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Escocivo 30

Only 2 preseason games and the Eagles already have 2 injured QB’S! Wentz must not be injured!

    The King

    B Rus in our super bowl defense year. Our entire secondary gets hurt, D Line wasn’t getting to the QB, and the Offense was stagnant due to the fact we were playing 2 quarterbacks, and still got to the divisional round? That’s not exactly bad for a beat up team with practice squad starters on defense.


    B Rus the Seahawks will 100% miss the playoffs. We all know it


    Wentz is one of the most disrespected QBs in the league. It’s disgusting.


    Edy B we was 4 deep in our qb’s and still won💀

    Gage Jernigan

    @B Rus no we dont stfu

Loyal Philly fan

The eagles starting RBs Howard & Sanders are both looking great so far. I can’t wait to watch them play in regular season.

    Jed Lin

    @CMP_ 18: He was starting because our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd string RBs were all injured, and then he was benched. He has poor vision, no burst, and runs too upright for an RB of his size. With Howard, Sanders, Sproles, Clement, and Smallwood ahead of him on the DC, he won’t make the team. Practice squad, maybe.

    CMP_ 18

    Jed Lin

    Their are many teams that will keep 6 RB’s on their team

    I do believe he will be the last RB to make the team

    Jed Lin

    @CMP_ 18: What was the last team that kept 6 RBs active on their 53 man roster?

    CMP_ 18

    Jed Lin

    The Bucs last year

    Jed Lin

    @CMP_ 18: Charles Sims was on IR and wasn’t active on the 53. Also, they only reached 5 runners because Ronald Jones and Jacquizz Rodgers missed multiple games.

    The Eagles touched 5 runners in 2018 between Clement, Smallwood, Sproles, Adams, and Scott — but Clement and Sproles missed time, and Ajayi was on IR.

Teal Town

Mcgough spin and td was 🔥🔥🔥

    Justin Lopez

    Mcgough is trash, youd be better off with Minshew.

    Acrid Sleep

    hamhockbeans he needs to be have a better games than mostachio next to weeks to get back job and mr uncle Rico had a good game for preseason anyways

    Ali Muhammad

    Number 2 is da real deal better than dak already


    @Ali Muhammad… U sound stupid asf, seriously.


Amazing game, BUT COME ON…. Last week we lost Sudfield to a broken left wrist….. NOW KESSLER WITH A CONCUSSION??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    Chowdz zz

    SangheiliWarrior that would be really bad he will ruin any team if he signs with them. He is a cancer

    Swan Gaming


    Lance Ray

    Its called football 🤷‍♂️


    @ProteanGreninja The 49ers were trash all around with a new coach, im not putting that on him, it was a miracle they won 4 games.

    SmithN' Wesson

    It just goes to show Wentz isnt some anomaly. Any given play you can go down. How long was Andrew luck out? Like 2 years? Kept getting hurt

Joe Dienstag

EDP445 is gonna be livid

    EKiA Country

    Joe Dienstag that’s the only reason I’m watching these highlights😂

    FF noob pumpington


Fine The Ref

Miles Sanders is looking nice.

    freddy and foxy

    alpha Wolf yeah

    Dakota Rudow

    Didn’t look to hot last week against Tennessee

    Reid Martin

    Dakota Rudow first game vibes


    @Dakota Rudow only 3 touches last week


    @bigbodyrover Plus the run blocking was terrible last week. Nobody looked good running.


Damn Kessler just got blasted

Fine The Ref

Minshew looks poised for a rookie QB.

    Jay Mar

    His ears prob just stopped ringing from that kenny young hit last week lmmfa0

    are ess

    Yeah he’s from an air raid offense. WSU Cougars


    Still has alot to learn

    Woody Carter

    looks better than kyler Murray

    Majin TV

    He did well for what he had his o line didnt do him much tho he does need to get rid of the ball sooner and his wrs did drop some nice throws


Thorson looks like a good backup


    @Pug Racer Shut up Clown


    @zamax97 me too.

    SmithN' Wesson

    @Pug Racer Seriosuly that got old quick. People act like only Wentz been hurt in back to back seasons. Plenty of QBs have. Andrew Luck got hurt like 3 tines in s row.


    I need to see alot more from him

The sport Show

Gardner minshew put on a show out there today


props to leroy m. jenkins for playing, real deal leader of a safety!

    Titan Endeavor

    GhettoASMR you should make a football themed asmr!

    – sincerely a sub lol

    The Glorious

    Hey Ghetto! Shout out to Jordan Mailata the Aussie!!

Johnny savage Juicy J

No defense no offense for the jaguars only the quarterback scored🤦🏻‍♂️

    Edy B

    Not a single starter except for possibly Alan.. I mean what do you expect lol


    We expect the others to go out there and play like their career is on the line… Seeing as they aren’t starters that should be easy to imagine. haha@Edy B

Ryan Ross

Eagles have like 8 running backs lol

    One Canadian dude

    @SangheiliWarrior Honestly I don’t wanna let any of them go but I know we gotta, sucks but that’s life I guess

    alpha Wolf

    @SangheiliWarrior I wish we could find away to keep six of them


    Lol right?

    David Chen

    i think boston scott will make the roster. josh adams and smallwood are not that fast


    Whelp… Practice squad dungeon they go lol

Tay & Lala

I really like Alex Mcgough. I hope he can make the roster.


    Yup. Was bummed he got released by the Seahawks. Would have made an okay qb2.

    Kazi420 SB52

    I thought that dude did great

    Parker Schaefer

    Low key looked like Russel Wilson out there

    Marvin Reisenhauer

    He had a solid game

Mike&Blair Burkhardt

That Clayton sure came back strong


Jordan Mailata was the steal of 2018 Draft! he look good tonight. seem a little tired in the 4th but that’s just some getting use too! overall he look great

    The Glorious

    Yeh for real.

    Gregory Krajeski

    I <3 Mailata.

    One day he will run for a TD in a playoff game.


    I’ll buy a jersey if he keeps this up


    He will signal handedly change the NFL in were scouters look for players

kaleve pilikaki

Wow Mailata was bulldozing people out there!!!

    g henry

    Yep, he didn’t let 1 guy get by him all night. He looked like a brick wall.

    Jawad Sammour FlyEaglesFly Super Bowl 52 champs

    g henry dude josh Allen tossed him aside like a rag doll lmao watch the game

    g henry

    @Jawad Sammour FlyEaglesFly Super Bowl 52 champs – Where, what time? Every snap he won.

g henry

Jordan Mailata #68 had a great game. Didn’t see 1 play where he got beat or didn’t dominate his spot.

    g henry

    @C Mac – Okay, can you point out the time in the video? I really didn’t see any and watched just about every play.

    C Mac

    g henry sure it’s gonna take me a minute tho, like I said it’s almost all good lol

    C Mac

    2:29 gets beat clean off the edge, luckily the QB took a 3-step drop so the defender had to angle back into him.

    3:12 the sack was definitely the QB’s fault for pushing too far up in the pocket, but his man pushed him quite far back into the pocket and eventually got the sack, and you’d like to see him smother the defender once the initial rush is stopped.

    1:23 this is not getting beat in any way, but I’ll include it because he seems a bit lost in the open field and doesn’t block anybody.

    All in all, still a really great showing, the guy has huge potential especially considering his measurables.


    g henry beast

    g henry

    @C Mac – 3-step drop IS the west coast offense, and that’s what the play called for. That’s all he has to do, and then look at his recovery anyway…..That was #77’s fault at 312…..If he hits #38 in the third example, that’s an illegal block to the back- it’s actually good awareness and discipline.

Uncle Monkey

Just me or minshew have to most polished mechanics of all the rookie qbs

    Michael Mangum

    Uncle Monkey yes he’s the real deal, I played against him throughout high school and college, he’s legit

Joshua Anderson

That evasion and throw at 7:29 reminded me of Russell Wilson. The QB put it 55 yards IN THE AIR on the run to the left. He’s got speed too. That was very impressive.

    Donavan McElroy

    Joshua Anderson I completely agree and also think the receiver should have gotten that one…

    Zach Carver

    He trained with and played for the Seahawks last preseason. Sadly he was released but hopefully he’s found a home in Jacksonville.

    rich kearney

    Good throw and good defensive play as well. Too bad the announcer said Blake Countess seeing how hes not on the team


    Donavan McElroy that receiver definitely should’ve got that one. Even over the shoulder, you gotta high point that thing.

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