Doug Pederson Expects Alshon Jeffery to Play vs. Packers | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brian Mahoney Reply

coach we have a 2nd round and 3rd rounder at CB but both seem to have been taught to escort opposing receivers into the end zone…why have’nt you fired coach cory undlin for running an Escort Service?

    Wide Nine EAGLES Reply

    Mike groh first asap

    Black Moses Beats Reply

    @Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo The receivers was open all day on Sunday. Mofos just wasn’t catching anything.

    Black Moses Beats Reply

    @Don Bur I seen Ertz being doubled and other guys dropping wide open passes. I think we watched different games

    Don Bur Reply

    @Black Moses Beats not my concern Wns & loses

Brian Mahoney Reply

You are what your record says you are. Only losers take solace in “close games”.

    Still Learnin 4332 Reply

    Brian Mahoney TRUE

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    A win is a win & a loss is a loss.

Philly Phillnatic Reply

Don’t want to hear any talk..just go beat the Packers!!!win!!

    youngman1775 Reply


    Puerto Rock Reply

    Spermwhale1000 we are 2 catches form being 3-0

    Spermwhale1000 Reply

    @Puerto Rock Shoulda won both those games!

    Zee Zee Reply

    Philly Phillnatic you sound like their playing to a mediocre team. Bro it’s the packers, and they have the best qb. 0 % chance eagles will win. I guarantee

    Don Bur Reply

    @Puerto Rock I’m a number away from hitting the Powerball smh.. ridiculous

The LoboGamer Reply

Holy crap i realized that the coaches we lost recently are the things we are having issues with. O line. D LINE and WRs.

darlene lupex Reply

It’s sad that we are relying on one or two players to do well in a game…all these guys need to step up!! We shouldn’t need Alshon or DeSean to win a game for us!!! Hold on to the ball… stay on top of the people you are defending…protect Carson. WTF!!

    Ray T Reply

    That’s not their expectations, alshon and DeSean open alot of opportunity to execute on the field, game planning is alot easier.

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo Reply

    Honestly what helps most about having those two guys out there. Is that Agholor doesn’t have to pressure himself into thinking he’s a #1 because when he thinks he’s a #1 he tries to do to much and forgets how to hold a ball.

    Eagle40 Reply

    They can’t step up because this team is old and injured. Expect mediocre years from now on. Wentz is injury prone and quite frankly just very poised at QB.

    Prediction 8-8 or 7-9.

    Miguel Janerios Reply

    @Eagle40 Since when does being old mean you cannot step up? Hell, Brady could be a grandpa, and he is still excellent. Also, they didnt suddenly get ‘old’ — they won a playoffs game last year, and I believe the average age is lower this year.

    Eagle40 Reply

    @Miguel Janerios ….. That is Brady and not the rest of the NFL. Brady is an exception and there will most likely never be another one like him again.

    Most players last at most 10 years in the NFL. Peter’s I believe is the oldest player on the Eagles at 37. He was a great player but needs to retire. He has had serious injuries for many years. He is out a lot and has been hurt twice this years. Time to hang the cleats up like the rest of half the Eaglrs team.

    They will be lucky to get to 8-8.

Forrest Smith Reply

Nonchalant attitude Doug. The timing is all off. No rhythm playing like they got 2 left feet

WeLL Done_YT Reply

Jus doesnt feel right this year. Everyone to calm an focused in saying the right thing which is the wrong thing. Nelson cant catch.. stop throwing to him so much. Run jordan howard to the damn ground.. defense as a whole needs to play better miss tackles an drop picks smh. Hopefully they see that we need to invest in linebackers an cornerbacks now cause we trash in thise areas. Get it together Doug, howie cmon

    Alex Smith Reply

    Agreed. I don’t exactly want a #1 top paid CB because last time we tried that, it didn’t work out at all. It was under Chip Kelly if I’m not mistaken, but I like the idea of a few early draft picks on more speed WR talent, lockdown corner prospects, and good 4-3 linebackers. There are quite a few problems with the team right now though.

JP Gunny Reply

Stoutland should be OC. At least with him he can chalk up better running plays and better pass protection.

Mir Dubya Reply

Nelson isn’t a #1 wr put him in the slot where he excels an put Hollins on the outside

Eagle40 Reply

This team will be lucky to go 8-8 this year. The defensive secondary stinks. Darby is a joke and Schwartz with his soft pass coverage will not win championships.

Players getting older and more injured is the other reason this team is going nowhere. Wentz is ok but not the composed leader that Foles was.

Peterson refuses to establish a running game. Why get Howard and draft Sanders if you will not play them. All nonsense.

Also the league wants Dallas as the top contender. It is all entertainment. The league is a show that has already been predetermined. Call it rigged.

Don’t bet on the Eagles. They do not cover the spread and that is done on purpose.

    Chase Balazs Reply

    @Eagle40 i played Free Safety all the way through highschool. Won two state championships at Lake Travis Highschool. Look us up. After highschool I joined the Marine Corps. There ain’t any snowflakes in the Corps.

    Eagle40 Reply

    @Chase Balazs ….. Because I played the game I have a good idea of how things operate.

    Were you a cheerleader or in the band? Haha

    Eagle40 Reply

    @Chase Balazs ….. I played through high school and College D2. Linebacker and fullback. Started in Pop Warner and played in college until I was injured.


    We’ll win the division

    Eagle40 Reply

    @DTR MACKAVELL …Really!!!
    Hey, I like your optimism but I highly doubt it. After tonight they will be 1-3 unless they can pull a rabbit out of their asses. Maybe they win tonight and go 2-3. Hope so but it does not look good.

    Dallas will be tough to beat. I believe they win the East again.

OhLord ImGreat Reply

Fire Mike Groh!!

Spermwhale1000 Reply

What about DeShawn? Apparently they can’t win without DeShawn.

Bob Snyder Reply

Alshon is important but the guy that opens up the field is DJax

    Alex Smith Reply

    Didn’t have DJax before and they were fine. They jusyt need to win these close games. The team had an unexpected handicap with the kicking allowing a rare modern day return touchdown and they could have won the game if that’s stopped. They had the running game doing more than 40 yards finally.

Philly Phillnatic Reply

Mike Pettine is doing a coach of the year job in disguising those exotics blitzes! Take notes Schwartz

John Lancaster Reply

Aaron Rodgers will eat this team up if defensive backs continue to play soft coverage.

Eric Dennis Sr Reply

I hate the clowning at the press conferences man your 1-2 going into the toughest stretch of the season bet your D coordinator isn’t time to coach this team 😠😠😠😠

Daniel Quiles Reply

Like too see coach smiling licking his chops haha Go Philly

Marcus Moran Reply

Doug notoriously accepts other people’s accolades (Foles suggesting “Philly Philly” and Reichs RPO offense) and deflecting accountability(slow starts and undisciplined team since last season). Not once has this bumbling idiot said, “it’s my fault for not getting this team prepared “. Be a leader and hold urself accountable for the downfall of what ur in charge of.

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