Driving into work with DE Adam Gotsis | Broncos Country Carpool – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Zed Matey

AUSSIE. MATE when you’re back home in Melb have an event for us Australian Broncos fans.




Dope video. Thank you

Michael Nguyen

Rape anyone lately Adam?

    Dean Worley

    Shut tf up

    Michael Nguyen

    OrangeCrushGang he payed her off. $300,000


    @Michael Nguyen If so I’m pretty sure that’s all she wanted if she were truly raped then he would have been convicted! Have you not noticed lately all the women lying on celebrities to get money not all of them but majority of them

    Luigi Buscemi

    @Dean Worley “Shut up Wesley”

    Jack McCandless

    @Michael Nguyen I guarantee that’s all she wanted was money.

Thaleia Gonzales

Should of got a Raptor

    Jeff Garcia

    Thaleia Gonzales yea

Cliff Hanger

Go get it got it’s going to be good. Lol

rolland mousseaux

i started to watch til’ he said “a beautiful ford”…(last time ford made a good lookin’ car or truck was in the late 1940’s)

Luigi Buscemi

how far in Parker does he live away from Dove Valley.. lots of open space

Lee Fleming

How many people are broncos fans


Kristian Vandehei

He wearing socks with sandals?

Jerome Schulze

Fords suck

Jerome Schulze

This could be your last year here if u don’t show out..

Cliff Hanger

I like traveling with got his lol. I hope he gets a not her contract from the broncos.

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