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Ed “different breed” Reed 💪🏾

Agent_WestCoast A

Greatest ball hawk in NFL history.

    Agent_WestCoast A

    @Michael Spruell Greatest saftey is still debatable. Ronnie Lott was a bigger hitter, faster, and nearly as good in coverage. Then there is Sean Taylor.

    Michael Spruell

    @Agent_WestCoast A Sean should be a hall of Famer

    Bernard Spann

    Him and prime

    Jonathan D.

    Not only is Ronnie Lott the best safety ever, he’s the best DEFENSIVE BACK ever!

Gavin Schauble

Ed reed is one of the greats, definitely the best safety, I can’t believe someone booed

    Jon Schnell


    Kenneth Brown

    Canton Ohio Steeler country that’s why there was boos

    XTensionCORD death

    Robert Russell because he was wearing a browns jersey back when he first came to Baltimore

    Tropic Mix

    @tha Bruh from 94hell no 🤡🤡🤡

    calion 9

    They are booing because he is great. In a way, its like the ultimate compliment

Hector Rodriguez

Ray Lewis HOF Class of 2018
Ed Reed HOF Class of 2019

2 years straight of Former Ravens into the Pro Football Hall of fame.
#HOF #GOAT #RavensForLife

    Eddie 818

    You mean two Hurricanes

    Jeremy Joyce

    Ravens fan so proud of themselves for being able to count; if youve ever been to Baltimore it makes sense


    Hector Rodriguez shoulda been browns

    Richard Manuel

    The U

Raughn Sommerville

Ed hasn’t changed at all. Homie look like he still in Football shape!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾


    And looking like Uncle Drew

    Jon Schnell

    He keeps in shape by all of his kneeling

    richard Pryor

    Dude only 40 but in the nfl that’s old but I think he can still knock ball carrier’s off their fee

Jennifer Anthony

Ed Reed is amazing. I’m a Browns fan, but this guy, is an amazing guy. Wise words coming from a HOFer. Thanks Ed. You’re appreciated by Browns fans. You Rock.


    Lol you can like other players besides who on your favorite team dont make sense what you said

    Billboe Bagginns

    Ccubed92 I mean…. I guess, but the ravens and browns are kinda rivals, so probably not between those two teams. So what you’re saying doesn’t really make sense. Coming from another browns fan

    Tyler Main

    @Ccubed92 I mean yea but Na at the same time .

Spice 0o0

My 3 favorite defense players made it in Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins!!

Jennifer Anthony

As a Browns fan. I respect you. Good job ER. #HOF19

Johnny Lawrence

This guy is one of the best to ever step foot on a football field.

Douglas Taggart

Ed Reed came into the league as a Strong Safety. As a Strong Safety, he had Free Safety range and led the league in interceptions. After suffering a neck injury, he was moved to Free Safety. In 2010, he started the season on the PUP list and still led the league in interceptions. The only player to ever lead the league in interceptions from both Safety positions. He also has the most postseason interceptions. Bill Belichick calls him the best safety ever and various future hall of fame Quarterbacks are on record as saying that, when they played the Ravens, the very first thing they did upon walking to line was look to see where Ed Reed was.

    Eric W.

    I cant recall a player making it look as easy as ed reed did. He looked like a little kid in the back yard but did it in the NFL

    tha Bruh from 94

    @Eric W. Have you heard of Sean Taylor? Best Ever FS.

    Agent_WestCoast A

    Best ball hawk ever, and in a pass friendly era.


Only a Miami dude would wear a hat like that. Congrats to one of the best 3 safeties to ever play the game

    Mr Ngu-Tang Clan

    SportsSpeak73 manz wearing the gront dashboard interior of a Cadillac on his head

    Mike Stacks

    He from la


    @Mike Stacks I was referring to the U not his place of birth.

Michael Spruell

Ed Reed and Sean Taylor…best to ever do it!

    Tropic Mix

    @carson roach THANK YOU, all the dude could do was hit and I understand people wanna make him sound better than he was because he passed, but he wasnt even half of Reed as good as he was.

    Michael Spruell

    @Tropic Mix sean taylor was a one dimensional player? U ever saw the man play? Hitting wasnt even his best attribute dummy. He had the size of a tight end hands as good as any receiver and ran like a running back feild vision like a qb all the while could hit you like LT

    Michael Spruell

    @carson roach if u ever reallly watched sean taylor play u wouldn’t even type a dumb thing like that idiot. Associating sean with the word overrated proves you know nothing about football. Ed even says he would’ve been better than him

    Christopher Frazier

    Ronnie Lott is the safety to ever do it.. Ed Reed knows it too… Much respect to Ed Reed and Sean Taylor tho!

    Michael Spruell

    @Christopher Frazier ronnie lott was a beast but he was again a safety known to make the tackle. Heavy hitter yea hed pick some passes off too but he wasnt ed Reed. Ed got respect for a man who got his finger amputated to finish a game. He got mad respect for lott. But Reed has said it’s the U safeties himself and sean who were the best to do it


I know y’all saw John harbaugh face when he said billicheck 😂


    MrJimenez305 I wish I saw Bills face when the happened lol


    You could at least spell the greatest sports coach of all time name right.

Jorge Aviles-Negron

His bronze bust is dope AF! Looks just like him.


As Belichick said: “You are the greatest free safety who ever played this game”


Ed is a real one for shouting Sean out 💯💯Hopefully they listen

    Blake ADkd

    21JulioJonesMahomes21 boy I almost cried 😢

    richard Pryor



    @Blake ADkd that’s who the 21’s on the front and back of my name are for 😥🙌


    The huddle before the MNF game after he died with Ed, Ray, and Willis McGahee as his Miami U brothers, before they gave their hearts out to almost beat the then-unbeaten Patriots will always live on in my memory. Ray’s speech and the way they played that game, especially Willis, was epic and I wish they had won that game and ended the Patriots streak right there


    @Phayge yeah I wanted that W baaad! Me and Sean have the same birthday were April fools 😭 wish life didn’t happen the way it does Sean was truly my avatar on the field he was everywhere I wanted to be on the field and showed up exactly how I envisioned BOOM! 2💯 2💯

Mr Q Ceaz

As a Bengals fan, Ed Reed & Troy Polamalu gave me headaches every year The Ball Hawk DEFINITELY deserves to be a 1st ballot Hall Of Famer happy for him 💪💯

Bayo Idowu

Ed out here looking like he is about to play the best jazz set you will ever hear lol but seriously he is the best safety ever and my favorite player to watch. This induction is well deserved.

Classic Corporation

When you played in the Era of Brady and Manning! On top terrifying both of them. Your the GOAT. #20

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