Doug Pederson “No One Should Hang their Head” after Loss to Falcons | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Loyal Philly fan Reply

Last 2 times we started 1-1 we made the playoffs and 1 of those times we won the super bowl. I’m not worried. fly eagles fly

    Eagle40 Reply

    I’m an Eagles fan and they are not going any where. First, last week was obvious that the defense laid down against Washington at the end of the game to not cover the spread. The fix is in but is also common in the NFL. This is why I am supporting legislation that there should be no betting in professional and college sports. Vegas is corrupt.

    I find it odd that Jefferies. Goddard, and Jackson were all out with these mysterious injuries. All were suited up. You mean to tell me they practiced this past week and boom it’s game time and they can’t play. Ok.

    Something is fishy in Denmark.

    However, if this was truly how they played then this team is in trouble. Peterson has two very good runners in both Howard and Sanders and they do not run the ball or grind the clock.

    Pass, pass, pass, get Wentz hurt again and kill the season. Schwartz is another bone head who has No secondary. Darby is horrible.

    Of course the Cowgirls will Win the Division to make crazy Jerry happy, Prescott an overrated hero, and to bring the happy days back.

    It is all a show folks.

    neetrab Reply

    @Eagle40 They ran the ball and gained about 2.5 yards per carry. It obviously wasn’t working. The game plan the eagles had was fine as they did have a chance to win the game. And the defense was keeping us IN the game, so killing Schwartz is unfair here.

    MoB Reply

    @Mega you right about the that. And I don’t see the offense getting corrected because we have Groh as OC. Same issues as last year and Dougs playcalling is weak because of the weak gameplan Groh comes up with.

    MoB Reply

    @Eagle40 Unless Wentz gets hurt and misses time, that injury prone label is not a problem. What is a problem is the players around him getting hurt.

Xzvius Reply

My head was hanging during the first half. Enough of the slow starts! Too much talent to score nothing or only 3 points. Its ridiculous!

    Martin Castro Reply

    Trust the process

Keith Reply

With all the injuries the Eagles were an inch away from having an opportunity to win. Great game.

S. Davis Reply

How about trying to run the ball to start these games.

    kitdacraze phillyphilly Reply

    They did and run dancers start to dance I stead of hitting holes

    neetrab Reply

    uhh… probably because they didn’t have a run game? 2.5 yards a carry from the RB core wasn’t working. If you think they’re winning with that, you’re crazy.

Jamie Gambino Reply

This was a tough tough loss we were in a great position for a comeback. We will bounce back like we always do

Gregg O'Neill Reply

After this weekend with Breese and Big Ben, and Wentz being in protocol during the game and getting hit in the ribs…I’m just glad we got out of there with our QB in one piece.

geejr Reply

Doug need to take some responsibility in this. Since Frank Reich left, for some reason he doesn’t like to run the ball with Carson in the game. Carson takes too many shots partly because he holds the ball too long but the Eagles don’t run the ball. If they don’t run, Carson will be on IR by Week 6.

    neetrab Reply

    WHAT??? Did you actually think they’d win the game with them our RB core going 2.5 yards a carry? Obviously, it wasn’t working and the staff knew that. They still had a chance to win with the game plan they had. Stop it.

    geejr Reply

    neetrab that game plan will put Carson in the hospital. When a team knows you are not going to run, that favors the pass rush. Even if you average 2.5 yards a carry you still need to keep the defense honest. That last drive they had with a timeout remaining within the 20, the Falcons basically daring them to run, you pass 4 straight times with a freaking timeout with 1:30 on the clock. Instead of having second and 3 you have 3rd and 4th and long. Doug does no favors in these situations to Carson. So you stop it.

Daniel Timbs Reply

Yea, and every single fan sat here screaming to establish the run. How is it that fans can see what they need to do but the coaches dont? Had we been able to establish the run like the Vikings did, we could have won this game. Instead they made Carson have to try too much and because of that, he took a rib shot that I’m guessing will linger. And it pisses me off to admit this and I cant wstch undisputed because I cant hear skip run his mouth about it, but it appears Carson is injury prone…..I’ve been defending him but if this turns into another early season exit, then I dont know what the hell to think….. I’m just so angry about last night!

    Olemiss.Philly Fan Reply

    Daniel Timbs yeah your right. Sanders only had 10 carries and 28 yards rushing. Those 10 carries falcons defense was all over it. But I believe if we could have came out and gave him more touches and put it down there throat all night that defense would have got worn down fast. Yeah we got great receivers but they put the ball in the air too much last night against a good pass coverage team. And there D line blew us off the ball all night.

    neetrab Reply

    @Olemiss.Philly Fan Are you kidding me? Sanders isn’t Dalvin Cooke lol

    Olemiss.Philly Fan Reply

    neetrab well it’s kind of hard to get any yards when your o line is getting blown off the ball. If he would have had lanes open up he could have churned out some yards

justpat69 Reply

i feel like we definitely shouldve won that game. But as long as they can get healthy and learn from this loss i am not really concerned that much

Olemiss.Philly Fan Reply

The effort was there. And honestly the falcons didn’t beat them, they beat there selves. The penalties and missed opportunities is what cost them the game. They just need to start coming out alive in the first half and putting points up. But this one is over and they need to get ready to Detroit next week.

    Arel Radcliff Reply

    Olemiss.Philly Fan it should have been a blowout. Call a spade, a spade

Donald Brown Reply

We are still the team to beat. Fly Eagles Fly. Well be back better.

VariousStylz YGLT Reply

It sux until week 4 or week 6 we start running power runs. We have a power back that is running well and we just refuse to run right now…

VariousStylz YGLT Reply

I just remember sitting there watching the game like…. why we running with Miles Sanders? We have a big back that gets positive gains EVERYTIME HE TOUCHES THE BALL! Why is Clement Special Teams returner when we have Sproles! We just saw what a team committed to running the ball can do against the Falcons! So yeah let’s pass 40x

keith crockett Reply

When Matt Ryan saw that the Eagles were in an all out rush and the cornerbacks up to press the recievers you could tell how excited he was to see this ignorant defensive call! Eagles were outplayed all game till the fourth and Wentz found his mojo and that one play might haunt them come playoff time.



kitdacraze phillyphilly Reply

All good we got this
Go birds 1-1 I take that
Get this W , rebuild

neetrab Reply

no moral victories… but they’re celebrating a moral victory lol

neetrab Reply

To those complaining about how we need to run the ball. They DID!!!! We were getting 2.5 yards per carry. Obviously it wasn’t working. Are you gonna honestly sit here and claim we would have won the game if we ran the ball more??? Stop kidding yourselves. We don’t have a Dalvin Cook. So, stop it. The game plan they had was good as they had a chance to win it in the end.

Michael Buchanan Reply

The mic 🎤 is like eagles they always break lol 😂

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