Doug Pederson “We Just Gotta Keep Looking Ahead” | Eagles One-On-One – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson “We Just Gotta Keep Looking Ahead” | Eagles One-On-One

Eagles head coach sits down with Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro to discuss the team's performance against the , as well as looking ahead to against the .

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Ivan Ledden

Jaylen Ramsey is looking for a trade from Jacksonville,you guys should pick him up.

    Jeff Dimmler

    that would be a great pickup for us


    I hope we do

    Guardians of Gold

    oh man, that would be great!

Chee Nou Lo

Sidney Jones really stepped it up. Keep it rolling. Winning the division and beating playoff caliber teams are what we need to keep doing. Keep going with that mentality of being underdogs because I still see a team of hungry underdogs!!! Our corners especially should use that mentality since every team disrespects them! I know our corners are better than that!

YoDa Black

Why don’t we just use Jordan Howard? At this point it feels like we acquired him to weaken the bears! Feels like D.Murray all over again.


    It’s Duce. He’s a moron.


On paper:13-3…. REAL LIFE: 10-6…. LETS SEE

Soaring Grasslands

Establish ball control and running game early on to avoid slow starts.

Sanders and Howard should get at least 10 touches a game EACH.

julio montalv

Every body forgets that the Super Bowl seasons the eagles went 1-1 in the beginning as while

    Da Bul PHILLY

    How sproles don’t start one running touch after his week one performance🖕🏿 all bad coaching that lost this game!!! keep it simple like how u kept it for foles simple, and we will win


    The Eagles were 1-1 at this point last year and look what happened.

    Bigg B

    They also played a real team not the falcons

Brent Dial

Fix the offensive line carson shouldnt have to dance around just to get a throw off

    James Morales

    I agree with you but sometimes he holds onto the ball too long


Great interview as usual Dave, Doug is a mastermind, in Doug we trust. We will improve and move on! Gotta start strong!! GO BIRDS!!

SeanW Wilson

Its better to face adversity early in the season, than the end of the season, we have time to get better.

SeanW Wilson

When you don’t have your 2 best WRs on the field the run game will be stopped, no threat on the field.

    Sam Lineker

    Good point

The Frob22

Nothing but love for #11


We should really pick up Ramsey no joke 💯

Paul Toy

Eagles refuse to utilize the run for more than a token bit of run carries.This will have cascading effects along with key personnel that don’t or won’t play(Jeffrey,Jackson,Goedert).Without the run our team is reduced to about a 8-8 or 9-7 team.The whole season is in doubt now by the choices our team indicates they’ll be making.

Enoch Judah Israel

Heads up high yall. They only beat us by 4 an we were 70%

John Lancaster

If you get behind in this game you will lose. This offense and defense is not good enough to play from behind.



John Hearn

I am looking doug, and what it is
That if you can’t set the tone
Early, there isn’t no later.


Mark Whalburg did a pretty good job as an Eagle in that movie Invincible (which I’m also in by the way) maybe acquire him?


Run the ball why have Howard if we don’t even use him! We better sign Ramsey

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