Doug Pederson “I Want These Guys as Fresh as Possible” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Doug Pederson “I Want These Guys as Fresh as Possible” | Eagles Press Conference

head coach updates the injury situation heading into Sunday's game with the . He also offers his thoughts on young wide receivers and , who could have bigger roles.

#FlyEaglesFly # #DETvsPHI #

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Loyal Philly fan

Go get Jalen Ramsey please

    doug smith

    @Xzvius 2 losers like i said before the sason so far im right team is underachieving like i said it would

    doug smith

    @Xzvius i tols you before the season both are viruses so far im right

    Call Me J. R.

    Loyal Philly fan we don’t have the money, let Sidney jones play, he made some good moves last week. Hopefully he continues the progressing. Like Sidney jones more personality more too.

Chee Nou Lo

Agree with the light practice.

Ivo Tsvyatkov

Evaluate the training and medical staff – second year in row half the team is injured..most are not even contact injuries…

    David Mossop

    I’m all for this. Especially the evaluate part. Not saying it’s them but something doesn’t seem right..

    Dbz Lover

    @David Mossop Honestly I think we play so hard we break 🤷‍♂️ might need some safer plays or something

    Hermand Lo

    i think youre talking about the skins

    Call Me J. R.

    Dbz Lover i agree , we break our limits we got to be in control. And play smart , yes hit hard but know your limits sometimes. Know your true self. Get healthy and play for fun.

    John Gotti

    Ivo Tsvyatkov yeah, Jalen Mills is still out when he got injured. All he did was fall.

Student of Life

Injuries happen when you’re out of shape….week two is evident that these players need better conditioning!
Looking good on paper and actually being good on the field are two different things!
Time to prepare for a physical season!
Should of been done on the off season…being professionals and all!

alien priest

@doug smith= low key in the closet EAGLES fan.

kitdacraze phillyphilly

We got this , next man up


Lamar Ragan

To Doug I dig it that duece loves miles sanders but Jordan Howard needs to get more touches his the better back….and Jim Schwartz stop having your DB’s literally 13 yards off the ball

    Mark Edwards Pezenosky

    Jordan Howard 15 touches

Olemiss.Philly Fan

Need to have them practicing at a high tempo and work on finishing in the 4th qr.


i am coming from michigan to watch lions vs eagles on sunday…. fly eagles fly pull out a win for me

Call Me J. R.

the media can be a pain but hang in there. Its part of the process don’t have to tell them everything.

Call Me J. R.

We got to learn to play in control. Don’t burn out .

B Hammy

They always ask Doug the same Questions!!

SayDat Quan

Good now fix those sorry first half starts and that play calling.

Paul Toy

We got bum receivers that won’t play,Olinemen that can’t or won’t block,coaches that won’t commit to running a guy they publicized as an important addition to last year’s absent run game and lots of morons calling a QB that’s proved he’s money with the game on the line provided you give him the ball a problem.

Paul Toy

Sanders is the FUTURE of our run attack.Howard is the NOW.

Paul Toy

If I’d realized Jackson was gonna miss a quarter of the season because he’s got a chipped pedicure or some such with Jeffrey taking up the same crap I’d have ditched the idea of being sold on him so quick.Part time rock stars don’t get the job done.

    Dbz Lover

    Bruh, it’s not their fault they can’t play

    Dbz Lover

    Jeffery was upset he couldn’t play because he wanted to help out his team, but couldn’t

Jose Deleon

We need to stop the slow starts!! Idk what’s going on with wentz. He needs to get out of his head and play the foot ball we know he can!!!!

Khari Mott

Still no questions about the BS running game. Im disappointed in the philly media not calling him to the carpet for it! Run the damn ball and maybe Carson will make it through the season.

Trey A

LOL Doug’s response at 2:00

Erick Esquivel

Trade for Jalen Ramsey!!!

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