Drew Brees Postgame Reactions After Saints-Rams in Week 2 | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Drew Brees Postgame Reactions After Saints-Rams in Week 2 | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saintsquarterback Drew Brees talks to the media postgame following the New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams 2019 NFL Week 2 matchup.
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Sending you positive vibes Drew! ⚜️🖤💛


Drew I’m praying to the lord that you are ok. I will forever be thankful for all that you have done for us. Please get better Drew.

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    @HAPPY HAPPY He’s still one of the Best QBs in the league hater. He’ll be back.

    Drew Cutrer

    @HAPPY HAPPY What a loser you must be.

    Mason Kennedy/:

    HAPPY HAPPY get a life disgrace

    Mason Kennedy/:



    WTF is he retiring …..he is going to come back… don’t post send off comments like I will be thankful for all u have done…save it for his retirement speech video..

new orleans 504

Get well drew now it’s the time to fight and take no prisoners let’s geaux saints. Who Dat

Yoshibro 456

Can we all just agree that the refs hate the saints

    Richard Partin

    G Capistrano I already said that. And agree 100% but I am saying it does not mean that officiating is allowed to be that bad. I am not complaining about the whole game just big plays that cost us time scores or points

    G Capistrano

    @Richard Partin the game is as fair as it has always been… not completely fair because of the human element of the game. What are you gonna do push the league to institute robot refs? and then when your team loses its the programmers fault because they dont like new Orleans?? I hate bad calls just as much as anybody else… maybe even more! But what i will not do is allow people to imply that my team isn’t good or that we only win because of the refs. If your gonna call a ♠️ a ♠️ then check your facts first

    G Capistrano

    @Fisheyed Fool you can call Them the LA Stepdaddies for beating that azz like a stepchild

    Fisheyed Fool

    Nah… yall are scams

    Richard Partin

    G Capistrano dude I never said y’all weren’t good. I never said we lost this game because of the refs. I said when Brees went down and the backup went in we were probably gonna lose. Never did it come out of my mouth that the rams are a bad team never. So get your facts straight. I expect people to do their job and have some sort of accountability for obvious miss calls

Kpuff 8

We love you Drew good luck and hope to see you playing soon

Coty Benoit

T. Hill should be Drew Back up

    Kalash Operator

    Hansum joe While I agree that he did make a lot of mistakes and played poorly, our offensive line didn’t help much with all those holding calls either. Then again, I don’t think it would have made a difference how TB played and performed. He was for the most part terrible with the exception of like 3 or 4 plays. Haven’t seen this many flags against the Saints eve r

    A Falk

    I agree 500%


    1000% I can’t believe they left Bridgewater out there; idk what they see in this guy (he’s cool to hang with in the lockerroom?) HE SUX.. Taysom Hill would have won this game


    @Kalash Operator remember, holding is sometimes on the QB, the problem is you are used to seeing a HoF QB who knows how to avoid this type of pressure and Bridgewater just sux


Please get well Brees 😢

Fletcher Broadnax

Get well soon drew it’s just the beginning of the season you are the truth 💯💯

Ethan Rodriguez

Lesson to learn. Do Not High-five Aaron Donald with the throwing arm

CeCe Williams

Praying for Drew to have a speedy recovery 💗💗💖


What a bummer – lose Brees AND the refs take away a TD on a blown call. Sigh


    @soCal RamsFan yeah…even your defense can read Bridgewater he is so horrible.


    @Trini Trujano yeah not that great, you where tools to give Brady another ring thats all.


    @Powerless Gaming69 It’s not about winning or losing that game. Of course we were gonna lose that game once Drew went out early in the 2nd qtr. But it’s the fact that the league and the refs constantly feel the need to give “assistance” to the Rams in a desperate way in order to keep the city of LOS ANGELES relevant in the NFL.


    soCal RamsFan bullshit guess you know nothing about football! That would have been such a momentum swing. Rams need the refs only way they can win games. The world seen what happen wwhen the rams don’t have the refs dictating the out come of a game 3 points lol

Micah Heard

You can see the hurt in his eyes from not being able to play

    Micah Heard

    @HAPPY HAPPY We beat ya’ll last year. We really beat ya’ll twice but couldn’t beat the refs. And this year we lost Brees. You ought to tell your family to stop breeding… You’re contaminating humanity.


    😭😢😥😪 pussies

Dillpickle3768 Hi

Wow the refs really hate the saints… curse those refs

Annette Fertitta

We love you Drew, hope you heal quickly! Thank you for all you do and will do for us!

Horseless Cowboy

Brees survived a shoulder injury that would of made most young QBs resign to the play by play booth …his shoulder was SHREDDED….!!! This man of men will do what ever it takes to come back even stronger….no doubt…!!! Do agree T Hill should of at least had a series in the game as QB….!!🤠🇺🇸


    He’s 40+ now, body doesn’t do da same things as when you were 24.

    Horseless Cowboy

    But his mind and will are still 24….!!

Jossue Sandoval

Honestly Teddy wasn’t bad lots of times plays came back due to holding …

Ramon Crocodilians Productions

That’s alright, horrible day but we’ll comeback better than ever!! Tough game but, we gonna bounce back ⚜🏈💯 Geaux Saints!!

    Timothy A. Olmeda

    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    That’s alright, horrible day, but we’ll come back, better than ever. Tough game, but we’re gonna bounce back.
    Geaux Rams!!!!🐏🏈🐑😂

Talkin Bout Nawlins

Get Well Soon! Im sure there’s a Voodoo Queen sticking pins in a Aaron Donald doll somewhere in NOLA as we speak.

Clash Of The Horns

Rams fan here, hope brees gets well, saints defense played well i would have credit them for that TD but the nfl refs are complete idiots, defense played well until they eventually get tired down the stretch. Wouldhave been cool to see brees play the whole game. Hope to see him back to replay in the playoffs

    Randall House

    Wow. I think your the first Rams fan that I’ve heard saying that the refs are idiots🤣🤣. But much respect ✊✊. Ima Saints fan but you totally earned my respect

    Emmanuel Aguilar

    @Randall House Oh trust me bro, theres a lot of us rams fans that knew that call was bs, hope drew is ok!


    Class act. ✌ hopefully we get to meet again in da NFC championship game.


    Finally, a Rams fan who isn’t an egotistical idiot! In all seriousness though, I’m a saints fan, and I respect you for knowing what we were mad at instead of calling us big whiners.


    Rams fan here..It irritated me with that call and it got me mad when Brees got hurt. As a Rams fan i wanted The Rams to beat Saints at there best. I hate when stuff like this happens. On to the next though we can’t let one game hold us up

Saint •

Rest up drew.. whodatnation loves you so much ⚜️⚜️⚜️

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