Doug Pederson Talks COVID-19, Training Camp, & More | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Maharaja Ramzan

I love football but think they should postpone the season. How can they test 52+ players on 32 teams plus their coaching staff daily…Not to mention all the travel, look at all the problems baseball is having.

    Shadow Zone

    NFL would lose a lot of money.


    Maharaja Ramzan yup, the face to face battles in the trenches would be enough to spread it from 1 to 10 players in about 5 plays, everyone on both teams by the end of 3 hours of a game

    Maharaja Ramzan

    @Shadow Zone Typical NFL putting profits ahead of player & coach safety

    Doctor Danger

    It would make sense to cancel the season but by a business POV money is more important than health

Sam Roelke

The coach has a cold!! Cancel the whole season! Those 300 lb bodybuilders in their late 20s might catch it!😭😭😭

Aaron Moore

Love you Coach! Get better and we’ll see you soon. Go Birds🦅

Thomas Upham

That’s my coach


    Yes sir he is. That Lombardi trophy sure looks good back there. Go birds!!

FireAmmerang Bro

Please get better soon Doug Pederson.

neil u

Doug, just get the telepresence robot Sheldon had on that Big Bang Theory episode!

Cee Channel

Get well coach! Stay safe everyone. Fly Eagles Fly 2020

neil u

❓howie, K9 Dogs 🐺can detect Covid infected people , free n fast 😃🐺
Please look into that for checking everyone entering facilities. So simple, fast and no cost per test!
Chile and other countries are doing it

Clark Roberts

So glad he has no symptoms

Eagles djBrown

You’ll get better Doug. Tough as nails.

Rock the Artist

Get well coach dougie p

Michael K

Dougie P is an outstanding coach and even a better man. I have nothing but respect for coach and I’ll pray for a speedy symptom free recovery.

Allen Porter

get well soon

the juanangulo

that’s my coach baby


Get better BB Doug👍

Dan Little

At least we know we won’t lose Doug to corona during any game lol


    He could get it again further down the road.

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

I wouldn’t mind cancel the NFL
They need to take care of themselves and fanbase should understand this ….we are in crisis

Bob Jester

Having seen from danger close how devastating this virus can be I hope Coach Peterson fares well and has a speedy recovery.

Spencer Termilus

Good to see you doing well coach P. ! I was worried to say the least when I heard the news, but now I’m optimistic that you gonna be just fine.

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