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Poppin Pablo

We’re rooting for drew

Clickbait Jr

He can get better strong kid keep your mentality


Hopefully next preseason game we can see more of Lock


    Might see less. Depending on how much or if flacco plays he could lower him down. Either that or Rypen plays like 1 drive

    Uso Penitentiary

    SangheiliWarrior doubt Flacco plays that much


    I’d rather not.

Mo CheeZe

damn I really had high hopes for Chad Kelly now I gotta start hoping all over again


    Dont worry Kelly wasn’t that good

    Fernando !

    SangheiliWarrior idk dude kelly is pretty talented and has good accuracy


    @SangheiliWarrior Kelly could have had a real future, he looked like the real deal

    King Flacko

    Kelly was ok yall are overrating him because you hoped he was great.

JR0752 Gamer

I was at the game and was a little disappointed in Drew tonight.

    Wayne Reynolds

    It’s a first game for a ROOKIE!!!……give him some slack

    Cubecraft Banned

    Ikr he played like trash


Y’all we gotta realize one game does not decides this mans career

    Tanner Cass

    Isn’t every GMs track record of drafting the hardest position to evaluate in any sport at QB not reassuring?

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Tanner Cass Very few are as bad as Elway’s. He’s had THREE shots and he’s missed wildly on each one

    Cubecraft Banned

    Lol this is exactly how he looked in college, now it’s how he’s looking in the NFL. When will you people understand that this dude just sucks😂

    Cubecraft Banned

    @UC0cdPo-3OYzrx4eosPqG9NA Really stupid comment. Very low IQ. Since 2012 Elway has drafted THREE QB busts in rounds 2 or higher. Let’s count how many of the teams you mentioned have done that. Zero. Exactly zero of those teams have drafted 3 bust QBs in rounds 1 or 2 since 2012. Try again.


    This scrub was playing against scrubs.

Abigail B

A couple of those throws would have been caught by Sanders or Sutton…and we would be having a different conversation. He will be fine

    Leonel Pelayo


    Cubecraft Banned

    Nope he’s trash. He’s done.


    I love lock, but you can’t rely on him throwing to the best receivers every play, double coverage will kill that dream and he’ll just throw it to the ground every down. Ive seen him throw it accurately, he can be amazing at times, he needs to be more consistent.

    Having a little more time to throw the ball would help too, being behind a mostly 2nd string O-line doesnt help things

    Abigail B

    @Nighthawk7x20 I completely agree. He needs more time but I see a future for him if he works hard and keeps his head on straight.


Relax people its just his first game. Gotta get the jitters/butterflies out. It’s a learning process he’ll gain his rhythm and get better in due time.

    Cubecraft Banned

    Lol no he won’t. He’s had 4 years to get better and he was still one of the most raw prospects in the draft. He’s done. Stick a fork in him.

C. Daniel Thomas

He is no Dwayne Haskins. I believe even kyler Murray will not live up to Dwayne Haskins production and talent. And I also believe the #6 pick in the 2019 draft will be a bust.

    Tanner Cass

    Dwayne Haskins is the next Sam Bradford.  A immobile QB that is a statue in the pocket with hardly any scrambling ability.  That is why he slipped in the draft.


    Daniel jones will have more success than Dwyane hasking. Was Jones worth the 6th pick, no but he will learn under a good qb. Kyler Murray’s will not be as good as he was in college. The nfl has d-linemen that run a 4.8 40, College doesn’t .


    I think Lock could turn out ok, but I was definitely disappointed when they passed on him at 10

Jeremy Hough

Blaine Gabbert 2.0

    Cubecraft Banned

    More like lynch 2.0

    Adilson Rodrigues

    Off a hall of fame game ? Lmao relax bro

rolland mousseaux

clue for broncos qb’s….when your wide receiver is uncovered….you do not have to wait until they are covered before you decide to snap the ball….bad mental errors and too many drops….

Cubecraft Banned

Lol y’all remember when you were saying how lock was going to tear it up this game? And then he didn’t😂😂😂 and he looked like absolute garbage? LOL that was pretty funny, man. I look forward to all the ways people try to spin this trash performance so y’all can keep the “lock is the future” mythology fanfiction alive😂😂

    Zac Couch Vlogs

    Cubecraft Banned I’ll give it to you, he played horrible, but I still believe in Drew Lock

    Akai !

    @Zac Couch Vlogs Stop believing in Lock. He is a Bust.

Alexander's:First Among Equals

I just came here to say TRASH. LETS GO JOE


    Did you like your own comment? And are you a broncos fan? If so trash or not every player needs criticism but support at the same time. That’s what makes us fans.

    Tony Flamingo

    That is his first time out on the field as a bronco from what I sow all he needs to do is thro away when there is no play over trying to make a play out of nuthen

    Adilson Rodrigues

    You sound dumb bro lmao its a hall of fame game lmao

    Noah Mosbey

    Lol it’s his fist playing time, in the damn hall of fame game give him more than a couple of quarters to play. Can’t be callin him a bust or trash after 2 quarters.


Y’all are crazy in these comments. The kid has been with the team 90 days and had a few bad throws in his first NFL game ever. Must be a bust for sure!

I bet all of you could make those throws from your couch, huh?

    Uso Penitentiary

    tn15 what did you expect from an impatient fanbase?

    Maurice Boyd

    Guy trash. U know elway doesn’t know wtf he doing

Adam Wright

Wasted pick

Darion Spencer

🤦🏽‍♂️ he don’t wanna rate himself cause he know he a 3 or 4 outta 10

Begreat 7

Drew mindset is wonderful wants he get comfortable he’ll be good

Enrique Eloy

Drew lock did alright to me definitely can agree that he still has to work on alot and learn from last night’s game

Dream Reef Beltran

Hang in there baby boy it’s your first game I have faith in you much peace and happiness in Denver ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️😎

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