Eagles-Falcons Postgame Press Conference | Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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NickWestVids7 Reply

Much better performance let’s carry that over to next week

    Dandre Johnson Reply

    NickWestVids7 we got the colts 😃

Julio J Reply

“We need to fire dan Quinn” GTFO bandwagon fans! Where are my real falcons at?!?!?!?

    FalconYT Reply

    Bruh u stupid. U realize that’s a 5 year rebuild if that happens. All our talent rn will basically be gone. Learn ur facts

    Amier Solomon Reply

    FalconYT I think he was quoting the “bandwagon fans”

    FalconYT Reply

    Ohh my bad 😬😬

    218 Entertainment Reply

    Right bro, I try to tell all them bandwagon fuckers

    Justin Rogers Reply

    Comment section gonna be quiet this time

Wing Reply

Good win boys. Remember before the game 6 out of 7 of those analysts said the eagles would beat us. #RiseUp

    Des Frank Reply

    🖕🏿 em all

    The 3 Prankskateers Reply

    I still don’t like DQ

    ghost in the shell357 Reply

    And they all dumb af for thinking that

    Stay Off My Lawn Reply

    The 3 Prankskateers too bad you don’t mean a damn thing to him 🤷🏻‍♂️

    The 3 Prankskateers Reply

    Stay Off My Lawn I can still say I don’t like him

Jay Manning Reply

Defense played good, we definitely needed this one still work to do, but good game overall

    Duane Wade Reply

    With Matt Bosher injured with some terrible kicks. This defense really played well

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

good win for the Falcons… let’s keep it going next week against the Colts 👉 #gofalcons!!

    Jake Gunter Reply

    Go Falcons!!!!

    Manu Lepo Reply

    Indianapolis better call FEMA. They may need surplus body bags for the aftermath if this defense keeps hitting like this, Damn. Eagles back on the endangered species list!
    I’m only joking and wish all the injured players across the NFL a speedy recovery…. except Drew Brees!
    JK sensitive people.

Justin Rogers Reply

Get them haters out of here. Great effort and you boys showed the heart of champions! That a way to get the defense rolling!!! RISE UP

    Justin Rogers Reply

    I wish you would try me kid

Landon Stuart Reply

S/O to Oliver for the GREAT tackle at the end!

808bboarder Reply

Damn I was hoping for a question on the challenge over that PI on Julio. I thought it was a good challenge but NFL needs more clarity over that jackass rule cause it can really be significant.

Kai Dabbin Reply

What a difference a week makes😩

dshultz810 Reply

Lot that needs improvement, but great win after last week.

TKD rulez! Reply

Got the colts this week coming up, should be a good one. Glad they don’t have luck tbh😆

    808bboarder Reply

    Colts are still a very solid team. Tbh I’m nervous af but if we get this win that momentum will help tremendously to make a run early on this season

    The 3 Prankskateers Reply

    Should still be a good one #riseup

lamont lovett Reply

Work on screens, and run blocks,

Volve Reply

Keep playing like that .This is a new Falcons .Great mentality #NeverGiveUp #RiseUp .Falcons especially should know is nevet over until the end

Lanta Reply

The moment DQ challenged the Julio pass interference, i felt it. Hes here for us, always has been, his heart is on the line every play and i felt it this week especially. We’ll always RISE UP!!.

Otis Kendricks Reply

The mic was my suggestion and only mine. I’m taking credit and there’s nothing anyone can say to change my mind lol

Byron Jones Reply

Jake didn’t only have a good block.. he Fn Ate! That guy lol

    ZeroX1290 Reply

    Byron Jones he had to show up for pops!!


Wow what a game last night and I was there… I’ll probably be horse today…. #riseup

Judge whaley Reply

That damn screen work to perfection 80% of the time its a TD the redskins game julio first td and we tried it another game last year but it didnt wrk s/o to jake 💯💯💯

VA Yourztruly Reply

The background so🔥!!!!

Defense played great , Matt Ryan was trippin

Ashley Nicole Reply

I want an interview with Mathews about his block lol

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