Every Chad “Swag” Kelly Play vs. Browns | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Broncos should’ve kept Chad

SuperCD 7478

Chad passes almost as well as he tres-passes!

    420 ColtsLane


    Matthew Marcenaro

    SuperCD 7478 😂

    Ranch Blanc

    Good one 👌

    Shoni West


Dan 7w7

Looks like that scoreboard was taken from a Madden game

    Spencer Berklite

    Dan 7w7 straight out of madden mobile

    Tyler Keightley

    I was thinking the same thing lol

    noob master69

    yea at one point i thought it was from the game


    @Spencer Berklite Do peop. still play that?


Don’t let this video distract you from the fact that the ONLY qb to have swag is Nathan Peterman.


    Not even close

    Wat er

    Peter goat 🤤🤤

Pj Martin

Machine Gun Kelly

    Kpop Fan

    I like what you did there

John Smith

This guy has a great arm!

Gucci Gang Gang

I think he responded to most of the blitzes well. A lot of good throwaways and quick passes.


    yup, the quick reads and throws were impressive.


He just oozes Swag


That first penalty on Cleveland shouldn’t be a thing, the guy diving on the QB tried his best to get out of the way while trying to grab a fumble. Sad the NFL is becoming so soft


    PotatoHype71 it’s just because it’s preseason. Wouldn’t have been a call in Regular Season

    Harry Porter

    Renegade I hope your right 🤞🏾

    Arthur Veale

    The preseason is about extra player safety

Uso Penitentiary

He’d be Denver’s starter by now if he didn’t get himself into trouble again 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Thoze Killz

    Uso Penitentiary wasn’t he’ll found innocent

    Uso Penitentiary

    Thoze Killz he plead guilty so no

Begreat 7

He was suppose to be broncos future

The Edge Project

Frire the editor😂

    Elijah Elmore

    And hire one for you lol

Jake Mitchell

If Chad Kelly hadn’t made so many dumb choices in his time he’d most likely be a starter at this point.

    Thoze Killz

    Jake Mitchell wasn’t be proven innocent

Brown Bronco

I wish he was still in Denver.

Roderick Clerk

Jordan Veasy was my teammate at ICC. We also played against Chad Kelly when he was at EMCC.

Skyler Bernal

That guys good! Denver should have kept him

Daily Dad

Too bad he has a tendency to go crazy when he drinks.


I’m high and thought I was tripping but they made an edit error when Kelly fell on the ball 💯

    focused fo j

    No, they wanted us to see how dumb that flag was… twice


    focused fo j 😂😂😂

Shoresy 69

Browns: Lets throw their player into the endzone for a TD

Total Family Gaming

He had such a future with the broncos couldn’t stay out of trouble bummer that my Broncos lost out on a great qb b/c he was drunk

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