Eric Studesville describes how well the young RBs did in preseason – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ryan Damon


Karen Setzer

Seeking contact…kind of like the great Larry Csonka. The Bulldozer

Teresa Slone

That smile in the end about Walton…hmmmm? FINZUP!


I wouldn’t count on the Dolphins doing anything much. They had all the players go through there from Junior Seau toMike Wallace. And so on. What dolphin fans don’t realize is the team has 10 different owners and they all want to get paid. Their job is to fill the seats sell food and beverage in merchandising. They are entertainment Incorporation it doesn’t matter if they win or lose they can care less about the fans. That doesn’t matter to them. Or what matters is the revenue. When they start to lose they’re public affairs people start publishing old articles about the 72 dolphins and Dan Marino and the Marx Brothers things like that to keep the fan base continuously hoping that they will have a good year.
When they are open 5 you will see them start talkin about the undefeated 72 team that was 47 years ago. Don’t be fooled did you see their Stadium today the whole lower deck was practically empty. Enough said

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