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king shark

Our secondary was discombobulated, yet we still got the wake up call win,… thinking, this was the best team to play before heading into a kc game, we faced a air raid passing team and got torched a lil, but made it through.

We sat more d linemen and line backers to bring up more dbs on the active roster, … was caught in a scheme and personel experiment vs having our core team chemistry guys out there.

But that cards game was just weird shyt happening, Murray proving he was worth the 1st rd pick, and facing a air raid offense, we will pull our head out our azzes and get our revenge on from a overtime loss to kc, we have tape on them vs non on az and Murray.

    Lu Kim

    Peyton Loved who marlon… marlon been holding his on, he’s still a CB but for some reason they had him pressing so he could be closer to the line which proved success he made tackles that didn’t do much trips on the right that’s why he never dropped back we just had the wrong people on the wrong guys but their receivers also made good catches

    king shark

    @Peyton Loved …. 🤔😕 wanna debate on that Marlon Humphrey idea, but I saw something in the game, that said, your right, Marlon is our best athlete back there, going to be our best db, but facts are facts, he’s still green.

    Like when the wr, faked him out with the motion comeback and Marlon lost sight and kept going, and the wr was wide open on his reroute back to the right.

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    I feel KC is gonna be a great game. KC offense is great but their defense is pretty trash tbh. We know what to expect from Mahomes. Hopefully Earl Thomas can get some picks from him

    Rob Lena

    Very good point seeing these problems before kc.

Ron Edward

After Sunday, I hope they are ready to see a lot of no-huddle. Might see it for the remainder of the season until they can consistently stop it.


    The Cardinals didn’t score a TD till the 4th quarter. They showed up when they needed

    Ron Edward

    @RetroPG Well, they better stick around, because they just finished the easiest part of their schedule.

    the legendztruth

    Teams do that to us every single year. It’s really the only way most teams can move the ball on us. Going against no-huddles are nothing new to Raven defenses. Regardless of how good a defense is constant hurry ups are hard to stop.

Mason Music

Definitely felt the loss of Jimmy and Tavon yesterday


    Gonna feel it twice as hard against the reigning NFL MVP Patrick Mahommes! Who looks like he’s on his way to B2B

Barry Williams

jefferson was out of place on them 2 deep balls to fitz, i feel like he just let him run. we should pull the trigger on the mika fitzpatrick trade for a 1st rounder

    Tyrone Savage

    Evan Elliot hasn’t done anything tho he looked good in college but i don’t think he’s gonna be that good

    Cesare Antonio

    Fitzpatrick not worth a 1st rounder, now Xaivian Howard is definitely worthy of 1rd pick

    Tyrone Savage

    Cesare Antonio jalen Ramsay worth a first

    Barry Williams

    with all the major injuries in afc.. its no way our pick is going to be anything other than in the late 20’s ramsey or fitzpatrick worth that. if we could pull off a trade for our 2nd and 3rd for mika as well as trade a 1 for ramsey. than we’d be set. jimmy is often injured and gettin old and jefferson is all talk

    Tyrone Savage

    Barry Williams ravens were tryna draft Ramsay in the draft where we had the 6th pick


he even praised tucker’s automaticness when asked about lamar…nice

    Radza Martin

    Butkicker is better


They need to pick up A.Colvin or something because this defense is looking iffy

    Steve Charles

    He’s on the Texans already


    @Steve Charles got cut

    M Mulugheta.

    He’s garbage have you seen him cover

Lion Thomas

Man didn’t Ravens need E.T man!!!

Brandon Teal

thank you earl thomas 💜#team ravens

Ravens Review

Earl knows what’s up (so does Jefferson). They’ll straighten up and hopefully fly right against KC.

    Mason Music

    I hope so, especially Jefferson seeing how teams are trying not to throw Earl’s way.

    Nick Jolapy

    Mason Music ^^ this is so true, people don’t think about this.

    Maleek Skipper

    Tony isn’t the best cover guy lol a good run stopper yes but I believe Deshon has better range and run stopping skills

    Mason Music

    @Maleek Skipper you and me both, I’ve been waiting on Deshon to make that step towards being the starter.

Abdul Jalloh

We hope that this same mistake will not happen at kc

Abdul Jalloh

Because. Kansas will look at tape what we did wrong on defense and they will try to do the same as Arizona did to us we play our best to beat Kc all around


How could a true NFL fan not like Earl Thomas! .. real Pro

Rocky Kimpel

Lamar n Hollywood got that young swagger and flash their chains on IG, Earl that OG rockin the chain witha suit lookin classy n all business!

ducktravisty louisiana

Earl had one nice play in the Dolphins game, but he needs to step up big time. Tony Jefferson needs to take a seat to Deshone Elliot. Marlon is a beast athlete but he can’t do it by himself, not having Jimmy and Tavon Young out there is devastating to a group who going into the season looked invincible. I’m just not seeing anything but blown coverages from Tony Jefferson right now.

    sam hawkz

    Did u watch the game? Earl plays safety! Hes not responsible for underneath routes

Davon Johnson

I would love for us to get Jaylen 🔥🔥💯

    Maleek Skipper

    Davon Johnson we would be the greatest secondary ever lmao


Ravens winning
ET’s hairline losing

Ya Land

Need to try and push for Jalen since we face Browns twice!! That eliminates at least one Wr for the game.

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