Eddie George and Steve McNair Jersey Number Retirement Ceremony – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jon Van Norman Reply

This is how the NFL loses credibility! Steve McNair was a degenerate! He was shot by a 20 yr old woman that he was banging! Brother man should have been home with his family! And to top it off his idiot ex wife on the field wearing his at halftime. What a joke

Colo Mystic Walker Reply

Hall of Fame here they come!!!!!

Chipson JR Reply

I hope they make it in the hall of fame.. :/ I hate how they go off of stats more than toughness.. If they had a toughness award these 2 would definitely win it! Lol

    Ser Dee Reply

    Both were trash that’s way Titans CUT them

Cole Waldron Reply

So glad this distraction is over with. Probably why the titans weren’t ready to play today.

    Preston Bennett Reply

    Well then Cole why don’t ya act like a fan then? And dude you probably couldn’t coach pop warner. If you’ve been a fan all your life then I don’t see why you weren’t happy and proud to see 2 Legends of Nashville, that got us to our only Super Bowl appearance, be recognized for for their contribution to the team? It’s week 2 dude, we have 14 games left to go. Don’t disrespect Steve and Eddie like that.

    Cole Waldron Reply

    Preston Bennett I’m just tired of losing to the colts. If Luck was still playing that’s one thing but Brisset?! It’s just like beating the patriots, eagles, cowboys last year but losing to the bills and not showing up

    Preston Bennett Reply

    Cole Waldron I understand that man, no one likes losing either. But comment and discuss on the game highlight video about our loss. Not on a video that’s recognizing 2 Titans Legends.

    Tim Warren Reply

    Must be a Browns fan..

    Cole Waldron Reply

    Tim Warren yeah totally not. I was at the game sweating my butt off with all the other fans.

mm4forever Reply

Houston’s team*

    Classic Ride Society Reply

    Yep they were both drafted as Oilers

CharlieB5 Reply


Jefferson Manchild Reply

Love you both immoral (27) (9) eddie and steve…..

    Appie de Jong Reply

    immortal you mean?

Ser Dee Reply

CJ2K was way better

Tim Warren Reply

RIP Steve.. and thank you Eddie for all of the memories!

Cameron West Reply

Who is cutting onions?

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