Doug Pederson Discusses the Victory over the Jets | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jekyll Hyde

*Doug’s Coaching Is Failing… Too Many Flags… Too Many Bs Play Calls… He Keeps Saying He’ll Fix It For The Next Gm And Yet The Same Sh!t Keeps Happening*

    Dark VadeR

    Coaches are getting smart. Doug is smart. Sadly his game planning is horrible. His in game and half time adjustments have been bailing him out.
    Get that 🏃 game consistent.

    Walter Glowacki

    You are 100 % correct,the next Super Bowl win won’t be in the next ten years!


Glad to see that Doug recognizes that this type of performance is not going to beat good teams in this league. Easy win against a terrible team but not nearly as good as the scoresheet suggests.

    Bradley Slusser

    @Sam Shopp So I’m not allowed to speak truth, like you did? But Who was our OC when we won the SB? What team did that OC ( as a head coach) just beat tonight? I’m sorry if I think 2 TD’s on Offence against a team like the Jets is pitiful. So you think he calling wonderful games this year? Please elaborate with your wisdom.

    Bryan Carranza

    @Bradley Slusser I agree with you with the OC. Its struggling, Frank reich did a better job with the offense.

    Bradley Slusser

    @Bryan Carranza Thanks. I don’t think it’s a coincidence the offence has struggled with consistency since he left.. I think Pederson isn’t a bad head coach, but not as a head play caller..

    Kendall Beck

    EGrubs well said

    Chris Cobach

    The jets have a top 10 defense in most metrics. most people don’t realize it because they are 0-4 but it isn’t because of their defense. Greg Williams is a good coordinator and I’m just happy Carson made it out of this game healthy honestly. Fire mike groh and a lot of the eagles problems fix themselves.

Bradley Slusser

You need to be better. Play calling has been terrible. Groh is horrible..

    Eddie Roche

    Bradley Slusser Groh doesn’t call the plays, that’s on Doug.

    Bradley Slusser

    @Eddie Roche You are right. But then what does Groh there for? Game planning? That sucks too. Watching film? Not helping. He needs to go.. It’s no coincidence were not good on Offence since losing Frank Reich.


    Bradley Slusser Reich > Groh I agree. But Groh looks better than last season at least. Least season he was a total moron, and losses resulted.

Top Opp John

Groh needs to go

Dark VadeR

Got to get that running game 💪 consistent though. Salute good win, not great!

drealmerz7 z

wow, his body language is telling us he is NOT happy


    Yeah he looks disatisfied, I think because of the sloppy play & missed opportunities. Its only gunna get tougher on this 3 game road trip


It wasnt bad considering we only had half the time of possesion as them.


    Which is kind of bad. Offense only scored 17 points. Can’t rely on the defense to get 2 TDs every week.


    @Kabloosh we only had 20 mins of posession because the defense got 3 turnovers and mad sacks keeping the clock rolling. Offense only played 2/3 of a game really. The stat line doesnt show that


We get no stripes beating the Jets. We gotta beat better teams in order to hold our nuts!


    The jets are pros like every other team.. No excuse..

Mr. Spock

We should have won by 55 points, our offense needs to clean it up.


We need a deep threat if Jackson’s gonna keep missing games go sign on that was our problem last year. Short passes all day, also way to many flags on offense. Seeing wentz getting pressured all game was hell. Can’t stress enough how much we need Jackson our a new WR. Also our corners did decent this week. Our d line did good but how about they play like that more often.


Also thank the lord sproles got hurt sorry to say that but I hate him dude does nothing for this team. Could have another cb or WR

    Tyler Hartley

    I legit wanna get him his 50 yards then sit him the rest of the year i agree he weakens our team when hes on the field

Ryan J

On to Minnesota. Fly Eagles Fly

Jordan B

Wow…can’t believe I didn’t like the eagles at one point…you guys got a great coach…I’m jets fan and was laughing pretty much the whole game…but I have nothing but respect for the eagles…the cowboys on the other hand………..


took care of business but it should have been a 50burger shutout


never tire watching Doug balance on his massive balls behind the podeum

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