Doug Pederson: Eagles Have to “Look in the Mirror” After Loss to Cowboys | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Remzzy Reply

This game was absolutely pitiful

    xlr8r2010 Reply

    It was painful to watch…it was like they weren’t even trying to be competitive, no fight at all. Ughhh!!!!

    Remzzy Reply

    FiringallCylinders even when Agholor had a touchdown catch he just gives up on the ball its so sad we need AB

    Gregory Jones Reply

    You can’t spell pitiful without Pitifuldelphia.

    Sara R Reply

    I couldn’t even watch the whole game. I’ve never done that. Ugh.

    Dino Anthony Reply

    @Sara R wow that is bad lol

Zachary Morris Reply

No sense of urgency for the Eagles offense. Dallas Defense was strong tonight.

Wentz’s fumble off the snap is a good description of how the Eagles played tonight.


O line posing nude…looks like they were molested



    neetrab Reply

    lol!! exactly!!

Morning Sports Wood Reply

Don’t look in the mirror Doug… You’re not gonna like what you see 😔

We’re definitely not as good as we thought going into the season:

O Line is old and we can’t run the ball

Receivers aren’t making any plays

Linebackers are small and can’t tackle

Corners can’t cover and keep blowing coverages

Not our year guys, time to start collecting draft picks.. 😭

    Morning Sports Wood Reply

    @G M G totally agree, this team is complacent. It’s not realistic to expect a team to win the SB every year, but it is realistic to expect them to at least be competitive! 😩

    This team is good enough to be competitive, which leads me to believe they’re just not as hungry/motivated as they used to be. So if they’re not, it’s time to change things, because they peaked; it’s just downhill from here 😔

    G M G Reply

    Morning Sports Wood I’m more optimistic I think we could still make the wildcard but I hate how Doug just flat out said yeah we are going to come into the cowboys house and win you just don’t say that you aren’t Joe Namath

    Morning Sports Wood Reply

    @G M G I’m not sure about that. Looking at the schedule, we can realistically (and probably will) lose the next 4 games, be 3-8, and the best record we can wind up with is 8-8

    And we’re not making a wild card with an 8-8 record in the NFC 😔

    I obviously want them to win out and make the playoffs but the stars aren’t lining up like that. Hope I’m wrong but there’s a lot of things that need to change regardless 🤨

Andrew Thomas Reply

Say the same thing after every loss and nothing changes

    Kody Jefferson Reply

    I was thinking the same thing nothing changed NOTHING wow how can you be 2yrs removed from super bowl & look 👀 Lil a bunch of scrubs regardless of the injuries THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE same fumbles dropped passes feeble defense THIS A MOTIVATIONAL PROBLEM PERIOD THIS LOSS IS ON THE COACHES it makes me wonder even if you practice doing the week poor tackling on defense WE GOT STEAMROLLED POINT BLANK the ones that need to look in the mirror the hardest is Doug & Jim both you need to give the owner back your paychecks why? BECAUSE YOU DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO EARN IT NOTHING ITS UNACCEPTABLE @ Doug put your big boy pants on & get out this hole now we’re waiting 😡NO EXCUSES NONE 🦅🕶

    Kris Wit it Reply


    petefly FPV Reply

    Hey I can lose the game for the eagles or they going to pay me that much money?

    Donovan Brant Reply


Rockem_Ray Reply

I don’t want to hear excuses we had a chance to better our team and just like godert y’all dropped the ball!

    Dbz Lover Reply

    Godert is actually really good tho

    chunky9791 Reply

    @Dbz Lover Yep, real good at dropping a guaranteed pass for a td each week.

spike witwicky Reply

Get rid of players so we can get more picks

Easy Money Reply

Offense is bland. Something needs to change

    Gx19 Films Reply

    Super basic

    Ryan Reyes Reply

    Easy Money djack we have no deep threat

    Prod. Juzzin Reply

    Desean and AB

    GlitchGaming45 Reply

    It’s mike Groh… Wish we could have kept frank reich. He’s the reason we won the super bowl. Plays were unique and defenses were left guessing. Now our plays are predictable and bland.

jaqen h'ghar Reply

Our teams sucks. I still ride with em tho. We need help badly @ LB, CB, WR. Gameplan also not clickin, seems like our team has no chemistry.

Still Learnin 4332 Reply

Dougie Guarantee didn’t fall thru. Does he get cut too?

Nikolai Leaderman Reply

Didn’t Doug Pederson own last week’s game too?
They just looked lost out there… Coach looks lost in his press conference. Jeffrey Lurrie, make this pitty party end, and give us, your loyal followers, Eagle football, and Eagle Pride!

    Nikolai Leaderman Reply

    This is an illusion? Are we just trying to get an early pick in next year’s draft? Who are we going after? I’d rather just get new coaches and reliable playcallers than go this route, after route.

Eagle King Reply

You guys played with no heart

    xlr8r2010 Reply

    It was pathetic…this team doesn’t have any fire, they seem half asleep or something.

    Matt White Reply

    He he he he he yea boi

    Stuart Sims Reply

    A high school team could’ve beat our asses last night.


    At all bro

    LmQUAM Reply

    They HAVE NO HART.

Daniel Arsenault Reply

If this is what “prepared” looks like to you Doug then you gotta go.

    Fly Ty Reply

    Lol foreal man this is fucking terrible

    Andrew Carlson Reply

    Hes not getting fired lol

    neetrab Reply

    @Andrew Carlson we know that. We could still voice our frustrations.

    LmQUAM Reply

    @neetrab RIGHT

    Beverly Huttinger Reply

    They won’t fire Dougie P because we did win the SB but that contract might go!

Mr Johnson Reply

How many times is he gonna use that mirror line? Overconfident doesn’t even begin to describe this atrocity.

    LegoGuy87 Reply

    It was barely overconfidence, more like laziness and incompetence. Everyone in that team was acting like they were playing football for the first time, Fumbles, subsequent sacks, lack of risks… just overall embarrassing, that 1st quarter alone was just cringe and frustrating.

    Mr Johnson Reply

    @LegoGuy87 yea I wasn’t as interested as finding the right word as you were.. but there ya go those two were pretty spot on.

    Jon Doe Reply

    Yeah the mirror is probably broken by now

helicopter weewee Reply

Time for an overhaul:
1) Get better medical/training staff. Too many guys are getting hurt with soft tissue injuries.
2) Fire Mike Groh (or make him go back to being Receivers Coach). He’s not getting the job done.
3) Fire Jim Schwartz. His schemes are not working anymore.
4) Use the many draft picks you have to get much faster on both sides of the ball. The offense looks slow and sluggish, cannot get separation. Defense, same issue. Too slow.
5) Get a #1 Corner. Yeah, you let Jalen Ramsey go. At least find someone else in that top tier.

    gotohoward Reply

    I agree with everything you said. Firing people won’t happen, Lurie is on the Kool-Aid with finally getting a SB. Read my post because it kinda knocks the same things especially receivers not getting jumps and being led with passes. That should happen all game plus effective backfield. They were just awful. Last week and mostly the whole season. I think they handled preseason all wrong. It seems other teams survived not playing their starters though, but the Eagles would have been working the problems earlier. Look at the Patriots cruising and other teams like next week Buffalo 5-1.

    Phuong Reply

    They will have money to play with next year too. I predict bradham, Jenkins, Darby, McLeod, Peters, will all be gone.

    Pete Urbann Reply

    Player in general are getting soft and not doing off season conditioning (Madden Football ain’t gittin’ it)…the Eagle’s need to remember which Quarterback took them to the Superbowl…bring back Nick Foles.

    Phuong Reply

    Pete Urbann if that’s the case then they should have kept foles and traded wentz. They would have gotten something out of it.

Brod Reply

No rhythm offensively, receivers can’t get separation, offensive line is weak, don’t value linebackers enough, corners are soft and slow.

Javier Martinez Jr Reply

He says the same thing every week and nothing seems to change. Feels like there is no chemistry in the locker room. I know injuries are a key point, but there is teams out there with back up QBs and they still winning. One thing as a eagle fan you hate to see is this team lose, but to lose to the cowboys like that on SNF…that is just pathetic. Still a lot of football to play but if I’m being honest looking at the schedule…This season is over.

uber everywheree Reply

If only they had a thick, trunky coastal kid at quarterback

chozen9 Reply

The defense sucked… offense couldn’t do diddly pooh… we sucked..

    Kyle Adrien Reply

    Yep everyone sucked

Devin Reply

I love the Eagles reporters I wish the Raiders would have savages like this.

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