Eddie Jackson Breaks Down Run Game, Instincts, & Reading Offensive Formations | NFL Film Sessions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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woww i didnt know joe flacco was on the broncocs

Lamar Jackson #1

    Buk Lau


Nicolas Gill


Jack Rudolph

He’s underrated. He might of had a down season but he was still a pro bowler. Surprised he didn’t make the top 100.


    New defense, and position. Played him at SS this year.. couldn’t roam like he did the year before.. still allowed zero touchdowns all year.. best safety in the league.. still

    Isaac Yang

    QuinntonB 40 targets and only 1 td

    Gerrit Durant

    @QuinntonB Chicago moved him to strong safety? Thats just plain stupid on them lmao.


    Isaac Yang nope zero TDS all year on him.


    Gerrit Durant yeah agreed

Clyde Will

Top 5 safties (no order) :
Jackson, Fitzpatrick, Adams, Simmons, Mathieu, (James when healthy top 3)

    Gerrit Durant

    @Seven Eleven yes. Hes so overrated. The only reason people consider him here is cause of his interceptions which mean little to nothing.

    Gerrit Durant

    @Sports And Aquariums? mccourtys regressing at this point but career wise hes probably top 3.

    Shawn Saechao

    can’t have a top 5 safeties list without Harrison Smith

    Ladh 70

    @Gerrit Durant Smith is washed up

    Ladh 70

    @Sports And Aquariums? Smith is washed up,


Who else thinks Eddie is a top 3 safety in the game?


And this dude wasn’t on the nfl top 100 list and he is a top 3 safety i can’t believe it🤦🏻‍♂️it looks like he had a down year from his all pro 2018 but he was still a pro bowler and teams knew what he did a season before so they didn’t trow at him anymore cuz of what he has done before, he had 40 targets and gave up 1 td like wtf

    Jul Rod

    Gerrit Durant I wouldn’t necessarily say he had a down year. Sure his stats regressed but his level of play really didn’t. He just played a different role then he did in 2018. This past year he played closer down to the line of scrimmage and that took away some of his chances for big plays. He excels at tracking and is great at playing the ball in the air. He’s really meant to play the role of a roaming center fielder and hopefully he’ll get more chances to do that next year.

    Gerrit Durant

    @Jul Rod im not even looking at stats, you cant use stats for a safety. He wasnt as good as 2018, however youre completely right on his coverage abilities. The only safety better at covering the deep ball imo is Anthony Harris. Nevertheless hes still a top 5 safety and a top 100 player. Im not sure about a role change since i dont watch the bears.

    Dylan Velarde

    Top 2 only Jamal Adams in his class

    Gerrit Durant

    @Dylan Velarde what? Anthony Harris, Harrison Smith, and maybe Derwin James are all better.


    @Gerrit Durant derwin james played one year and harris only had one good year now i can see smith possibly

Malik Bucketz

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Sports 311

Eddie Jackson is a great safety, but my problem is that my bears aren’t even that good of a team

    Isaac Yang

    We at least have a chance at making the playoffs this year

    AC AT EM

    Sports 311 ???

Captain jack America

If not for Justin Simmons breaking out this year on my favorite team, Eddie Jackson would easily be my favorite safety in the game. He’s very underrated and talented, and he’s clearly VERY smart. Much respect for BoJack

Justa Guy

Melvin ingram also said the same thing about the Off TE

Michael Agent

Dear Youtube, the amount of ads is getting too damn high.

    Don Solo

    The channel desides how many in video ads. For some reason NFL needs 5 commercials to turn a profit. Cant just do something for the fans. Smh



    Tree rap57

    He was not even top 110 smh

Corey Perdue

That pic against the vikings… legendary

Anthony W

One of the BEST IN THE GAME should’ve been in the Top 100, HIGHLY UNDERRATED… Wish I had him on My Steelers

    David Stutz

    It’s a popularity contest and always has been. Players on playoff teams always get looked at first b4 non playoff teams unless the player was a superstar prior. Like Khalil Mack. Dan Orlovsky said it the best about the list. Teams give u the survey after a very long full padded practice. So players r exhausted and the last thing they want is to do any form of paperwork. It’s a list if 10 dudes or about that. He said u might fill out 1 or 2 guys then give it to the equipment manager or position coach to finish filling for u. As long as its filled out is all the nfl cares about is what he said. Never have cared who actually fills it out. Carson Wentz not being on the list discredited the entire list. All-Pro team is the only list that has any meaning to me


4:23 wats wrong with baldy’s finger🤢


    CTE in his finger

    RTN MK

    Came here to see this comment

Abdallah Mustafa

beast. give the man his dues

Jacob Novotny

god, he is so under rated

Jerome Kim

Love it~

King Blaise

NFL u gotta do more safety breakdowns its so fun to learn about the safety position!

D. Miller

Wow. Football is really a complex game.

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