Emmanuel Sanders: ‘We have a good enough team to win now’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I believe

David Gentry

Keep the Faith!!! 0-16!

    David Gentry

    Keep the Faith 0-16. Don’t let me down. Go Jags!!!!!!!


    yeah ok then pull your pants up- gaydee is with gisle & belicheat tonight

Xx_Unstoppable HD

Love sanders. I chose his number on my football team and I’m wide receiver. I love his optimism and his attitude. Hes not a sore loser and he loves the game. Let’s go SANDERS!

Michael Shane

Sanders is always a class act. I hope Denver can hang on to him until he retires.

    Jerome Schulze

    He gone next year

    Cesar Ocampo Barraza

    I agree but i dont care about what team he goes to but i want him to win a other ring


    ROF & 1st ballot HoF all day long


We gon shake back! Broncos COUNTRY!!!!

Slightly Above Average

Microphone glass.. 😂

    Tortoise King

    Slightly Above Average you know what he is saying

Clyde Triplett

Mr Sanders your last TD catch and 2 point conversion was one of the best I’ve seen in the last 60 years. Your our best receiver

Josef Luetschwager

Sanders is great but he should try and get open a little bit more

    Weston Schmid

    Josef Luetschwager bro what he’s been good all year. He had 1 bad game against a defense that looks pretty fucking good

    Josef Luetschwager

    @Weston Schmid yeah but what about the raiders they don’t have that good of defense and he should’ve had like 3 touchdowns but his footing was messed up but again he is a good player he just needs to work on a few things

    Weston Schmid

    Josef Luetschwager he had 5 receptions for 86 yards and a td @oakland. Know your facts before you say bullshit

connor McKee

Anyone else miss Thomas and sanders being a great duo at wr


    Thomas was an absolute legend. That being said, Sutton continues to prove he can be our new future at WR. I hated to see him go and it sucks to see the difficult journey he’s been on since leaving but it also shows it was the right move for the football team

    Jack McCandless

    @connor McKee You would know what I’m saying if you watched him play those last 2-3 years.

    connor McKee

    @Jack McCandless i mean i watched him play it is just a bad day for me

    connor McKee

    @IntenseFunguy true i wish we had Thomas Sutton and sanders all together


    that’s Ok Court is the real deal & Winfree is going to do special things for our team… I want to know whats up with DeShaun & the drops?!!?

Weston Schmid

Why you say that?! 😂

Weston Schmid

Bro he didn’t even hold


    I agree man since when does hand fighting constitute a hold… if BOTH players have their hands in play trying to get inside the mans armpits… you can’t call that on either player… all E did was sweep his hands away… so you are totally correct… gaytreeits own the commish’s office… ever since 911 they need to replace real patriotism = question & hold treasonous gov’t accountable into fake patriotism aka gaytreeitism… so they wave their bibles & flags & then celebrate the OVERTHROW OF: our GOD endowed rights & the constitutional restraint on government powers… we need to get back to SOUND money & end the UNCONSTITUTIONAL CURRENCY- a criminal wealth transfer scheme & driver for the mass murder eugenics programs for profit & war profiteering anarchy birthed from them… they print paper & make everyone else a debt slave… NOT COOL!

John Waide

The win now mentality is still strong in Denver.


    The guys are playing hard; the refs are taking orders from jew york & Roger Badell helping ROBBERt krapfts(monsanto laced foods) gaydee & belicheat… so we have to keep playing harder & not put the game in the hands of the cheatriot NON patriot Gaytreeit b*stards & their jew banker masters in jew york & the criminals in Las vegas… simple… when Von & Chubb get 2-4 scks ES gets 100 yrds & 2 TD’s & Flacco throws 300 2 TD’s 0 INTs… and our OLINE has ZERO holding calls while Lindsay & Freeman each combine for 120+ yrds… then it is time to b*tch & moan… until then we aren’t good enough to win… no one hands you a victory in the NFL- you have to earn the win… just the way it should be… unfortunately when you are not the cheatriots you have 12 players to beat… 11 on other side + ref

Gmo Gomez

We’re gonna be just fine

Gmo Gomez

Jalen Ramsey is the best cornerback in the game and I hope he doesn’t play

    Tortoise King

    Hope he slips


    I hope he plays… with a BRONCO Jersey on! Come- join the BRONCOS Jalen… help us put together another NO FLY & win mad SB’s

Lorin Lewis

Ok…so we do have a leader on this football team

Chris Millan

Let go Denver broncos I love this team 4life

Doug Noe

Sanders is my favorite all time Broncos wr … Hands down

Klaus Klaus

E always is motivated. Feels like von ist giving up, always talks with head down and has no energy on the field….


    Von is playing excellent as always… when do you morons ever blame our troubles on something other than the teams BEST PLAYER hands down… like our record has nothing to do with granpa tweekers holding calls or our OCoord NOT calling RUSH plays from the 2 yrd line with FREEMAN at 5 yards/rush in the game… THAT error also allowed the time on the clock for the comeback FG- BTW… there are a ton of OTHER things we can address rather than straight to the BEST player because he isn’t having a 20 sack season as we all expected with Chubb on the other side 2nd year… sacks will come & where will you be then trick or treating in a gaydee #12 gaytreeit t shirt & complaining that Elway is handing out candy kisses instead of snickers… & then dropping dimes to the WaPo so they can do an expose on how Putin is robbing American children of higher quality confections during halloween because Elway is a Putin Puppet! Give it a rest you tired old c*nt

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