Earl Thomas INT Sets Up Lamar Jackson TD Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Lamar is the goat where the haters at now? Two touchdowns one halfπŸ˜‚

    Lazy Nerd365

    sam hawkz I thought you were talking about lamar Jackson

    worldwide media direct inc

    @Phil Gallant so after Ravens wipe-up the Patriots at home in M&T Bank Stadium (virtually unbeatable at home) on 11/3, can we gloat then?

    Phil Gallant

    Yes of course you can gloat! I think anybody would want to gloat after beating a team like the pats.

    Bro What Are You talking About

    Always do? Two Superbowls 20 years. We not the Patriots bruh chill

Josue Tejada

Glad to see players on new teams making impacts

    Dora Martin

    VER : espnonlinechanel3.blogspot.com?grm
    Assistir Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins En Vivo


    Josue Tejada same


    McCaffrey takes out Weddle with a knee. A lot of blood. https://youtu.be/ilzfRGLuIbY

    sam hawkz

    His name earl Thomas!


Brah as a Hawks fan this is hard to watch 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Shareef Seck

    U should be happy for him

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    Who said you cant like more than one team?

    Barry Mcdaniel

    Weird seeing him in purple

    American Sports Fan

    A Minecraft OG since 2009

    Any actual fan….

Money Blaise

Earl Thomas is in the zone πŸ”₯

    Tyrone Dixon

    Money Blaise I got Madden 20


    Don’t let him into his zone. He’s definitely into his zone

    Money Blaise

    Tyrone Dixon for PS4?

    Tyrone Dixon

    Money Blaise no Xbox one

    Money Blaise

    Tyrone Dixon dang. You tryna buy it for me a ninja is broke πŸ˜‚

Ty Verlaine

Lamar got a bonafide goto receiver now! It’s over with!

    Ares Krieger

    Don’t get too excited just yet, it looks really good this game but the team they are playing is the consensus worst team in the league

    ZayKing 56

    @Ares Krieger but they’re at home

    Esketit Esketit

    Dude has 4 TDs in the first half. I think the NFL made a mistake. He’s way more accurate than what they said. Baltimore is going to be scary.

    Ashley Jarvis

    FactsπŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ the chemistry is real

    Game Winning Drive

    @Ares Krieger lamar has been winning since he been in the nfl

Christian Chitiyo

Hollywood has 27 Fantasy Points in one quarter πŸ˜‚

    Matt Bessette

    Christian Chitiyo i started him lol

    Danger Russ

    I didnt start him 😭😭

    MLP Shawn

    Is 27 points good? Never played fantasy football

    King Ape

    @MLP Shawn Its really good.

Jordan Davis

Hollywood Brown is gonna win Rookie of the Year


    @Jordan Davis ur forgetting that the ravens are playing against the dolphins a team that is in rebuild mode right now Hollywood is good but wait till he plays against stronger teams if he performs well against the top corners then will know if he’s the real deal or not


    Jordan Davis The Ravens are playing the Dolphins lmao

    Kylan Hasselbring

    I don’t know ab that because do you see that there playing a trash team and trash defense

    ManBearPig YT

    @Kylan Hasselbring the dolphins have pro bowl dbs

Larry Legend is a GOAT

I predict earl thomas will win CPOY

Ken Burgess

A a Seahawks fan, glad to see Earl Thomas doing Earl Thomas stuff

    A Fucking Bird

    We should be scared. He is looking dangerous and we have to go against them.

    Ezra Plain

    He’ll no

K Mula

Lamar haters real quiet now 🀫

    Silver Is The Name

    FBI Agent how tf he got haters all ready tf

    Aramis Dennard


    hairythe tablefry

    Its. One. Game.

    Aramis Dennard

    @hairythe tablefry ANDDD?


How about Lamar throws a dime πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ haters never wanna give him credit

    AJ Palmeri

    @Ares Krieger What defenses did he struggle against other then the chargers in the playoffs. Not the chiefs cause the game went to overtime, not the chargers in the regular season. What defenses??

    AJ Palmeri

    @Ares Krieger Maybe you can say the browns but i wouldn’t

    Jordan 410x

    @Ares Krieger Dolphins secondary was 11th last year and lost no starters in the secondary. Good try.

    La’ Garv

    Ares Krieger nah the argument was that he struggled as a passer period, even against the weak defenses they played on that streak. All they are arguing is that he’s a better thrower than given credit for.

Julian Shipp Jr

Lamar out here eating πŸ’ͺ🏾

Kevin Durant The New Knick 35

Come see Baltimore most dangerous offense in the league besides Kansas

Greg Pope

He can’t throw the ball….THEY SAID

    Guga Bastos

    Greg Pope 5 Tds already, the man is on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ hope he keeps up for the rest of the season

    Josh Johnson

    @Guga Bastos Marching into Dolph territory again, chance for 6 before the end of the 3 Q lol. This is crazy


seeing earl in another jersey hurts my soul. glad he is doing good though.

    richard Pryor

    ETIII sting like a b

AJ Palmeri

Lamar playing like a dog right now, He heard the noise about him being a RB.


They cant wait for lamar to do some bad they gone come to the comments so fastπŸ˜‚

Ty Verlaine

“They’re playing the Dolphins”

And the Eagles are playing the Redskins. What’s your point?

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN

    A NFL team is a NFL team. The dolphins beat the patriots last year, and the redskins were playoff contenders for most of the regular season till they collapsed.

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN

    Plus Lamar is only a sophomore, an Hollywood a rookie

Mattias Sinabafagas

Every miami fan in that stadium should get a full refund on their tix after this game

kid with a smug hat

Before this play I literally said either Marlon Humphrey or Earl Thomas was about to get a pick no joke lol

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