Eddy Piñeiro on being named NFC Special Teams POTW – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tyler Fredericks

i love this guy !


Let’s gooooo 💯💯🐻⬇️

Fighting Irish

Good dude.

Yoshibro 456

I think it’s safe to say that Da Bears finally have a kicker


    Meanwhile our QB has zero TDs.

    Joe Ramirez

    @PRHILL9696 cody missed a game winning 53 yard fg, Eddy Pineiro nailed a 53 yard FG to win it

    Kevin Miller

    @Joe Ramirez Yep, the infa- mous ‘Double Doink’ game.

    Joe Ramirez

    @Kevin Miller that one was 43 yards away, parkey missed a 53 yard fg against the dolphins in OT to win the game

    Kevin Miller

    @Joe Ramirez Ok. Thanks. You’re right about that.

FBV Entertainment TM

I love that we have a kicker but the job isn’t done till we go to the big dance

Michael McCabe

This guy is the man we needed! Go Bears!

Quetzalcoalt Mechica


    mark lawrence

    Facts 🐻⬇️

SamoaJoe's funnyface reaction

U can tell he’s happy to be a bear

    Chad Austin

    Ya exactly!! You can tell he is proud to be a member of this team. I’m proud of him. He wants the kicks and that’s what the bears needed

Kevin Tross

The Bears needed this win so bad!!!! Hopefully they take off now!!!

Jimbo da Street minista

I’m getting this guys jersey soon

    Kyle F

    Jimbo da Street minista make sure you get the ñ for the N. I would have bought mine by now

Marco A. Polo Jr.

Eddy Diniero has big shoes to fill (Robbie Gould’s) but it shouldn’t be too hard for him. Keep it up! BEAR DOWN!

Caden Herren

i love this kicker but every time he goes to kick i get super scared

Domeshine Clown

I like this guy. He seems very humble and full of the desire to excel.
I hope he becomes our next Robbie Gould.

    Leon Phantasm

    Or Kevin Butler.


Way to come through in the Clutch Bro GO BEARS!!!🏈🐻

Brandon Martin

Eddy Money!! I like this guy

    zooie z

    this guy is MONEY.

Drake Bell

Just remember Bears fans, kickers do miss kicks from time to time. IF Pineiro ever does, let’s not throw him under the bus. Proud of him though, that was a hell of a kick.

    Chief Daley

    We both know that wont happen. Unfortunately most bears fans are fareweather fans who never played the sport and hate on EVERY little thing that goes wrong. I know a guy who was on my HS football team who convinced himself he could do better than Trubisky when he couldnt even get Varsity playing time. I know another guy who threw his bears hat and t shirt in a bon fire because Cody Parkey Missed a kick. (Not even the eagles game Im talking regular season vs. Dolphins).

    Carson Veller

    @Chief Daley It might just be people you know I dont know any Bears fans like that.

    Chief Daley

    @Carson Veller I envy you lol


    We’ll throw him under the bus. He better not miss one kick this season.

    bryan suarez

    Then your not a real dan

Lamarco Motley

Why are we listening to Chris brown take you down in a football locker room🤦🏽‍♂️😂 bear down but damn😂🐻

    mark lawrence


el indio

Oooo alrite alrite. Next game up. Lets go OFFENSE.

Ken Perlman

Happy for the kid. Now let’s see him kick in Soldier Field. In the winter.


Why they playing Chris Breezy tho lmao

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