Earn The Star: Trysten Hill | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
grom life

Yeah!! boy! get some!!!

Pickle Bacon

Worst draft pick this year.. cowboys could have gotten him in the 5th.
There’s a reason why his coaches didn’t start him last year. Doughy as hell and got handled in all the pre season games.
Funny he’s the only rookie the cowboys put an “effort” clause in his contract.
He’s gonna be a bust and another one of Rods failed “project”.


    Pickle Bacon I agree

    Ryan S

    Right? Dude seems super soft. Definitely not the dawg we needed at that spot.



Devil PvP


Henry Hill

This pick was mind blowing.

Joey Villarreal

Haven’t heard his name once in practice or game lmao


    For real tho


Highly dissapointed so far,and he looks like he relies on his natural size rather than work ethic.

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