Elgton Jenkins ready to ‘showcase’ what he can do – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
thebull Devoe


    James Kanney

    @thebull Devoe by that logic, you should want Jenkins to play. He’s been better than Taylor…

    thebull Devoe

    @James Kanney u think so?

    Aaron Rodgers

    thebull Devoe thanks for caring, but I will be fine. Jenkins is better than Taylor.

    James Kanney

    @Aaron Rodgers Thanks for the backup. Good luck Sunday and the rest of the year. Big fan.

    Aaron Rodgers

    James Kanney 👍. ✊. 🏈. 🐐.
    Enjoy the game 😎 ✌️


Jenkins was a stud in college. Cant wait for this guy to ball out with the pack.


Who’s he replacing?

    Matt Lucca

    Lane Taylor

Chauncey Wade


Goated23 X

This guy is gonna be greattttt

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