Dwayne Haskins’ First Preseason TD Pass is 🔥 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What the hell is that sound in the background?

    marc v

    Woman lmaooo I know I’m saying it’s the redskins fans hyping up their new “future” qb. but fr fr I have no clue.

    Unruly Danny

    Dothraki bloodriders


    The fake crowd noise

    Joe Jones

    Only fans the Redskins have a chicks.

    Foureyez tv

    All the souls of the wasted Redskins players crying

VoiD Apex

Real cool uploads nfl great moments in a players career keep it up

    VoiD Apex



    you just sound so lame no offense

    VoiD Apex

    F you

    VoiD Apex

    That’s your opinion

Bryce McCrea

He is next up

Jesse Jada

34 likes no views , YouTube is high again 😂😐😑

    Pierce Kelly

    lol i was confused as well

    Chewing Gum Channel

    Shut up comments like these are so stupid

    JuJu Drift

    People still doing this?

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    Are you new or just begging for attention?

    Sergio Moralez

    @Larry Legend is the GOAT whoa there.

Distortion Music

first day of school and daniel jones isn’t a bust

what has happened to this world

    WhiteChocolate Bear

    It’s preseason. We still don’t know if he’s a bust

    wisc cheese

    Throwback Gamer ok kids hope u guys have a great school 🤣😂


    Throwback Gamer same

    elite aviator

    2 GuD Peterman and kizer didn’t go perfect in their first game.Why are sad losers like you hoping and praying for Jones to flop.He has been unfairly treated by the media and fans before he could even prove himself on the field.I for one hope the kid kills when the season starts.

    Ryan Johnson

    @elite aviator why do you hope he kills people? That’s evil



Luke St. Peter

Almost knocked over the wide receiver with the power! LOL! 🔥🏈😂



    Gtw Storm

    Luke St. Peter ikr

    Matt B

    @Eric 22898 no. stfu and enjoy a funny comment lol


    @Eric 22898 it was a joke lol

    NC Hawks Fan

    @Eric 22898 r/whoosh


The first of many

IKARI BrolyStream

The Way Dwayne Haskins Hung in there and didn’t get rattled was NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!!

    Anthony Stefanos

    n!x theobserver dude I see u in the comments bashing Haskins. He is playing very well for a rookie. Either u are one hell of a biased giants fan or the biggest pessimist and mood killer ever

    da'ved velazquez

    Elijah Mitchell I didn’t know preseason ment something ?

    Elijah Mitchell

    da’ved velazquez everyone’s excuse ever

    Charlito Mani

    Not really.


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Nice throw.

    Anunnaki J

    Slappysan i was thinking the same thing


15 minutes ago

*no views*


    Brotherly Love Productions

    HousingWharf48 It’s now 1 hour later and still “no views” lol

    Domo Skywalker

    @Brotherly Love Productions mines was 2 hours with no views 😂

Camron Jackson

Everything about this was perfect

    Booker The Wolf

    n!x theobserver
    Your prolly a cowboys fan lol stop hating

    n!x theobserver

    @Booker The Wolf Don’t insult me like that

    Booker The Wolf

    n!x theobserver

    Haha😂 fair enough.
    The most disgraceful insult you can be thrown at is being labeled as a cowboys fan. What are you then.(don’t say pats)

    n!x theobserver

    @Booker The Wolf Hell no #FlyEaglesFly

    Booker The Wolf

    n!x theobserver

    At least your not a cowboys fan. I mean I don’t like the eagles either but your not Dallas so you can get points for that.
    Have fun with your 1 super bowl

Lee Watkins

That line collapsed off break,
All Haskins on that play.

Shaun Lowe

Way to hang in the pocket!!! #Httr
I’d of folded into a ball & hoped for the best..

Flymoolah man 27

Been 10 minutes still no views, man Haskins must be trash if no one wanna watch him 😂, just kidding beautiful throw actually very impressive

Will Henson

Preseason or not that concentration was amazing

    Charlito Mani



The Redskins have it, a drop back quarterback, Passer first.

J Does Madden

1.2k likes, 287 comments, but 0 views. YouTube, please explain this

David Jackson

Players from Ohio State always come back and haunt the Bengals and Browns .

The Black Shadow

Really YouTube?!Get y’all act together for real..Nice TD throw tho!

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