Episode 4 Colts vs. Titans Recap | The Mike Vrabel Show – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Episode 4 Colts vs. Titans Recap | The Mike Vrabel Show

Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel and "Voice of the Titans" Mike Keith sit down to recap the Titans' Week 4 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

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⚔️ Max_Titan ⚔️

⚔️⚔️ TitanUp 🤟
Great win against them colts
Let’s goo

Joseph Hawks


Aiden H

we have to be better in the second half no excuses W a W but we are piss poor in the 2nd half hopefully we fix it next week

    jason heidl


    Reuben Alvear

    I agree. Its great to get the wins. Yet, the Titans must rectify the 2nd half issues. Cause it’ll eventually catch up
    to them if it keeps happening.

Paul DiSilvestro

Great win. Gotta play better in the second half

Nick Spallone

Pop Tart coming in clutch

    Reuben Alvear

    F**k yeah!! Man, I’m so happy for that guy. It sucks that the Titans lost Landry. Yet, defenses still
    gotta account for Autry, Simmons, Byard and David Long Jr, among others. And #93 can wreak
    some dang havoc on that interior D-line 💥

Lee Edward

Titan up!


Whoever’s calling the offense in the second half has done a terrible job so far this season.

    Austin Allen

    There isn’t a magic play lmao , it’s called they are not executing the plays . Y’all people crack me up thinking it’s all the OC . Doesn’t matter what play is called they have to execute with all 11 if that don’t happen the play call gets blown up. This NFL not pee wee

Nick Inderrieden

I got about 6 and a half minutes in, until the first break, and just gave up. That was so underwhelming. Did you blow your set budget on those two giant tvs you aren’t using? You’re in Nashville, ask country music how to put on a show. Or at least the local news could help you out. You’re an NFL franchise and you should do better. Coach’s time is precious.

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