Drew Lock hoping to be ‘really clean quarterback’ in first outing – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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julian savage Reply


    Bronco Nation Reply

    julian savage you beat me by 25 seconds lol

Bronco Nation Reply

2nd. Lock will be a legend one day

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Wrong. He’ll be cut before his rookie contract is up

    JOEL00111 Reply

    Cubecraft Banned you love Brandon perna.

    Jack McCandless Reply

    @JOEL00111 Perna said that?

Ridiculous Nickolas Reply

Drew lock maybe our future QB

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Definitely not the future

billny thehighestguy Reply

Oh great he’s a mile high already lmao

billny thehighestguy Reply

Highest qb of all time drew lock. But sheeeit do you know how many NFL players have admitted to smoking weed when playing or before or after lmao

    Mike Oz Reply

    ??? You feeling okay?


Good luck Kid. We are expecting BIG things out of you here! We all see you working hard.

    Jack McCandless Reply

    @Cubecraft Banned I think you’re overboard on your Lock hating but some of your points are honestly legit.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Jack McCandless Thanks, but how is anything I’ve said overboard

    Jeff Garcia Reply

    Cubecraft Banned well that’s u

    Jack McCandless Reply

    @Cubecraft Banned Not so much as the things you say, but the frequency of being on every single video.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Jack McCandless Oh that’s just funny lol. What I’ve been saying is the truth but the frequency is a little trolling 😂

Darion Spencer Reply

Can’t wait to see him throw to winfree, Langley, fumagali, and devontae booker too

Brian G. Ellman Reply

Yes. the Drew is my man. can’t wait for his first touchdown pass. and need to get his jersey also. see what kind of remarks I get. Rock On there Drew.

    Akai ! Reply

    Drew is a bust.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Akai ! facts I’m glad there are more people with logic here

    Akai ! Reply

    @Cubecraft Banned I mean most of the times Elway picks up trash QB. In my opinion they need to move on from John Elway.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Akai ! Truth. He’s been a terrible GM amd keeps screwing up drafting the most important position in all of sports

Flame Features Reply

Can’t wait to watch him play in an actual game!

Jeff Garcia Reply

Looking good

Zac Couch Vlogs Reply

Just waiting for Cubecraft Banned to comment something stupid

    Mike Oz Reply

    Cubecraft Banned
    Dang, your alt account liked all your comments. This means you must be right no matter what bs you spew out.

    Mike Oz Reply

    Akai ! Ah, found Cube’s alt account!

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Lock Flowe Lol pathetic. You have no actual arguments so you just go to personal insults. Absolutely pathetic. Everything you’ve seen is called realism. I’m not going to trick myself into thinking this guaranteed bust will be anything. I’ve been calling him a bust since December and that won’t change.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Mike Oz Really pathetic assertion. Do you know how easy it is to make new Google accounts? Why would I stop at literally 1 more like? 😂😂😂

    Uso Penitentiary Reply

    I really enjoy reading the comment section

Miranda Lopez Reply

Wishing Flacco the best, really do–but make no mistake, Broncos country is hungry for a drafted QB. Dig this kids confidence and competitiveness. 💪

Enrique Eloy Reply

Pulling for you Lock you got this man shine out Thursday Wish much success this season and On Thursday night the future QB Franchise of the Broncos without a doubt

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Lol you mean the future of the unemployment line right?

unicornoxtreme GT Reply




    Mike Oz Reply

    MISERABLE1947 Why do you want him to fail? I can’t imagine being so stubborn that I would put being right above our team winning. You are a joke of a Broncos fan.

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    Facts he’s a bust

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Mike Oz Nope, we don’t want him to fail. We’re just capable of realizing that he will fail and we don’t want to waste time on him

    Kerby Caves Reply

    What front office or scouting department do you two work in? Not a single person knows whether this kid will be a bust or be successful

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    @Kerby Caves Nice argument from authority. Just watching his game tape makes it very obvious that he’ll suck

aaaiDanziel Taylor Reply

I just hop he not another bust like Lynch really didn’t need to draft a QB if Chad Kelly had stayed clean

    Cubecraft Banned Reply

    He is. He’s lynch 2.0. He might not bust that bad, but he’s a bust

Jerry Coleman Reply

Im ready to c what This kid is going to look like in this offense alone side Joe F. I’m hope that the Broncos have a 12 and4 season.

LockedandLoaded Fantasy Sports Reply

Week 12 starter

kevin brown Reply

oh damn…. from the side i thought this was Jay Cutler….

Hunter Reply

I’m here from the future. His first game was not pretty, this dudes too pretty for this league.

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