Eric Ebron Mic’d Up At Colts Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
AJ Campbell86

Tee Weezy

Scott Choate

Cant wait til preseason stsrts.


Love Ebron! He’s already a fan favorite!

Bran Stark

40 seconds cmon man

T.C. Thompson

I remember thinking that the Colts had a very good day to start training camp, I live 30 minutes (approx.) away from their training camp.

Patrick Driskill

Hell yea a shovel pass to EE


Lol that was dumb


This video was too long.

Adam Nelson

I remember all the Lions fans just tearing EE apart when we signed him. Now they on suicide watch ;D

Ryan Johnson

One of my all time favorite FA signings the colts have made

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