Eli Manning Reacts to Decision to Start Daniel Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jason Winston

:'( love you eli, HOF

    Rudy Hernandez Medical Lab Scientist

    Elite Defense on those 2 rings

    Free Money

    @Rudy Hernandez Medical Lab Scientist Shut tf up


Like this and daniel wins ROTY

    Mike Barry

    Nationsss I hope you’re right, but Daniel needs some help

Dwight Jeffers

We love you Eli thanks for all the years and memories and two Super Bowl wins.

    Ginger Nuggets

    Dwight Jeffers just a pats fan passing thru still salty as hell for those 2 rings grr🤨😣😖😫😩🥺

    Dwight Jeffers

    Ginger Nuggets those rings made my teen years and Brady is a goat I had his jersey as a teen he’s a force to be reckoned with and y’all have enough rings 😂.

    Ginger Nuggets

    Dwight Jeffers still bruh it hurts so much🥺 lol good luck with your season guys! Lets go pats!!!

    Dwight Jeffers

    Ginger Nuggets yeah I know it still hurts I felt that way about the Ravens ruining my childhood by beating the Giants and thanks good luck with your season and thanks for being a good patriots fan.

    The Greenman

    @Lou I love Eli – but I hope you were kidding.

Frontline Strong

That’s my Quarterback!

    Clash With Bao


Dev Dash

Bye Mr. Manning. You’re one of the greats.

Jacob Frankel

There’s never been a classier person to ever play QB. Respect.

Jared S

Cant spell elite without ELI

    john jackson

    Best Ever!

    Oji Torres

    Or ELIminated from his starting position

    Dat Boi

    eli is a dELIcious snacc

    Mark Drekaj

    Can’t spell Daniel without eli

Jacob Prudent

I’m gonna miss the “uhhh, you know, and ummm’s” from Eli but I guest Daniel will take over that role too!!

    RD2 4

    Eli’s gonna Coach him on the Uh’s and the Blank face the Entire game lmao

    Lucas Martinez

    The Blank Face is a strong technique very few QB’s have mastered.

    Kyle F

    Haha listen to Daniel Jones he does too!

Jerry Incandela

Class act answering incredibly stupid and repetitive questions.

    Tony E

    Yup for 15 years, old rELIable. Gonna miss this guy.


    Agreed. Reporters just want soundbites and inflammatory quotes they can run with.


    He deserves a 3 year extension

SladeOne Gunner

My Qb lol savage line; I’m not dying I’m good 🤣🤣🤣

Bugsy Siegel

History will smile brightly on #10!

mr fishing

Very strange day to be a giants fan I grew up with memories of eli. thank u for being a class act, reliable, tough, and resilient. I’m excited for the future and hope eli remains part of the giants organization as part of our staff

True north 30

Class act! Glad he is a Giant..he was stuck in a bad situation but like a pro he is going to do his job…$23 million helps too!

Adoniyah Ysrael

4th quarter come back king. 2 time Superbowl champ.

    kalmen barkin

    trilingualkid Eli did it to Brady twice

    Josh W

    @Rudy Hernandez Medical Lab Scientist And the Patriots defense won Brady like 4 of his 6 rings, and the other 2 a kicker did. So what? it’s a team game.

    Nash Scheber

    @Rudy Hernandez Medical Lab Scientist your dumb did you even watch the games ? Do yourself a favor at watch all the playoff games in his superbowl runs then tell me its all defense that scored points …. exactly you wont .


    He’s definitely the comeback king. Eli was better than his brother in the postseason.


    @Bob Smithereens Come on bro. He beat Brady twice. And the first SB Brady was undefeated AND had Randy Moss! GTFOH


Playing the dumb US sports media like a boss since 2004.

    Cole Pratt

    Easily the greatest sport on the planet lmao

    Tubby McFatFuk

    @Cole Pratt Might want to work on your reading comprehension.

    Eric Davis

    Funny Mcfatfuk w0rd uP^^ he didn’t get it LoL.

Makaveli 803

Absolutely Nobody at all:

Eli Manning: Yeah you know!


    Literally nobody:

    Antrell Rolle: Well you know, at the end of the day…


Im excited for Daniel Jones but this breaks my heart.

    Louis Robete

    Befi not the only one


    Befi Excited for what?! The Dave Brown remix?! Your kind are only antsy to see new faces with no substance. Garbage fan base! LOOK at the roster idiot! 🗑 💩 🆘

    Dat Boi

    @Scarletbull k

Christian Salzillo

“I’m not dying and the season’s not over.”
I’m straight up taking that quote. Banner. On the wall.

William Coulter

Wonderful man to represent our franchise every Sunday. 100% Class act

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