Earl Thomas: My Prayers Are With Mason Rudolph – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Earl Thomas is really good and hustles a lot

Orion's Ghost

You can hear how upset he was from the start of the interview, his voice kept breaking up.

    Orion's Ghost

    @Antwanh5 Never heard him speak before, I had no idea.

    Orion's Ghost

    @Antwanh5 Robert Kennedy Jr. has a voice like that, too.

    Aidan Palkin

    @Antwanh5 he probably has a speaking fear or an introvert. I see myself in the way he talks.


    Aidan Palkin yes. It’s very common.

    Orion's Ghost

    @Aidan Palkin Interesting.

Lion Thomas

We need to see better execution against the Bengals

Trying to get 10,000 Subs with no vids

Who else prays for Mason Rudolph👏

    Ian Davis

    I really dislike people like you. Why do you use things like this to get people to like your comment? Does it make you feel good? It sure as hell doesnt make you look good.

    Taygan Mitchell

    @Steven Garthune do you not believe in God??

    420 Bong Warrior

    @J High Who even cares about the team, dude got hurt…

    Eleasar Robles

    Im not even a stealers fan but nobody wants to see some one get KO like that no matter what team there from these guys are real people who have families. Hope he has a full healthy recovery

    J High

    @Eleasar Robles

Ravens76 bmore

As a loyal Raven fan, I never wanna see someone get hurt. Get well Mason Rudolph.

    J High


    Ravens76 bmore

    @J High Go sit down somewhere!

    Rexy 1776

    Unless it’s Burfict

Bodymore MDummy

I don’t think he would have got knocked out if another Ravens players ain’t hit the QB from the back and force his momentum towards Earl

    D Taylor

    True true

    shawn Jking420

    Lol why does it matter how he got ko’d? Helmet to helmet is definitely illegal in football. intentional or not the hit was dirty


    shawn Jking420 It was not really helmet-to-helmet. More like helmet-to-chin.

    shawn Jking420

    @wildmercuryfilms bruh it was helmet to helmet. Refs have called roughing the passer on more lesser plays this season than that one. Earl thomas probably didnt doit intentionally but he didnt need that much force going into the qb 😐

    Skydiving Heck

    Bodymore MDummy also hit after he threw the ball


From a Steelers fan, it was a good hit the angle was just right to cause a KO. Tough game like these always are. Mason will recover and we will see each other again.


    Ericc_E_123 exactly bro

    shawn Jking420

    Nowadays, that hit was dirty. It was clear helmet to helmet and that’s been a rule for years whether it was intentional or not.

    Anthony Pridgeon

    shawn Jking420 it’s helmet to chin. That’s how coaches teach you to hit. That’s what he’s talking about when he says the strike zone.

    shawn Jking420

    @Anthony Pridgeon they are teaching wrong then because rules have been changed years ago. Helmet to chin. NFL permits no HELMET TO HELMET CONTACT period!!

    walt winston

    @shawn Jking420 ur absolutely right

khiidadon Instagram

Earl looks so worried

    mk Ramz

    Is he really?


    @mk Ramz nah not yet

    Jus Josh

    He hurt someone, almost killed the way his head hit the floor. I would feel the same way, all shooked up an nervous.

    walt winston

    @Jus Josh bullshit he could care less

    CallMeFrog 76

    Thomas proved on his way outta my he Hawks that he was a me first oriented type of player. If he’s worried about anything it’s earl and earl’s game checks

Brandyn Thomas

Man. He sounds remorseful. Like he’s holding back emotion


    Brandyn Thomas what are you his family?

    Adrian Benningfield

    I don’t think he is holding back, sometimes emotion and expressing words is hard.

    Butch Cassidy

    That’s just how he talks

    Kuya Rick Kelley

    Dudes about ready to cry but he aint gonna do that to the video crew. He knows first hand what its like to have that scare, he cares. Hes not trying to end some young guns career. Anyone thinking hes head hunting is stupid, or probably don’t actually watch football

James Keyser

As a Steelers fan I respect earl for this

    M Colvin

    J High why tf u say that mf

    J High

    @M Colvin
    Can you use words instead of vague initials?

    Kuya Rick Kelley

    @J High you mad about the loss? Christ, if anything this gives the rivalry the spark for the new kids. Settle down now. I doubt you complained bout harrisons head hunting

    Angela Nathan

    Me too much respect thanks Earl 💯🙏💪💛 get well Rudolph

    J High

    @Kuya Rick Kelley
    I expected the Steelers to find a way to lose. The fake concern and sympathy from Ravens fans and players is adding salt to the wound.


I was mad af initially, but after watching this I see his remorse and how he felt about it.

The PNW Rider

ET3 is not a dirty player. He is really shook up. Hopefully Rudolph will be okay

xd Caution

Hes shaking like crazy, it’s how you he really cares and feels sorry

    Butch Cassidy

    xd Caution why is this whole page saying this? That’s just how he talks.

Cooper Maas

As a Steelers fan I really respect his response, he’s a great athlete and great person

Sean Skove

Don’t forget Thomas has suffered a serious injury. Carted off the field. A child of God. A good man.

    CallMeFrog 76

    And he flipped his team off while being carted off. Hawks were happy to see this diva move on

Bee9 Gee9

He was trembling as he spoke. Kinda heart breaking to watch.

Kim Farrison

Earl’s a real one


You can tell he’s holding back so much emotion. I don’t fault him at all. Great guy, so sorry this had to happen.

Kevin Etherington

As a Seahawks fan I know Earl didn’t intentionally try to hurt him. Earl has a good heart. Praying for Rudolph’s recovery.

Shrek the Ogrelord

I’m a Steelers fan and this is a great rivalry… but serious respect for this.

    The Mighty Gooch

    We respect you guys too. Couldn’t ask for better rivals. But we do hate the Patriots.

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