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Darius Williams

These Alabama wide receivers look pretty good

    Jason Howell

    Roll tide! Jones and Ridley are a problem!

#11JulioJones GOAT

This team is going to send me to an early grave I swear.

    Steven Stotts

    Sam McClarity *Cause of death: Matt Ryan’s inconsistancy

    MLP Shawn

    @Chris Macola Exactly man, its a bunch of grown men playing a game and people take it soooo seriously. But they won’t do the same to go against their government if their government is screwing the citizens on a daily basis, like the US gov. is screwing their people everyday with BS

    Shadoe Bell


    Roy Leatherby

    Try being a Redskins fan….


Shout out to Isaiah Oliver for that tackle, he saved the game

    Jay Lew

    He made big plays all night too.

    Marvin O

    And that was his saving grace, because he was getting burned the whole game.

Aye Eye

Jake Matthews absolutely DESTROYED that cornerback 😂😂 Julio BETTER had scored that touchdown 👌🏾

    Fabio C

    Reminds me of the 1st TD last year Vs Washington. Norman got hit pretty bad too 😅

the black guy who likes Eminem

Julio Jones=best reciever in football

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    @EyeInTheSky i believe you


    Hopkins is better

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    @mbelma6329 Facts

    the black guy who likes Eminem

    @Angry Fish I respect that Larry is still going and he is one of the greatest ever but not the best in the league

ricardo pozos-guzman

Agholor couldve gone all the way if he doesn’t drop that last ball

    A Notes Got Flame

    agree he did redeem himself a few plays later but it wasn’t enough

Kevin Scott

Falcons defense.
Totally different with Rico Allen,Keanu Neal and Deion Jones back.

Nuff respect to the first year starter,Isaiah Oliver.
You balled out,son.


    Oliver is a 2nd yr starter but true


    Eagles offense totally different without Alshon, DJax and Goedert


So nobody gonna talk about Desmond Trufant’s 2 picks

    Feezie F-Baby

    Ty Lmfao😂😂😂Stfu & gtfoh with that bs my friend! Good joke! Lol

    Feezie F-Baby

    Bob Shrubb Nah hella no! Lmfao😂😂😂It’s that Oline that’s doin all of the work & Zeke n damn Dak gets all of the credit. Them mofos gives Zeke wide open lanes to run & give Dak mad time to throw smh. I wudnt take Zeke over Saquon or mfer from Saints! Is it Kamara? Not sure how to spell his name but that mfer is dope af yo & that’s real talk!


    Bob Shrubb Saquon will be the greatest running back of all time and im not even a giants fan. zeke is the chubby version of saquon. saquon is barry sanders on steroids. he is a generational talent and its not hard to see. you see him power clean 405 in college? he is an athletic mutant.

Gordon C

Great game! Cleverly designed play and perfectly executed on Julio Jones’ TD, that lineman just pancaked the corner

    Raph 0815

    Imagine having to deal with julio jones the whole game and then the big guy comes for you aswell…

    Jevaroh Dail

    I thout he killed the corner

    Anthony Hebert Jr

    imagine thinkin falcons are good cause they can beat barely beat a team that has more than like half there starts out. we missin our 2 best reciever… jeffery and desean. hurt tight end and Qb, what would u do without jones and and ridley? nothing so dont think this is a rightful W. not salty, statin the facts.

    Brendan Rice

    Anthony Hebert Jr u sound SALT. a win is a win #riseup

    Jevaroh Dail

    At the end of the day W-L records say who was or out. Wins a win. Not Atls fault


Being a falcons fan sucks sometimes because they be looking good but always figure out a way to lose

    MiMi Selfmade

    MikeTheLegend the falcons won tho

Anunnaki Menagerie

It was an entertaining game. As an Eagles fan, I’m more concerned about the injuries than the loss.

Al Forest

11:03 was the game and Agholar dropped it. Unbelievable

Av Wavy's Music

9:57 Carson Wentz almost died tryn celebrate LMFAOOOO😭😭

Michon Sabb

At 8:22 why didn’t Matt ryan just throw it to number 80? Poor decision

    V. blakheart

    if you watch the play closely Matt’s arm was hit on the throw…


    thats Luke Stocker.. it’s because the trust isn’t there for him too.. last week matt threw a pick because stocker (#80) quit running his route.. he fumbled a caught pass but luckily sanu recovered it.. and truthfully 80 probably wasn’t even supposed to be standing there for that play.. he probably ran the wrong route.. that’s why the ball didn’t go to him.. we need better TE options other than hooper.. missing jacob tamme right now

    Jevaroh Dail

    It is strange but it is about trust. Like Ebron in Detroit, u could watch some plays for them in the redzone Stafford wouldnt even look at him

Atul Trivedi

Matt ryan is on pace for 40 td and 40 int 😂😂

Savage ?King

Wide receivers cant tackle
Julio Jones: Hold my position

    Shane Dunn

    That was nasty! But was a penalty. He was just pissed

    Griffin Morrow

    He is Atlanta’s Edelman, I’ll give him that.


    Savage ?King no one said wr’s cant tackle


    Griffin Morrow he’s the best wide receiver in nfl history 😈

Josh The Squash


    John Galt

    per usual no one notices


    @John Galt yes.. instead the falcons fan base calls him garbage… future HOFer gets way too much backlash for single games.. no one ever talks about it when he has a historic game.. like setting the record for most TD passes without a INT in the playoffs


    @FatBoyJACKED people want to talk about interceptions, but this dude only had 7 last season


    @DD exactly.. if you go by pace he’s on Pace to throw 40 INT this season. We all know he’s not throwing that many picks. I do think he will throw more than last year only because he’s going to attempt a lot more passes.. koetter loves to pass the football kol

    Leo Dancor

    Those TDs need to be adjusted for inflation since Ryan has played during the passing era but nonetheless, very impressive by Matt Ryan.

ThereIsNoTry V

This is exactly how all of my Madden games used to go

Julio J

Is it me or does every time the falcons play the eagles we always get 10 injuries each team?

Joshua Moe

The amount of turnovers due to interceptions and fumbles.

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