Doug Pederson Officially Rules Out DeSean Jackson for Week 3 | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Johnny A

Doug, give us a like!!

Still Learnin 4332

Better figure out that 1st half Doug, step it up!

Philly Prince

Understandable just time for Hollins and the rook JJ to step up.


fire the camera idiot, cant even simply center and pull focus on a coach in the frame, pathetic.


he needs to fix his damn play calling and start running the ball more.

    N O L A N M I L N E S


William Samuels

Great question about going into a game with minimum amount of talent.

Alex T.

Doug can you please run the ball? That will make the pass sooo much better

    drealmerz7 z

    seriously, this is the #1 issue all around

    Chris Caahbaugh

    Lions getting Davis(starting mike) back and him and Tavai was chasing Murry from Arizona around and getting that kid💯 gonna be on your toes all game if you cant get that run going



    Unfortunately, We Pass to open the run…


    Why does everyone keep saying that???
    Did you not watch that Atlanta game?
    Howard and sanders avg 2 yards per carry. The run obviously wasn’t working because of the o line constantly getting pushed back into the pocket and not creating any holes. That’s also why Carson kept having to run out of the pocket. Now as soon as Doug starts to run the ball for 2 straight snaps then pass, and start going 3 and out, then people are gonna say “Doug needs to pass the ball more” . Besides.. If agholor would’ve caught that ball, no one would be saying anything

Carl Weisman

Eagles’ secondary gonna get torched. Gonna need to win this one 38 – 31.

    Chris Caahbaugh

    Id be really worried about JOHNSON AND JOHNSON💯 Lions New Offence might click on ya all..(3rd game in) and our defence aint no joke we let up 4th quarter in Arizona and it bit us…take that out and we giving up only 8 pionts a game

    Davon Norton

    They won’t get torched

drealmerz7 z

Isaac didn’t even have a bad game, the guy he was up against was A BEAST


Great editing! You can even hear the questions.



Goat Stature

Doug stop playing games Dallas Goddard Alshon Jeffrey are not playing Sunday we ain’t dumb we all know this he’s saying he’s optimistic but I doubt it very highly but it’s a little bit of gamesmanship for the Lions not knowing who’s playing and I hope to God this DeSean Jackson injury isn’t as bad as what’s being reported that he has a sports hernia cuz that can put him out 6-8 weeks that’s what Adam schefter reported he went and seen a doctor the doctor said we can do the surgery on it today and you’ll be back playing football in 6-8 weeks and DeSean told the doctor that he’s going to try to just let it heal on its own I hope it gets better because without DeShawn we are screwed it’ll be another season we don’t have a deep threat everybody remembers last year Mike Wallace our speed receiver we picked up got injured first game so we went the whole year without a deep threat

Ryan J

Dougie P. Can we please get a 1st quarter score!!

Paul Toy

DeSean Jackson is a part time superstar.He’ll miss at least a quarter of the season if not the whole.Getting him was popular but not wise.We don’t run enough or well to make teams respect our run.Season’s beginning to look 8-8

    I am ZAE

    Shut up with your blasphemy. He misses 2 games a year. Hes missing them now we gonna have him after that. We shouldn’t even need desean to beat the lions and the jets

Ace Boogie

Love Doug response about benching Isaac … that’s my head coach

Brian Mahoney

fire cory undlind

Russel Strings

For 12 personnel play Mailata as TE that is if he’s healthy. Seems healthy is the opposite of Eagles. That’s my 2 cents.


Run the Ball Doug., quick passing game and give some damn protection to Wentz…


Run. The. Ball.

TY TheEagle


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