Eagles Training Camp Day 7 Recap | Eagle Eye in the Sky – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Eagles Training Camp Day 7 Recap | Eagle Eye in the Sky

Fran Duffy is joined by both Chris McPherson and Ben Fennell to recap what they saw at the seventh day of practice at Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp as the team continues to gear up for the 2020 season.

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J Sleep Reply

Fly Eagles Fly 💚🙌

ArtOfficial OnTheTrack Reply

Fly Reagor Fly!! 🦅

floydian022 Reply

Great show and love the insight, but any chance someone could ask Ben to adjust his input volume? Fran’s and Chris’ audio levels are good and well-matched, but every time Ben chimes in, it’s easily 10-12db louder than the other two. It’s tough to listen to on speakers and absolute ear murder with headphones. (Alternate option: maybe run the audio file thru Audacity or something and add compression to try to push down the excessively loud parts before uploading to YT?)

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