Eagles vs. Jets Preseason Week 4 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
empireone :P

Those jets unis are fire man! I love their all blacks too👌


    I can’t tell who’s a jet and who’s a eagle now


    @Rico Suave The old uniforms was better. Why they changed is beyond me. By the way for the fool that said the Jets green is darker they need glasses. The birds green is WAY darker vs. The Jets Metallic olive green which they gave a name.


    @goldiswim Put your glasses back on the birds are the darker green team versus the metallic olive green team.

    Rico Suave

    @hamhockbeans I think they changed it just for the sake of change. Maybe to usher in a new era and not associate our memories with the Jets of the past.
    The Jets uni’s seem a little darker to me but like you said, nothing like the darkness of the eagles but I do understand how the Jets uniform trended slightly toward the eagles.
    That’s why I liked the old unis better. There was more of a distinction for the Jets.
    Now we can only see them if they decide to wear them as throwbacks.

    ThatOneGuy 123

    empireone 😛 they trash. Should have kept the old ones but make the green more vibrant. Keep the oval logo but the new updated one.

Anthony Klich

This was an edge of your seat thriller type of game.

    Jon Doe

    This game was as boring as my ex

    michael anderson

    @Jon Doe lmao

    Jason Strom

    4th preseason game always sucks these days. At least back not too long ago they’d start the starters for the first drive. Now it’s a complete waste. I don’t even understand why people buy tickets for this crap. I sure as hell wouldn’t wanna pay to watch a bunch of guys who’ll probably be cut by tomorrow night….lol!


    @Jon Doe 4th pre-season game what did you expect a SB thriller.


    hamhockbeans Actually the Giants-Pats game was pretty exciting. It can happen


Jets need to figure out this kicker situation. My god it was atrocious.

    Jake Estrada

    Good leg but just need accuracy

    Jared GOAT

    Their only pts were bc of the kicker I don’t think he’s th problem


    Gardenhoes you can’t say that yet he’s a rookie he needs time to develop, most rookies don’t play or play great in their first year. Have patience because it’s been 4 weeks.


    Jared GOAT he missed 3 field goals what are you talking about


    Carli Lloyd 🗣

Loyal Philly fan

1 more week bird fans! Fly eagles fly!!!


Already know EDP445 about to be mad that my Jets beat his eagles.


    Jets are like 0-10 against Philly all time. That won’t change this year either

    Fat Boy

    Anthony Klich he posted a 47 second long video lol

    Funnel Cake Madness

    Cheering for a team who shares a stadium and never had a winning season.

Nick Foles Fan Club

The fact that someone managed to get 4 whole minutes of highlights is phenomenal, the editor of this video should be up for MVP next year


    and everyone says that the jets have the best chance to win the afc east besides the pats of course

    Stash PHL

    Preseason has nothing to do with regular season. They are just trying to see who they should keep and who has talent..


    Call Me J. R. Lol dawg not a single starter played for the Eagles yesterday 😂

    Zach Savini

    Hahaha u a fool for dat one


    Snooze fest

Anton Deckman

glad to be here guys… I was watching eagles vs jets preseason game 2018 wondering wtf.


Deshawn Hall a beast


I hate when teams with the same color face each other lol


    Not the same the birds green is WAY darker. The Jets have a metallic olive green.

    Alf DarkDeadly

    Same. Harder to tell which side is which

    Dark Demonik

    You can’t tell the difference with the colors? 😁

    Alf DarkDeadly

    On 1 or 2 occasions. I forget who is who. When my mind wonders off.

    V R

    Dark Demonik I can but it just doesn’t look appealing ,

sG Dark

*myers were sorry come back to us* 😢


    sG Dark its too late man😢its too late😞😔

Black Mile High17

Part of me kinda wishes my Broncos didn’t give up on Siemian so quickly


Damn my boy wentz better not get hurt I hate watching eagles preseason QBs play horrible 🤢🤮

    Stash PHL

    Sam sudfield came along way, he’s progressing looking better every year. Still not ready for a 1 spot but yea. If it comes down to it he’ll throw a lot of picks but have some sucess his way.

    Nick Hunter

    I drafted him in fantasy bro he better stay healthy


    I’m an eagles fan, I don’t trust McCown or sudfield at all we should have picked up a better player such as kap

    Stash PHL

    Roo817 well they know more then us. Everyone said the same thing about nick foles look what happened

    Stash PHL

    Nick Hunter wrong move lol. As much as I love Carson I wouldn’t put him in my fantasy. If all goes well you will have a hell of a season. But that’s risky

Rio Gaming

The eagles D is strong!
That offense though….

    Stash PHL

    Lol.. people watch preseason and think that has anything to do what our real offense would look like.

    Mike Russo



    You do know that is not the Eagles starting offense or defensive players right. You do know they was not playing but making tape for the rookies to get jobs. You do know this is the last pre-season game that no one cares about right.


    @Stash PHL You did not know some fans think you get trophey for a unbeaten pre-season. Hell the Raven fans think pre-season is better than the regular season.

    Mike&Blair Burkhardt

    It’s good to know if 1st gets hurt

my youtubename

Looks like we are heading into the season with mccown and sudfield as backups. Most of that secondary is out the door, and a few of those d linemen.


    Everybody out except DT Ridgeway, DE Hall, and maybe a few linemen.

Jared GOAT

Could’ve went to a baseball game and saw more action

    yin tsun li

    Jared GOAT or you could go to citi field and witness your favourite team choke like a prostitude

    Gary Enea

    The sky is blue.

Alex Garcia

Rejoice Eagles fans! We’re ready to see a fully healthy Wentz back to MVP form again 😎

    Alex Garcia

    @JOEY CIF3 that jokes gotten old, come up with better material 🤡

    EVO X

    But your franchise QB is gone now the eagles have to deal with wentz

    Chowdz zz

    Alex Garcia stop using the clown emoji like a 7 year old overwatch player


    Alex Garcia it’s not a joke buddy, also your using the clown emoji in August.


    @Stash PHL No ones praying for it dude, he’s just injury prone. Same deal with Romo & Luck

Mike Russo

Buh bye Smallwood’..
Nice knowing ya


    Are you saying he cut his own throat with that fumble which look like the same fumble he did versus dallas the year he was a rookie.

    eastwest312 paq

    We need Smallwood, that 1 yard avg will win us the super bowl

    Philippos Kasotis


    Smallwood is a great player that will only get better with age.

    Also he fumbled while he was down by contact. And he was not protected well


    He not a scrub

kyoto vaiau

This game is a drag lol so preseason over it’s time.to cut few players …..

Ronin Outlaw 03

Just Cut Thorson this one is a easy decision

Andre Parson

I dont know if this was an all defense game or the offense was just pathetic

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