Doug Pederson “It Takes All 11” to Stop the Falcons Offense | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson “It Takes All 11” to Stop the Falcons Offense | Eagles Press Conference

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson speaks to the media about what he expects to see from the Atlanta Falcons defense, what goes into stopping Julio Jones, and more.

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Giovanni L Saldano III

What was the point of this press conference??.

    TK the 7th

    cliches, cliches, and more cliches.

    Dbz Lover

    More Doug Peterson 😌


    They have these interviews almost everyday. Just to get more insight if games coming up, I guess.

    TK the 7th

    @neetrab That is true, but the coaches aren’t going to feed you any more of what they already had. Press conferences should only be held mondays and wednesdays; monday for a recap, and wednesday for the next opp and that is all.

kitdacraze phillyphilly

Torrey Smith?
Mmmmm , oh from Panthers


Use Jordan Howard more


    I like Miles for the future, but Jordan was easily the best runner on the team (even if you include Miles’ TD that was called back). Jordan is also FANTASTIC in pass protection. Miles will get there, but Jordan is there now. Use him.


    @Subcontinental986 I 100% like Miles and thought he showed alot of upside in week 1 but I also agree Howard was the best runner that day and used the least amount every touch was significant yards for Howard

    John Lancaster

    @Mobbin2Mars They’re both good. Use both of them.

Donato Lepore

Needed mic on press I want to hear the question !

Benjamin Renford

He doesn’t like Jordan Howard


    before he claimed he’s “excited” to have him. I didn’t hear this interview yet but hopefully he uses him way more in the near future, preferably this game coming up.

    Benjamin Renford

    neetrab I know
    I can tell by the way he talks in regards to him and the way the first game went . It’s telling trust me
    He will be underutilized this whole season and be gone next year


    @Benjamin Renford that will be kinda dumb. But I saw a video of his explanation on why they used Sproles and Milws so much. He talked about certain packages they like to use against certain teams. I have to have faith he’ll be used more going forward. I mean, I’m sure he sees what we all see on the field that Jordan was the best runner Sunday. He has his reasons on why he does what he does. There’s things he knows that we may not.

Twon Jones

Mentioned Jordan last….overreaction??


    I found that odd too…


    I’m hoping you are overreacting.

Mike Myers

I just was watching Eagles vs ATL in 2017 the 1st meeting under Doug Pederson.

We need more Saunders and Clement in this game…

    Mike Myers

    I meet to say 2016*

    a z

    Oh yeah ryan mathews ran all over them

Dbz Lover

I feel like Carson might have some good play call ideas

JP Gunny

Pls for the love of football pls use Miles and Jordan more!!!!!

Dbz Lover

Can we do more inside runs? Let’s play to our strengths more 🤔

Dbz Lover

Also we have to save some tricks guys 🤷‍♂️

Robert Williams

We need Micah

Darth Vix

maybe Jordan is having trouble adjusting

Paul H. Kircher III

Nobody ever talks about Allen Iversons grades in High School.

Kingm Diamond

Go Get Minka Fitzpatrick he is the next Brian Dawkins

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