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L . O . R

The same damn play Seahawks did. And look. It’s the same damn result. 😂

    Rico Alexander

    @Mitri Mitri well the Seahawks have fumbled on simple handouts this year so nothing is automatic. You have to know your strengths and surprisingly that year lynch and the hawks were terrible that year in those short yardage situations. You call the play in live with results

    Evil Dax

    It’s so easy to pass on the goal line in Madden underneath routes are open all the time

    Leo Dunson


    Veronica Moody

    The Seahawks were doomed anyway Saints are out for blood right cause of drew brees beimg injured


I know Joe Buck salty as hell the Packers lost lmfao!!!


    Yea him and Collingsworth should be banned from Eagles games.

    Use code ItsSavvyy

    Cool_T_215 what’s wrong with collingsworth

    Zach Gilbert

    @Use code ItsSavvyy everything???????

Misha_ Lol

Packers fans- “just run the ball in at the 1, easy 7”
Aaron Rodgers- “No, I don’t think I will”

    killerboy 1155

    Misha_ Lol hard to run against 4-3 at the goal line

    Joe Cool Berry

    BEST PLAY EVER to do on the one is have the QB run it straight in. Wentz is 4 for 4. It works like 90% of the time when teams do it!

    Isaiah Armand

    @Acepilot12345 clearly he’s the god damn coach for a reason

    Caleb Kruebbe

    DashDonivan you’re stupid, stop commenting


Prayers up for the 2 players that got sent to the hospital 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    Eric T

    funny how those hits don’t make the “highlight” reel

    patrick kelly

    @Eric T not really, I didn’t see the first one, but the Eagles player was hit by his own teammate, how would that be a highlight?

    Buck C

    @patrick kelly A highlight would be anything notable that occurred over the course of the game. You often see power outages and game delays represented in these reels, so it is reasonable to expect that the 2 incidents in which players were carried out off the field on stretchers, and which caused significant breaks in game play, would be shown here. However, this video was edited by the NFL…


Aaron Rodgers throws throws on goal line 4 times:

RB:Ight ima head out


    @digipimp75 true, lol.



    Grumpy Cat

    other way around actually

    Eric Whang

    seahawks shoulda ran it


4:53 look at the packers fan trying to push him off 😂

    Big White Duck

    No joke we wouldve had problems

    Beast Rod

    I think he even gets a ebow to the head from eagles fan lol

    Frjim T

    i know and the refs (as terrible as they were all night: calls and missed calls) didn’t even flag him for a push off!

    Grumpy Cat

    goedert went to college in GB he was celebrating with his homies

ServusLeudeIbims Amk

12:59 Imagine calling a pass play here😂

Edit: Oh

    VMohdude -

    ServusLeudeIbims Amk
    Seahawks: First time?

    trace williams

    LMAOOO that’s almost the exact same play call too. slant route up the middle into double coverage

Fingering Things

And just like that, the lions are first in the division.

    Sadrack Limon

    Fingering Things Chiefs will take them down soon. Don’t worry -Cowboys fan

    Gerald Wallis

    Lol they always take first at some point who cares

    Sadrack Limon

    Gerald Wallis I mean ig that’s true

    Grumpy Cat

    all thanks to the eagles

Fingering Things

I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen something like that happen before

-Seahawks fans


    At least we made a comeback against the packers

    F Your Opinions



    deja vu!

Fingering Things

RIP Packers Elite Defense Narrative

September 2019 – September 2019


    It’s one of 4 games you assclown.


    Jonathan D. The Vikings is a a garbage to average offense? With Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph. That’s a garbage offense? Lol shut your mouth when you try to sound smart.

    Sax machine69

    cpk1994 Packers has 2 sacks vs the Vikings.

    Kirk cousins gifted the Packers those turnovers. Threw into quadruple coverage early in the game, and off his back foot to a covered Diggs on 1st and goal. Had he just thrown that ball away, the Vikings would have punched it in a play or two later on the ground because the pack defense was getting gashed.

    He also over threw a wide open Diggs for a walk in TD a series earlier, and missed a wide open Thielen to put them in FG position earlier. Both of those misses came with a clean pocket.

    Anyone who watched that game could see the Packers defense was not what the media was hyping it up to be. Vikings ran at will and had WRs open downfield consistently, they just had a QB who did everything in his power to sabotage that game. It wasn’t the Packers defense that won that game, it was Cousin’s ineptitude


Me: ok packers how hard do you want to choke this game
Packers: yes

    Michael Mitchell

    bro it was pi on defense he grabbed him b4 he caught it


    Wym eagles had the lead most of the game lol

    Zach Gilbert

    @Michael Mitchell bro it was a horrible pass into double coverage

Football King

Ok but this still doesn’t explain why the Seahawks ran the ball

    c k

    They did run it and lynch got stuffed like he did more times than any other rb in the nfl in 2014. So seattle then passed and the champs made a great play. Hope that helps.

    Elektra Sparks

    The reason why the Eagles ran the ball is because, it’s the Green Bay defense weakness.


Joe Buck:

That’s a nice Eagles game there…

It would be a shame if I…


    Frjim T

    while the “dallas cheerleader”, er, commentator choked after the eagles came back…….

    Chris Stevko

    Don’t get too excited there, Buck. Don’t want ya having a heart attack

    Aye_ _Brum

    Frjim T what are you talking about it’s like he’s always against cowboys id rather he not commentate for cowboys games


    I read that in his voice

Ben Dover

Packers: passes it every down in goal:
Aaron Jones: Am i a joke to you?

    Joe Cool Berry

    VONN HIPPSTER I don’t think you watch football. Even though Jones wasn’t doing well there is a VERY GOOD chance he gets 1 yard. You can also have Rodgers dive it in or someone go over the o line, rather than having Rodgers throw it 3 feet over Graham’s head

    Banquet Meal

    @Joe Cool Berry I dont think you watched the game. Eagles DL were manhandling the Packers in the run game plus Aaron Jones isn’t a power back. Jamaal Williams is.

    Caleb Kruebbe

    Banquet Meal nearly every touchdown Aaron Jones has made this season, it’s been in the red zone, 1 yard line.

    Ben Dover

    VONN HIPPSTER even 2 goddamn qb sneaks would do the trick

andy reid

Might be time for the Eagles to get Jalen Ramsey.

    Tyler Kelley

    andy reid yessssssss! He’s not the personality we want but the production!!!!


    andy reid why get a man to man corner for zone coverage

Vintage Drugrug

At 11:38 i love how the safety tries to blitz and gets flattened like a pancake on the line 😂😂😂

    YourMom Favorite

    He went towards Jason Peter’s lol

    Patrick Rasnake

    Hahaha I noticed the same thing right away. Dude sprinted towards the line and ran into a BRICK WALL

    None of yo damn business

    Weight room is all I gotta say lmao

    Ian Malcolm

    Not a fair matchup lol

    Channel Destroyer

    @Chamberlain Gadson he is compared to a thicc lineman

Jose Diaz asmr

Honestly game was hella entertaining ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Devonte Adams: *runs route

Avonte Maddox: ight imma head out.

    LimitZ COD

    Yeah when Rasul Douglas was on him though it was lockdown

    Grumpy Cat

    more like

    Maddox: imma try to make this stop

    Sandejo: I’m boutta end this man’s whole career


    LimitZ COD hell nah lol

    Grumpy Cat

    @VONN HIPPSTER Douglas balled out what you talking about

    Lil Wooo

    Grumpy Cat 😭😂 it’s funny but it’s not funny..I hope he’s ok lol that was a vicious hit

Lord Potato

I’ll just copy and paste what Seahawk fans have once said:

“Why did you not run it?”


    as a pats fan, i ask the same thing


    It was the same play too

David Mordan

Jordan Howard giving the eagles 3 touchdowns against Packers, once a bear always a 🐻

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