Drew Lock: ‘Broncos Country definitely loves their Qs’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Hope he does really well

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Jeff Garcia nope it’s fact

    Silent Gaming

    Cubecraft Banned educate myself? 😂 it is literally impossible to know how a college football player will transition into the NFL. But good luck with being some NFL expert that you think you are 😂

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Silent Gaming Yes, educate yourself. No one knows who will be really great in this league but when someone is going to be really bad in the NFL it’s pretty easy to tell.

    Jeff Garcia

    Cubecraft Banned yea to u don’t be mad we didn’t pick a QB u wanted

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Jeff Garcia Lol there was no QB worth picking until the 3rd round, and “we”? Lol you’re like 12 years old. There was no we😂😂😂

Max Power

I cant believe Drew Lock is a hall of famer already :O

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Blighty X lol what? Doing better than Flacco? Are you insane? Hogan is at least arguable but Flacco? 😂😂 the QBs on this roster ranked are 1. Flacco 2. Rypien 3. A toss up between Hogan and Lock. Neither of the last 2 deserve to be anywhere near an NFL roster.

    MarioYT -Games

    @Cubecraft Banned why is lock a bust?

    Cubecraft Banned

    @MarioYT -Games He’s inaccurate, got no poise, anticipation, timing, can’t read defenses before or after the snap, can’t go through WR reads, low football IQ, got carried by his team in college, etc. He shows exactly 0 qualities that are necessary for being an NFL QB. He’s just got a bunch of secondary and unnecessary qualities. You don’t absolutely need a rocket launcher and good size to be an NFL QB, but you do need some of those things I mentioned earlier.

    CLAY :/

    Cubecraft Banned that’s flacco he got carried by his entire team

    Cubecraft Banned

    @CLAY :/ No not really carried. Flacco is just a guy that won’t win you games but also won’t lose you games. Drew Lock is MUCH worse. He will very often lose you games. If your entire team isn’t performing at an elite level, don’t expect to ever win with him

Alexander's:First Among Equals


    Cubecraft Banned

    @Hotshot Bronco no he won’t


    @Hotshot Bronco No, that’s what you want.

    Michael Couture

    Where they’re already paying Alex Smith, Keenum and McCoy…plus they just drafted a rookie RD1.



    @Michael Couture McCoy still there?

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza

    Hahaha Joe is TRASH!!!

rolland mousseaux

would like to see the broncos honor 1968 QB Marlon Briscoe…(old school fan)……Marlon worked at the boys & girls club of Long Beach, Ca. for years……never forgotten~! (our high school team used to play against Marlon back in the day in Omaha…i was still in grade school until ’68 when Marlon was into the league)

Jeff Garcia

Our future QB will be great

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Missouri Fishing Experience lol says the missouri queer. Get out queiftard fan

    Missouri Fishing Experience

    @Cubecraft Banned yeah I know people don’t like me because I’m a broncos fan, you mind subscribing

    El Nino

    Cubecraft Banned so negative

    Jeff Garcia

    Cubecraft Banned no lock

    Jeff Garcia

    El Nino right and he says he’s a fan

Derrick Mason

I love my broncos but I don’t feel like I can master Flacco on madden sad 😞

    Ian Darby

    LOOOOOL same hes not the 1 on madden

    Derrick Mason

    Ian Darby right I’m better with mobile QBs


    @Ian Darby Who is?


    Play action find one with the wr runs across the field left to right and lob it. I get 500 yards some game in mut until they start blitzing.

    Derrick Mason

    v10life that’s the problem my guy the blitz

Flame Features

Hope he dominates for us in the future


    @Cubecraft Banned you’re a sad person who takes your anger out on others. Go get help

    Cubecraft Banned

    @mrm5897 lol thank you for the laugh


    Cubecraft Banned seriously? Lol taking a QB many projected as a top 10 pick in the 2nd round is certainly NOT a wasted pick. Even if he never pans out, playing the draft to the point to be able to take a chance on a possible franchise QB with their third pick is an excellent move. And don’t act like he’s not already light years ahead of Paxton Lynch

    Cubecraft Banned

    @ORANGE HIGHLIGHTS Are you stupid? A guaranteed bust is a guaranteed bust whether you take him #1 overall or with the last pick of the draft. A wasted pick is a wasted pick. You don’t just select a guy because a bunch of egotistical morons said he was good. It’s just shocking how dumb some of you are. It was an idiotic move no matter how you spin it. Just plain stupid and inexcusable. Elway needs to be fired. And wrong. Paxton Lynch was a FAR better prospect and I absolutely despised him coming out. Literally the only positives lock and lynch have are arm strength, physical size, and athleticism. That’s it. Lynch had better athleticism and size so he was the better prospect. He was still absolute garbage, of course, but if you’re going to be stupid enough to just draft a QB because he’s big and he can throw a football 85 yards, you might as well get the biggest and strongest guy you can get. Lynch was a better prospect than lock.

MrHanna 28

I celebrated when drew lock got drafted

    Cubecraft Banned

    Why do raiders fans keep commenting on the Broncos videos

    Samuel Hanna

    Shut up Matthew

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Samuel Hanna who?

Chuck Pinter

Good thing he smiles for a second I was getting Jay Cutler flash backs

    Josh Young

    “Probably could have handled it better,” words that have never and will never come out of Jay Cutler’s mouth


    Chuck Pinter he’s a clone made in area 51

Mauricio Cardenas

There is no rush for Drew Lock to be the number one qb in denver, he needs to keep learning plays to the next season.

    Cubecraft Banned

    He’ll never be the #1 QB. He’s trash

    Mauricio Cardenas

    @Cubecraft Banned men your the trash

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Mauricio Cardenas what

    Thiago Henriquecoelhodesouza

    @Cubecraft Banned The same fag hating. What a LOSER you are!!!

Aloha Justin

Oof who is our reporter in white she looks good


Drew Lock was a good QB on a terrible SEC team playing vastly more talented teams than him and still lead the NCAA in TDs, and when he got trolled by Texas, I actually think that’s just a sign of QB swagger he needs. He’s not perfect by ANY means and I am not anointing him as a great QB, but he definitely has potential and people need to chill with his bad criticism. Brett Rypien though… wow he has a super high ceiling, only reason he wasn’t a 1st round pick is he was beating teams like New Mexico, Wyoming, San Diego State in college instead of power conference teams. 6-10 or 7-9 for the Broncos this year but that’s because their schedule is insane.

    Cubecraft Banned

    First part of that was all wrong. Mizzou absolutely carried lock his entire career. In games where his team ran for fewer than 100 total rushing yards lock was 0-10 as a starter. In games where the opponent scored at least 21 points, lock went 6-22. Those are pathetic numbers. He can’t win games unless the team around him is playing at a high level. He was carried in college. I agree on Rypien, though. He could easily become a good starter in this league. I also think 8-8 is realistic.


    Cubecraft Banned PFF (which has been a reliable player grader in the last 10 years, I’d rather look at that than QBR and Passer rating and he went from 41 (terrible) to 71 (OK) to 81 (good) to 86 (good) in 4 years. He lacks accuracy and mobility yes, and I watched his game against Alabama and he made me wince every time he dropped back against those guys but he had an insane amount of drops from his receivers. He actually had the most dropped passes of any QB over the last 4 years and no one on that Missouri offensive line has been hugely formidable, and the WR talent lacks greatly. As for the scoring 21+ points on the other team, I dunno if you’re a broncos but if you watched the season last year the broncos offense was so bad it dropped the defense to be ranked 25th when they were really good just the offense always gave up the football. College football has a fast pace especially in the SEC, now I agree Lock is very far from being a formidable QB, I think that there are some degrees of talent to his game that he can still tap into. He also never had good coaching or had a decent offensive scheme in college (not that Denver’s is better because they’re 100% unproven) so there’s that. Right now Rypien might be the best QB on the roster because something just tells me Joe Flacco just isn’t that good. But we will see.

    Cubecraft Banned

    @Killer35Durant Yeah idk if I’d say PFF is reliable lol. I remember early last year it was I believe they had Von Miller ranked in the bottom 5 or 10 pass rushers for the first few weeks. They’ve said more than their fair share of ridiculous things. Their stats can be valuable sometimes but the rankings are often asinine. The OL hasn’t been amazing, but it’s been underrated. I’ve seen him sit back in the pocket just forever in some of his games: including Alabama. I remember the like one good pass he made vs them he just sat there for a good 6 or 7 seconds. Absolutely no pressure. Plus, they’ve produced some NFL quality guys. McGovern went to Mizzou as did a center Evan Boehm who has started a decent amount of games. Yasir Durant looks like he could be a day 2 pick next year as well. He’s also had some good receiving options. The top of the list is obviously Okwuegbunam but Hall and Moore both put up some hefty numbers. Lock was easily the worst part of that team the 4 years he was there. And ok, how do you think that applies to drew lock? It makes him look even worse. If you’re saying his defense was great but the offense, led by drew lock, held them back, that makes him look even worse. Lock is supposed to be some star future NFL franchise QB. The offense should’ve been pretty great under him. He should’ve won those games, but he proved time and time again he can’t and won’t pull his team to victory when they aren’t performing up to snuff. It’s just another one of the many ridiculous flaws of his that guarantee he’s a bust. Finally, yep. Hogan will be cut and if Rylien is given his fair shot in the preseason he’ll be the backup. I do hope they push lock this year, though. This season has really already been wasted unless Rypien uses it to turn into a good starter in this league. If that isn’t his future, though, this season and every season after it that we don’t have a franchise QB on this roster is wasted.

Matt Rodriguez

Denver loves their 2nd string Qbs…”ball security is job security…” wacka flacco looks dope

    Josh Young

    Lol, not as much as our 3rd stringers, Kyle Sloter was the next Manning according to us

    Matt Rodriguez

    @Josh Young you gotta win Wednesday’s…Flacco is jake plummer and i like that. Let that defense win games. Run game and defense wins

    The Discussion

    Josh Young and Chad Kelly was the next Elway apparently lmfao

    The Discussion

    Matt Rodriguez the league is too advanced now. You can’t win a championship by just running the ball and playing defense, your QB has to make plays.

Jay Ketcham

Love you guys that watched Mizzou – Alabama and now think you know the whole story.
These are the facts from a guy who had watched almost every Mizzou snap since 1990. Lock was the only skill position player on offense that was higher than 3* coming out of HS. The O line was one of the best in the country all four years. The NFL is littered with Mizzou alumni on the O line. His jersey was spotless. His WRs dropped a LOT of passes. And the drops were bad. Not just circus catch drops, these were out in space, hit you in the hands drops. Multiple 9-route drops wide open five yards from the end zone. These were bad. And finally, this guy is athletic and has wheels. He is not afraid to run when necessary. He has a cannon and his accuracy when his receivers catch the ball will surprise you. He’s a humble guy with swagger. When Tom Herman mocked him on the sideline, he handled it with class and aplomb, laughing it off. Broncos country you’re really gonna have to try to not like this guy. He’s not perfect but he’s never going to embarrass you on or off the field.

    Cubecraft Banned

    Several things here were objectively false. He is not accurate. At all. That was completely false. His only positives are physical: arm, size, athleticism. Everything else is a negative. He can and will embarrass the team on the field with bonehead mistakes, inaccuracy, awful turnovers, etc. He really has no chance. This was an awful pick and one Denver will regret for a long time.

    Jay Ketcham

    To be fair, neither one of us is being objective. Both opinions. I think we both hope I’m right… but I guess we’ll have to see. But bro, it’s just football. Grab a cold one and relax a little. Life is good!!



M a n c h i l d

tom brady wishes he could piss drew lock excellence


I have a good feeling about this kid Broncos Country

    Cubecraft Banned

    Ok well his tape says otherwise. He’s trash

Jamario Hewins

Flacco is a Champion who won a SB with a great defense. The Broncos defense is key to winning……History tends to repeat itself. #GoBroncos

    Jacky Cox

    In 2012 our ( the Ravens) defense was far from great we were ranked 12 or 14th Flacco and the offense carried us to win that superbowl I hope Flacco makes the NFL remember why he was a superbowl mvp tear it up Joe

Barry Block

I’m not a broncos fan.. I’m just a Kansas City Native that loves to see our local boys get the opportunity to put on for our city.. Proud of you Drew..

Btw my bro-n-law is a huge Denver fan but he’s a Las Vegas guy yet swears Vegas puts out more D1 prospect like breh.. relax . Y’all haven’t been nothing new to cheer about since Dmarco Murray 😂

Steven Brown

Another Elway quarterback flop.

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