Earl Thomas 2019 Season Highlights | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Earl Thomas 2019 Season Highlights | Baltimore Ravens

Highlights from Earl Thomas' first season with the Baltimore Ravens in 2019.

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William Beer

He played good made our defense great


    Made our defense great? What?


    @DubbieJordin I mean he has? Just cause you saw him get trucked by Henry doesn’t discount the havoc that he created this year for the defense


    MarioPlaysMC defense was sus all year tho


    @king83 well yea cause we had no pass rushers outside of Judon. And the run blocking up front was abysmal at times but, Earl is the scapegoat because of some comments he made….

Garth Andrews

He proved me wrong I was skeptical if he had anything left in the tank lol

    Lion Thomas

    Me too


He was average this year. Hope next year he steps up


    Fr. Had all the bark against henry but no bite.


    @ItzJustCarter Yeah he wasn’t on his game that night don’t remind me lmao. But overall hoping he can get his mind 100% back in the game.


    Thomas played better than most expected.

albert mcghee

He was pretty good but honestly didnt feel like he was any improvement over Weddle.




    Especially not for the $$$$$. Good to have the experience I suppose but you’re right

    Garth Andrews

    He is a lot better in coverage then weddle I’ll give him that lol I Wasn’t expecting too much from earl he is in the twilight of his career

    D 3

    He’s still learning Wink’s system. Keep him with Clark and it will be amazing.

Matt Williams

Earl is going to be better now that he’s getting to know the system


Anyone thinking that Earl took a step back this yr should realize he played in a completely different defensive scheme in Seattle. He’ll be much more comfortable with his role as a leader, & the playbook this yr.

Vanji Cagahastian

AWESOME Year for Earl Thomas hope he will retain and remain focus and be a Ballhawk#ED.Reed 2.0


    Awesome? Ehh


    How old are you


    Did you even watch the games?

Lion Thomas

Better than Weddle…..I’m just saying

Chris Cordova

Earl play was average… surprised he even went to the pro bowl.. he had what two picks all season … as a safety that bad. Plus the playoff titans game he he chose to blitz two times and left big holes for Henry !


    Pro Bowl is a popularity contest. No way did Earl Thomas deserve it.

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