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Football starts in 2 weeks!?!?!!?


    Hell yeah!!! GL tomorrow btw.

    Sports Fan

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos ikr let’s goo! I’m a jets fan btw, but I respect ur team! Sometimes tho lol

    The Fit Gamer

    NFL yeah, football back tomorrow The U vs 8Florida

Owen Blansit

I love you and have a good day everyone


    @Demetrius Brown LOL


    @Demetrius Brown Dammit man I just spit out my damn milkshake all over my new couch. My kid (9) read it out loud. Shoulda seen her face😲😲Damn that was HILARIOUS. She’s still rollin’😂😂😂

    Demetrius Brown

    @clevelandcbi lmao

Escocivo 30

Pretty good effort for Eli to try to block for him

    Shamgar Israel

    It actually wasn’t, he missed the initial block.

Dr Zedanide

Nobody felt like getting hit sticked by Eli 😂

Leon Weikel

And they said Eli doesn’t have speed. John Ross needs to look at that form

    Dan Rustle

    He has the same speed as Bradys 40 in the columbine 20 yrs ago

    Big Daddy

    I literally didn’t see eli in the video until I slowed the video down. Why isn’t he running track?!?!?

    Actively Lazy

    @Dan Rustle First off it was a joke. Secondly the ‘Columbine’ was a famous school shooting. It ‘Combine’.

    Leon Weikel

    Caleb_ _MTZ If you slow it down on the lowest setting he really ran to both end zones twice and flipped John Ross off mid stride. He prolly got lessons from when Usain Bolt was catching passes from him 😭

    mustache wizard

    Dan Rustle 🤡

Orbitz _

Manning is trying everything in his power to stay the starter

    Demetrius Brown


    Ty Nao

    bye bye Eli

    tam hill

    Eli can see the writing on the wall. This is where we find out if he is a team player or not.

    Evander Holyfield

    He does this every year…


Eli really doesn’t want to give his spot to Daniel Jones 😃😃🤣🤣🤣


    Korvus no cap, Eli about to win MVP

    isaiahh rodriguezz

    MetiMajor I agree -cowboys fan

    Ty Nao

    he’s trying to hurt himself so he gives it to Jones by injury, he knows he will fail hard again this year and can’t take the sting of losing everything to Jones

    Anthony DePaola

    Ty Nao
    I don’t know. I see Eli having an Alex Smith year the year the Chiefs drafted Mahomes. Not quite to that extent but I can see him finishing as a top 10 QB this year. Remember he won 2 Super Bowls. He’s a pretty damn good QB.

Chris Lee

That’s a man who wants to keep his job


I never thought he can run that fast lmfao. I thought he would run like Peyton

Ryan Acosta



    Ryan Acosta WAIT HE CAN DO THAT!


Look at Eli Manning leading the way…. my man

Dman Entertament

Look it Easy E run that’s my Qb #10 I believe in Eli #Elite p.s Wayne gallman running just wait till Saquon gets these blocks

Joseph Scaduto

I love how Daniel has played. But I still want Eli as the starting QB

Andrew George

Eli must still have to make payments on his house or something jesus

    Demetrius Brown


    daniel Quiroga

    You sound pretty stupid why you write the name of the Lord , don’t be stupid

    Branzilla 17

    @daniel Quiroga there is no lord

    Den Mid

    maybe he and peyton want to buy greenland


If dat was Saquan Barkley he would’ve broken dat tackle and probably scored off of Eli Mannings partial block

    Flymoolah man 27


Christopher Riley

It’s sad Eli blocked better for his RB than the whole O-line blocked for Eli lol

Hani Sundari

🔴 Live now here 👉 « telegra.ph/Cincinnati-Bengals-vs-New-York-Giants–USA-NFL-08-22?watch »

Rob Host

I’ve seen Russell does this many times but he’s super athletic. Manning is a 40 year old pocket passer but it looked like a solid block. Respect

Fritz Stauffenberg

I’m just picturing the coaches’ faces as Eli starts sprinting down the field

Duane Clarke

Look at that 4.3 speed. Lol. Eli feeling the fire. Get em 10

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