Emmanuel Sanders looking to be ‘full go’ in 2-3 weeks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jeff Garcia

Let’s go sanders


Favorite player

Thaleia Gonzales

Sanders is going to be beast this year im calling it 👌🏼

    BeMore 27

    You said it first!

    Tracy Snow

    He’s always the beast!


If there is any way possible for our Broncos to retain Sanders’ services past this upcoming season, it must be explored!! For our young core of receivers, Sanders’ experience and work ethic is invaluable!


Let’s goooooooo!
Did they get a new strength coach??? They all looking beefier this year 💪💪💪💪


Lots of people are never the same after injuries. Sanders is just one of the few who always get stronger.

Karl Cross

I would love to see him retire a Bronco! I really like his play.

Michael Bowen

We really need him healthy and ready to go week 1. He’s our only top receiver that plays well, consistently. Obviously it’s too soon to call Sutton a bust, but he’s not ready to go.

    Marquise Walston

    Michael Bowen Sutton is going to be the best WR on the team this season. Dudes legit, I’m telling you rn.

    Cubecraft Banned

    Low IQ comment

    Execute Proc

    @Cubecraft Banned lol

Mike Taylor

The guys are excited. Fans excited. Like the basics and hard work. Like qbs this year. Go broncos

Brenton Burbank

Class act kids should look up to this man

    Tracy Snow

    Absolutely! Agree. Sanders is the greatest player to grace Bronco Country since forever! #10 is THE MAN!

Steven Daniels

Need his leadership


They should leave him out week 1 maybe even week 2… Sanders healthy the whole season means more than the frist 2 week: change my mind lol

Brandon Sutton

He might be my least all time favorite Bronco. He’s fragile as hell. He’ll never play a full season. He is productive on the field but not worth the trouble.

Nick Thompson

Can the NFL not afford to mic the people asking questions? Really makes it difficult when you only hear half of a conversation.

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