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Ekeler, Gordon & Derek Watt Charge Their Way Downfield

The Chargers run game marches downfield toward the end zone for a touchdown. The Los Angeles Chargers take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL # insert player here Chargers

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Anthony Reply


Unkept pLeX Reply


Simon Henry Reply

Oh yeah, there is another Watt brother

world traveler Reply


    Brandname Reply


Omni Pepper Reply

When you realize there is a third Watt

    Sebastian Soto Reply

    When you realize he’s the 2nd watt brother

Bashurman Reply


Randeep Singh Reply

Did you forget packers vs redskins highlights?

10 000 Abonnés Sans Vidéo Challenge Reply

When they laugh at me because of my dreams, I have the greatest motivation

read my name it’s for a challenge

I want to reach the 5k help me


espnsport.us/Los-Angeles-Chargers-vs-Jacksonville-Jaguars.php?NFL-Chargers-vs-Jaguars-Live 🏈🏈🏈🏈

Sean Henkel Reply

This is Derek Watt’s first NFL TD.

Goku Black Reply

Now I see why he plays on the chargers

John-boy Reply

When the Bolts used a lot of Wattage (that’s bad, I know)

    Goku Black Reply

    Nah bro that was a good one 👍🏾

    John-boy Reply


johonna stepp Reply

I love chargers like if you do to

DP Urlacher Reply

Fullback lives matter! Fullback lives matter!

El3PH4NTE M4N Reply

Lets go dad gumit!

206fishing 206fishing Reply

SD chargers all day every day

    Rodolfo Bravo Reply

    206fishing 206fishing. los angeles chargers ok I do miss all the good times at Qualcomm Stadium and yes I’m still hurt because they left San Diego one of the most beautiful cities in the world how could they

FiddleStick's bessette Reply


John Smith Something Reply

“That’s what you do, you close your eyes”….IDK, Rick, it seems fake

Malcolm Mency Reply

#SELLTHETEAMSPANOS protest and petition Jan 11th

Rodolfo Bravo Reply

close your eye’s 😂 really your going the wrong direction open your eye’s again…

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