do later

    Kevin Kart

    Tristan Davis he’s trash so just wait till he starts a real game

    Orignal Name

    Retroballer28 name 5 reason Daniel Jones is trash


    Easily better than dak

    T Judah

    @Tristan Davis hopefully we will see him soon. I would like to see daniel up against a defense with a week long game plan against him.

Reed Bowden

Wow. This kid continues to surprise me. Everyone is talking about Kyler and Haskins but this guy has shown more poise and consistency than either of those two


    @Dirt Law502 They still suck

    Matthew Reese

    Kyler isn’t anything big imo. Now haskins might go somewhere because hes been very consistent.


    Kyler is lowkey still better I think Passing about the same But I know Kyler can run the ball way better than that also hold on to the ball something Daniel Jones Lacks


I can’t wait for cris carter to explain why Daniel Jones TD wasn’t good (I can’t believe I have to make a edit for this but THIS WAS A JOKE😂 some people are actually taking this to heart🤦🏻‍♂️)

    Sriakkineni Harsha

    @Broken Dream Gamers and he was throwing to 2nd and 3rd stringers. You people talk like he’s throwing to saquon or shep


    @Edward White – how is he racist..?..I have to hear this funny one

Levi Sowell

im not too much of a giants fan, but im glad to see this kid doing well.. considering all fans were hating on him immediately.

    Kevin Kart

    Levi Sowell it’s preseason he’s not doing good yet

    Matthew Cooper


    CG Autos

    Space God the only one I’ve ever seen

    Levi Sowell

    @Goff2k like ur name.


    Jack White exactly I liked him but thought we could’ve gotten josh Allen with the 6th pick

Ranaldo Thomas

I’ve been rooting for this dude since the draft..he got so much hate..im hoping he thrives

    EVO X

    Me too …

Jordan Davis

I can’t even front, he’s looking nice


    @heloves23 giants receiving core is injured… 2nd string even 3rd stringers as jones starting wide recievers.. and for his TD drive they took out the starting OLINE too…


    @Kevin Kart giants receiving core is injured… 2nd string even 3rd stringers as jones starting wide recievers.. and for his TD drive they took out the starting OLINE too…

    Kevin Kart

    MrB0gart uh I don’t recall Golden Tate as a 2nd string receiver


    @Kevin Kart golden tate is 1 receiver … shepard , engram, barkley did not play.. both jones preseason games he only had 1 starting receiver .. both 2nd string receivers are injured as well so his WHOLE RECEIVING CORE is 3rd string and one 2nd string guy…. so he’s out playing haskins and murray with 3rd stringers…. haskins has more than 2 drives with doctson , simms, quinn… murray has 3 drives with fitzgerald , KIRK and Isabella… jones only has tate .. jones is playing with 3rd stringers and outplaying two monkey boys you coconut

Mackenzie Hall

So far he’s playing the best out of the 1st round QBs


    @John Diederich well that TD drive las nite by jones giants took out starting OLINE…. and he’s been throwing to 2nd even 3rd string receivers all preseason … no engram, no shepard , both 2nd string receivers is INJURED so he’s relying on two 3rd string receivers and NO BARKLEY….. he jus better than haskins and murray


    Chase nickles didn’t Murray and Haskins have top 5 olines while DJones had the near bottom in his division in college?

    Now you mention Oline and it’s to discredit Jones….You haters are pathetic


    Chase nickles Jones only played with the starting oline 2 drives….you idiots act like it was the whole game of Daniel Jones.

    He had 3 drives with backups….and the receiving core is all injured so those were 2nd string at the start.

    King Me

    He fumbled twice

    Blacklight Productions

    @MrB0gart 😂😂😂 Get the hell outts here bro!!!


11/14 161 yards…Should be 12/14 if you include that dropped pass.


    Kevin Kart 2nd string imbecile. Daniel Jones played with 2nd string oline and receivers which aren’t positions of depth.


    Kevin Kart Jones didn’t play with starting oline all quarter. Dummy

    DJ Ruschman

    Matthew Cooper he didn’t throw a pick yet…

    Kevin Kart

    WarriYahTruth if you watched the game and knew the giants you would know dummy


    Kevin Kart 2nd string came in the 2nd quarter imbecile

Leo Mendez

not a Giants fan but hope this kid works out for the Giants. not only does it help his team but the NFL in general.


    How? I really want to hear your answer on this one.

    Yeet Man

    He will work out if we fix our o line and get him some weapons

Brandon Myers

Despite the fumbles, I think he was even better than the last game. He isnt starting guys down as much and made some great throws

    McAuley 23

    @Mike B the OC is keeping it simple for him by making a lot of the throws half field reads. He doesn’t look at the other half because he doesn’t need to

    Juan Rosario

    @McAuley 23 Agree that maybe the OC is keeping it simple or maybe Jones’ inexperience forces him to take what he sees first….an open receiver. Eli (my favorite Giant since LT by the way) is being paralyzed by analysis. Instead of reacting and throwing the ball, he psychs him self out by overthinking the coverage….resulting in the now infamous Eli checkdown. Let’s hope Jones doesn’t pick up those bad habits from Eli.

    Kevin Kart

    Brandon Myers he was starring down all night tfym

    STG 1030

    Mike B He didn’t stare down anyone his whole second game. Wtf you talking about bruh

    Jason P.

    I mean the TD he had single high safety and he threw it to the side of the field the safety wasn’t giving his receiver a one on one chance. Once he took the snap the safety took two steps to the left allowing Jones to loft it up without having to worry about the safety over the top.

Andrew Melott

This guy legit looks better than Kyler Murray

    Charlito Mani

    @Andrew Melott

    We are in agreement.

    Burak Ünüvar

    I wonder why maybe because of the o-line……. the play he fumbled he still had more than enough time but fumbled anyway

    Drew Crawford

    Burak Ünüvar It probably has a lot to do with it, but at the end of the day he’s making the right reads with some solid throws. Kyler looked pretty good but Dwayne was out here throwing some ducks to the other team. All in all, Daniel is doing great with what he has, Kyler is too, Dwayne looked pretty rough to me as far as starting caliber goes.

    Nash Scheber

    @Charlito Mani how does this logic make sense ? You said Jones only had 3 incompletions all preseason ans haskins had 7 but he is better . Jones wouldve had 1 incompletion if his receivers would catch the ball . All i can say is jones has playedvthe best so far in preseason outta all rookie qbs this year

    daniel Quiroga

    Kyler is 5’9 among 6’5 guys , how would expect 350 yrds per game and 3 TD

Richard Pilhofer

Shout out to all the other Giants fans who had faith in him since draft night 💯🐐

    M’aiq the Liar

    Richard Pilhofer There aren’t many 😂

    Dismas niyokumfasha

    Choppy Beats it’s gonna by sterling shepherd Tate eventually and Cody latimer and russel Sheppard at 4

    Gian Smith

    Exactly! Give him a chance to prove himself.

    The C-cas

    @Tony Williams day 1, not gonna sit here and lie like everyone else, i was upset. But since day 1 i said give him a chance, giants kno what they doing. And it seems to be workin out just fine

    Tony Williams

    @The C-Gas Initially I was pissed when I heard who they drafted, but once I saw his highlights that night, I said we good


Dj is nice i m glad we got him… Let’s go Giants!

    Ratchet Rock

    Les go

Ryan Turpin

Lmao New York might have another Porzingas. Everyone hated the pick but we may turn out to love it

    Kevin Kart

    Ryan Turpin it won’t tho that’s the thing

    nasir casso

    Kevin Kart everything so far says otherwise

K Mula

TD saving tackle was an underrated play from the young qb 1:26

    Kevin Kart

    K Mula you call that a tackle? Lmao

    Jolley Sports Kids

    I mean he did wrap up and take him to the ground

    Nash Scheber

    Just the hussle after those fumbled so the team didnr score was great . He had 2 tackles that game

Victor Castillo

Didnt know we had NFL scouts in the comment section reviewing pre season

    Jared Collins

    Why bother watching preseason if you aren’t into analyzing players?

    Kurisü Jesus Garcia

    A Dallas Cowgirls hater aint ya

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