Eli Manning’s “Top Secret” Mission: Create the Giants 2022 Schedule – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Eli Manning’s “Top Secret” Mission: Create the Giants 2022 Schedule

Giants legend Eli Manning embarks on a mission so secret that no one asked him to do it: create the Giants 2022 schedule. Presented by United.

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Out Of Bounds Productions Reply

Gotta love Eli!

New York Giants Reply

Thanks for watching! Subscribe now for more Giants videos!

Suplex Beast Reply

Legendary Eli

Brinch Reply

Eli also dominates Tom Brady in his media career

adambigblue Reply

Who are the commanders when that happens😭😭😭😭😂😂🤣🤣

Joe Monteiro Sports Shorts Reply

We Miss You Eli

Joe Monteiro Sports Shorts Reply

0:52 this was hilarious 🤣

Matt Young's Reply

My Goat! He’s the best on and off the field!

SMbigpapi Reply

The Great Eli Manning!!

Michael Lowe Reply

This is brilliant, enjoyed every second of it.

Hundo Mo Reply

Coach Daboll and Eli Manning… what could have been 😭

    Daniel Nigra Reply


TD Reply

Eli is a national treasure. Go Giants!

thebigmoo Reply

Classic! Always good to see you Eli! Can’t thank you enough for the 2 Superbowls!


    Ha! 2 🤣

Jazz Valentino Reply

Friggin’ Eli got me crying’ 😂…Need to save this just in case the GMen gets me depressed again (cough, cough, 2021🤮).
His show was the only thing that got me through w/ anything Big Blue…Yeah, Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about.

ES S Reply

I love Eli, keep posting his videos and I can watch it all day everyday. He is just hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hecks_ B_Rex Reply

This was gold😂 Legend 💯Go Big Blue 🏈

Skyler Bigred Shaw Reply

Eli is def. Elite boy do we miss you. You’ll always be my favorite QB being a kid and watching you win the two Superbowls against tb12 amazing and now atleast we get to see you on TV. Love it all keep it going guy!!

Richard Sims Reply

That Was Really Good… Always Enjoy Seeing Eli Manning.

Carl C Reply

So glad Eli is still in the Giants organization!

Asc Reply

This is everything I hoped Eli’s post playing career would be ☺

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