Doug Pederson on DeSean Jackson’s Availability: “He’s Getting Close” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson on DeSean Jackson’s Availability: “He’s Getting Close” | Eagles Press Conference

head coach meets with the media to discuss the win against the , what the offense is missing in 's absence, and more.

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Gill Bates

Dancing around the injury again. Feel like we’ll be staying tuned to the update all season long, unfortunately. Get well soon D Jack

    Shawn Brooks

    Noooo, he said we should talk to the medical staff. Remind me…when was the last time we talked directly to the medical staff?

    Call Me J. R.

    Gill Bates D jax just got to stay focused on eating right and stenches and getting healthy he be back in no time.


    3:03 even reporters have heard its a Sports Hernia…Doug looks a little shocked the reporter knew too lol

    Trey A

    I have no problem with this. Why not make the Enemy be forced to plan for Djax even if Doug already knows he won’t be playing?

Filippo Cidonio

Fly Eagles Fly

Shawn Brooks

The eagles are starting to eemind me of the 2017 team in that once they “discovered” Lagarette Blount was actually a pretty good RB, they rode him…seems Howard could provide the same comfort.

    Marlique Sheed

    @Ashlee Woods I agree. Eagles fans get so one track minded when it comes to players. Howard may be good at pounding some yards but he isn’t going up the field like Sanders does. I am not in favor of decreasing Sanders for Howard. I would like to see them equal in time.

    A lot of these fans are short sighted. It is not killing us to invest in Sanders now. He needs the reps. They act as if Howard is banging 5+ yards every time he gets the ball. He isn’t as dominating as they would lead you to believe.

    Tyler Bradford

    @Marlique Sheed everyone wants the lead running back to get more carries until they have a 23 carry 45 yard game then it’s where is Sanders etc..

    Marlique Sheed

    @Tyler Bradford Exactly. And then if they get what they want, by then Sanders will have sat so much, he probably wont be the difference maker we need due to lack of reps. I keep telling people, the Eagles dont need to rely on one rb. But fans are so eager to be like everybody else. Meanwhile Pats are in the SB frequently and dont have a Saquan or Zeke. You barely know who is running for them any given time. Our own SB season was not all one RB all game.

    Charlie Day

    @PC USArmy dude we need to try and maintain healthy running backs for late in the season and the playoffs if we make it. The jets arent a team we needed to exaust our best running threat against just so us fans can be satisfied

    PC USArmy

    @Charlie Day , hey I’m with you…but we lost 2 games this year because he got away from the run game, particularly Howard…just saw in his press conference that after reviewing the films that Howard will be the feature back going forward.

Dbz Lover

Miles has a lot utility and Howard has running IQ

    Denzel Robinson

    Dbz Lover when the IQ comes along for miles … sheeeeshhhhh

Dwayne Aldridge #birdgang4life

We gotta make a move for a corner

    spike witwicky

    Amen brother


    WR too, Agholor is garbage, his confidence is shot, I feel like he doesn’t even want the ball thrown to him anymore. Either way we need a WR to replace him this offseason.

Dwayne Aldridge #birdgang4life



My brother and I made a bet, he said desean would last 1 game, I said he’d last 2 games, he won the bet. When Desean comes back he will last 1-2 games…. again.

    Bradley Slusser

    That’s been the story with him. Play a game, miss 2. Play 2 games, miss 3.

Darren -_-

Heal up Djax! Let’s go Birds!!


D-Jack just needs to get surgery. This will be prolonged.

Glen Draper

DJ. Go on fire .kill the pain. 🏈πŸ’ͺ😁

Flipping Avery

When he said Sydney Jones and Doug said β€œwho’s that” I diedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    drealmerz7 z

    except he only said “Sidney” and Doug just didn’t hear him

    Flipping Avery

    drealmerz7 z I know that it was a joke man chill πŸ˜‚

Trevor Sanso

31-6 win and they’re still grilling him

    a z

    Got to love the media lol

    Ivan Beltran

    It’s their job.

    TheFightJournal Boxing

    Probably because of the bs beginning. Complementing the Jets on their schemes that gave the Eagles all kinds of problems. Come on with that nonsense.

OhLord ImGreat

Alshon needs more jump ball targets down field.. 1 catch from alshon of 30 plus yards would open any defense.. dont have every play by the sticks


I wanna see D-Jax torch the Cowboys in his return!

John Lancaster

“Good observation!” hahaha


We need Djax for Dallas

Mr. Spock

Eagles #1 in run defense, need to fix the secondary.


We need one more WR

Philly D

God I’ve never known as strain to last this long come back to Sean we need you

Donald Brown

Media and everyone else: How Deaean recovery?

Doug p:Djax only available for playoff games no question about desean πŸ˜†

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