Erik McCoy Talks Challenge Aaron Donald, Rams Pose in Week 2 | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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javier hernandez Reply


yoswebb Reply

Hmmm…staying off of social media during the season? WHO DAT!!

DaPinkBublé Reply

Solid draft for the last few years now holy shyte. I liked this draft pick.

Timothy Washington Reply

Oh Boy, when this young man gets comfortable and builds the chemistry with Drew… Look out!! WHODAT!!

    Kendrick Taylor Reply

    Timothy Washington he’s gonna turn into a beast years down the road.

    Timothy Washington Reply

    @Kendrick Taylor Yeah and he definitely can be a mini beast this year with each passing week!!

Colby Stutts Reply

Has a good head on his shoulders

Marvin Norman Reply

Talk like.. Act like and play like a vet already

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