Doug Pederson Officially Rules Out DeSean Jackson for Week 5 | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson Officially Rules Out DeSean Jackson for Week 5 | Eagles Press Conference

head coach Doug Pederson meets with the media to discuss QB 's relationship with other quarterbacks in the locker room, acquiring , and more.

#FlyEaglesFly # #NYJvsPHI #

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Cole Dorion

I want desean healthy against Vikings next week what a tease I thought he’d play against jets


    Hasn’t been healthy in 6 seasons…needs a SPORTS HERNIA OPERATION…soo,expect this ALL season

    kitdacraze phillyphilly

    We don’t need him against jets 😂

Still Learnin 4332

No surprise there. Just like Mike Wallace last year smfh

    Call Me J. R.

    Still Learnin 4332 wallace didn’t do anything when he was here tho.


    Hasn’t played a FULL season in 6 yrs!…..


we need desean out there man, I hope he’s back next week.


sound was low

Brandon Watts

It was pointless to bring back djack when we could have drafted a deep threat who’s younger and less injury prone

    Teo Strong

    Brandon Watts bro the dude went off week 1

kitdacraze phillyphilly

Yes , rest him we need him week 5


Something stinks about D Jack!… it’s not right… his injury is the only one no one is talking about in detail! I KNOW is more than what they are telling

    E ?

    LEIGH JOHNSON something gotta be up because a 70% desean is still a 100% decoy and requires safety attention regardless. With our weapons it’s so crucial for him to be out there.

    Jguar 1

    Definitely something strange going on…. still no footage of an injury ever surfaced either.

Philly 4 Life

I’m not even worried about DeSean Jackson I’m worried about our defense they really need to do something that’s been going on forever time to start picking up people that are reliable

William F. Buckley Jr

Who REALLY killed JFK? Are there REALLY outer space aliens at Area 51?
Annnnnnnd, what’s REALLY wrong with DeSean Jackson?

    E ?

    William F. Buckley Jr so I guess it would be appropriate to ask is the earth even round, but like you said what’s really going on with Desean Jackson 🤔 😉


    Inquiring minds wanna know.


DeShawn is holdin out for more money.

Glen Draper

Get Ramsey 💪🏈


The Eagles will beat the jets without Desean Jackson.

Brian Mahoney

coach you have the 32nd rank pass defense….dead last in the league… are you satisfied with the coaching staff, trainers and the personal department? coach you fired your wr and defensive line coach….with a history of pathetic pass defense the entire time he has been here …how is corey undlind still employed?

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