Dwayne Haskins Highlights vs. Eagles | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Dwayne Haskins Highlights vs. Eagles | NFL 2019

Dwayne Haskins throws for 261 yards and 2 touchdowns in Washington's close loss to Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Washington Redskins during Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Redskins front office continue to build around this kid because you could have a good QB for years to come.

Infinite Cherries

First comment and second liker

Escocivo 30

Look in the bright side Redskins he did great and they still lost which means I high draft pick to fix the Redskins


    worked out perfectly

John Bishop

win or lose I’m proud of my redskins Haskins will be a great qb with a better offensive line has the weapons on offense the redskins will be back next year

Jon Abrams Jay cutler Fan Club

We getting chase young

    Space Ghost Vibes

    Sinister Apex all he said was he isn’t focused about the draft

    Ain’t no way he gonna go back to OSU
    When he’s literally 1 or 2 I mean he’s risking money going back

    Broken King

    You need an Oline


    Space Ghost Vibes the man said the plan is to go back to school

    Space Ghost Vibes

    YUNG TYPO no he didn’t
    I wouldn’t just write bs up out of no where
    All he said was he isn’t focused on the draft
    Media blew that all up


    Space Ghost Vibes bruh look up the tmz video where he says to the camera that he’s not focused on the draft and the plan is to go back to school

Bryson Johnston

If the skins could hire better people in the front office get a better o line and a better defense they’d do just fine


    Bryson Johnston Best Highlights of the season🔥 https://youtu.be/yPzSOTmEyKE

    Bryson Johnston

    @XLAYXO BABY lol u got me and he got sum good highlights from his girl 😂


    Bryson Johnston Thank You😂💪🏽

    L C

    Defense has talent. They have proved it in various games like holding the 49ers to 9 points or packers to 20. Greg manusky has to go. He is the problem. Clearly he Is inconsistent. Urban meyer will be here next year. We will be good to go.

Gaza Boi

Notice the lack of respect and acknowledgment from the announcers on haskins performance.. reminds me of the disrespect the announcers have fr lamar jackson or kyler murray.. but the same announcers rave and praise Jared goff and trubisky even tho there game is terrible and lacking talent

    madison davis


    KD's Burner Account

    Lol what. Lamar is the runaway MVP and the most talked about player this season.

    Brandon Welday

    Why does everyone have to bring race into everything… I noticed no disrespect in this announcers voice. And like the other reply said, lamar is in the running for an MVP season, and everyone is talking about how good he is. Stop blaming every small detail (that isnt even true) on the color of people’s skin, you’re “fighting ignorance with more ignorance” as Mr. Brown from the office said

    Brandon Welday

    He literally said “What a start today for dwayne haskins!”


Dude made it close against the packers and now the eagles. I see a good future in him


People who don’t watch Football really called him a bust because he was thrown into the fire, the right coaching and he gonna be something special

    Broken King

    This team is looking ALOT better without Gruden. Called that years ago

    Jacob Johnson



    Seriously! A good coach who will play to his strengths and a whole offseason/camp of 1st team reps will do wonders for the kid.

    Kareem Ilaian

    Dumb comment


DAMNNN Dwayne is ballin

T South

The fact that he’s progressively functioning among all of that front office and coach incompetence is remarkable, he’s solid af

John Perez

I feel that this kid is gonna have a big season next year. We just need to get Bruce Allen out of DC, get him a good coaching staff as well as some more weapons and a revamped offensive line around him.

    Justin Time

    John Perez couldnt have said it any better


    sounds like more than a year of rebuilding


    nothing will happen with Snyder as owner


    You think that can happen in a year?

    Dominik Wilson

    offense doesn’t need revamped, just needs a couple pieces. Mainly, he really needs a tight end.


Anyone who watched him in college will tell you that he’s slowly starting to look like the dude he was at Ohio State don’t get me wrong the NFL is a whole different monster so he’s going to have bad weeks but my point is that he’s starting to settle in and get better. This is the first game where I really saw flashes of what I use to watch on Saturdays all he needs is a little time to throw and more experience he’s still not there yet but I see it materializing.

    Duncan Pinderhughes

    Boy was lighting defenses up up Ohio State. Give him time, he’ll adjust.

Alarak The Highlord

He’s gonna win us a ring!!! HTTR

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Woah, calm down bud

    Kevin Guevara

    Alarak The Highlord dude you need to calm down, we’ve been terrible for 20 years

    Alarak The Highlord

    Both of y’all SHUT UP!🤐 My Redskins will bounce back!

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @Alarak The Highlord I’m not a redskin fan but I’m a Dwayne Haskin fan so I hope you guys really do good but based on years of experience , you can see why we have doubts.


Black QBs are the future of NFL.

connor miller

Coming from a Buckeye fan, Haskins is gonna be special. He just needs a quality coach that values quarterbacks and they need to rebuild their line because it’s awful. He did it for my Buckeyes and I know he will do it isn’t he NFL. He’s better than Daniel Jones

Shawn Johnson

Is that my QB… I told them be patient #HTTR

    Alarak The Highlord

    Shawn Johnson my brother told me the same thing. Our QB is improving.👊🏾

    Shawn Johnson

    Alarak The Highlord And he is playing injured u can see his ankle is gimpy and don’t forget that throwing hand sprain kid has it all we take care of him build around him we will be running the division again 💯

Daniel Tayong

Haskins is improving! Just needs to work on his mechanics. That will help his accuracy. His arm talent is elite.


I love this QB his toughness his hunger and determination is second to none. He improves every single time he hits the field. With some small improvements in footwork and mechanics, and a bit more experience. I feel he can eventually become an elite QB with proper coaching

Julius Hutchins



    In year 1 le do it

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