Drew Brees Talks Aaron Donald, Rams Threat in Week 2 | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Drew Brees Talks Aaron Donald, Rams Threat in Week 2 | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees post-practice locker room interview ahead of the Saints at Los Angeles Rams 2019 NFL Week 2 game.

Brees talks about the versatility of Aaron Donald as well as the challenges the Los Angeles Rams present as a whole.

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Zachery Prime Reply

Amazing game on monday

cayson Rose Reply

I love drew bress

cayson Rose Reply

Drew can you come to my house

Antrae Meeks Reply

I hope the Saints drag the rams for that foolishness Last year

Derp Guy Reply

This are revenge season we got to beat the ones who knocked us out from going to the superbowl in a way that was bad….#WhoDat

    Pranav Gandham Reply

    Derp Guy yessir! Saints vs everybody

    sophisticated ignorance Reply

    Well, why we’re not playing the Referee’s? 🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔🤔

BasicHaddock4 Reply

That’s revenge Game, we are after their heads, WHO DAT

WyattBDV Reply

We are 1st in NFC South rn WHODAT

    The InvictusSamaritan Reply

    WyattBDV don’t jinx us, it’s only week 1.5 😂

SixInk Reply

Exactly. Just another game. Nothing bad that happened in the past phases my man Drew and the team. All they are focused on is right now.

j p Reply

Just get the job done

Timothy Washington Reply

I’m glad this guy is my QB, It really is just another game which is the next game, our guys cannot go into this game over hyped about what happened last year, we do have to come out with a strong intensity, great execution, play smart in your assignments and Payton definitely has to give those Run attempts into the high 20’s if we don’t and go in it with revenge on our minds we’ll get our buts whipped but this team is resilient with a strong core of leaders so I have nothing but the utmost confidence in them!! WHODAT!!

Heather Rudisill Reply

@ 10:12 – this guys is asking something he has already spoke on many times. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Ryan Davison Reply

    Heather Rudisill they all ask the same questions. That’s why he gives them that look.

tong long Reply

Really with a 16 game season , every game is a big game.

    Joey Villarreal Reply

    undeafeated in the regular season

    tong long Reply

    @Joey Villarreal
    True That

Breatheable Reply

The definition of composure.

    Ryan Davison Reply

    Breatheable composure?… or did he light a fat one before ahah! 😂

Parker Gabriel Reply

Hope we can beat the refs this time.


Its just the next game. If you go there thinking about what happen last season, its to effect the way you play leave them emotions at home! Turn it off and on like a light switch! Whodat

DaPinkBublé Reply

I’m not gunna lie, I like this “darker” Drew. It feels like a perfect season is in the make if he plays like this all year.

    Mark Rarcliff Reply

    Well you can put some dreams salary with a win 9n sundry mark

    Mark Rarcliff Reply

    Well wRs,erc y hpprn s bless black hold go be a a hold day fan mark

    Mark Rarcliff Reply

    Well i have a few bless jersery hanger up with the dupowt bol porch 9n it it would be a honor to get it sign bye yoh nark

    Mark Rarcliff Reply

    So I hope youh all gave abljess a d safe designers mark

Dustyn Kooken Reply

You can tell kind of drew thought last year was there year. But he’s moved on an ready to try and do it again.

Robert Smith Reply

Drew Brees is a professional he will never take the bate

rebellious & un4given Reply

We better improve quickly at the secondary position if we expect to win the Superbowl!!!! Stop leaving Eli isolated with his WR, he has to have help over the top!!!! Come on Saints dont take what i say for granted plz!!!! Apple doesnt have recovering speed like Deon Sanders or Jalen Ramsey or Ward from the Cleveland Browns. Keep Williams shadowing Eli’s backside to protect him against the deep ball bcz open field he’ll get torched at the worse time every time. Lattimore has to control the crowd with brutal sacks!!!

S V Reply

Drew Brees is the best quarterback that’s ever played in the NFL where my saints fans at. WHO DAT!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️💪🏻💪🏻

    Inaren Commander Reply


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