Dontrell Hilliard’s Long Kickoff Return Sets Up Browns TD – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Dontrell Hilliard’s Long Kickoff Return Sets Up Browns TD

Dontrell Hilliard's 74-yard kickoff return leads to a Nick Chubb touchdown. The Seattle Seahawks take on the Cleveland Browns during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Jay Kelz Reply

How many catches OBJ getting today?

    Jay Trivedi Reply

    2 for 27 yards

Anthony Lucas Jr Reply

Anyone noticed the description is wrong? Says Bills taking on Titans. #NFL

    Jerry Dalrymple Reply

    He even got the week wrong.

RZFL Sports Reply

King of the Hillard

Luther R. Say Reply 🦅🦅🦅 🏈

Asaad Dennis Reply

Wow… Even as a 49ers fan I’m shocked!!!

Cleveland 20 – Seattle 6 (WTF?)

    Jan Gutierrez Reply

    Ehehh Sheheh lol that’s why we winning now😂👌

    XBTL_salty F Reply

    G Up and you were right

    Pappy world PBG Reply

    @Ehehh Sheheh that how we won today right

wildman00sax Reply

Browns gotta push. As Baker would say “We gotta do our jobs”.
Do your jobs well boys!

Tim F Reply

no stumble trait I see

Free Melly Reply

Seattle better win

    Your Dad Reply


    Brian Byrnes Reply

    Free Melly I’d be surprised if the Hawks win

    stormzzz Reply

    @Brian Byrnes ig ur surprised

    Dakodah Ellisyt Reply

    Free Melly they did 32 to 28 so the Seahawks won

Clash Of The Horns Reply

Lets go brooooowns

The Beefalo Reply

bruh seahawks better not lose to the browns on my birthday

    Dakodah Ellisyt Reply

    The Beefalo happy birthday!

vajleexi Reply

If the Seahawks lose to the Browns… They’d be the laughing stock this week.

    sam hawkz Reply

    No they wont because browns have some good players on offense and best pass rusher in the game! Plus any team can lose in any given Sunday! Guess what??? Seattle will not lose!

    richard28nelson Reply

    Only thing is the Seahawks are going to win!!!

    soggy kibble Reply

    I’m hoping they lose, even if browns don’t win, that’ll still be hilarious that the browns got em that pressured

    sam hawkz Reply

    @soggy kibble doesnt matter how much points a team win by! A win is a win!

    soggy kibble Reply

    @sam hawkz I suppose but also who they play is a big part, like right now Patriots are getting attention for “least points allowed per game” but their schedule looks weak asf, wait till they go up against high offensive teams and that stat will quickly dissolve. Browns who have a reputation for being one of the worst teams in the league has the Seahawks on their toes which I find hilarious.

jacob bell Reply

dammit seattle, dont make the browns look good

That Guy Donny Reply

Special teams are destroying teams right now

Jason R. Rich Reply

I’m at this game rn

    Demetrice Harrison Reply

    Cheering for Seattle I hope

    Jason R. Rich Reply

    Demetrice Harrison yessir

richard28nelson Reply

Go hawks, keep on winning winning, winning!!!

Ernest Oliver Reply

Brunch of scrubbs in Cleveland, where is all the OFFENSE and Baker Mayfield? Give me a break Seattle is walking all over the bums in Cleveland! Your name does not make you great just like a lucky kick off return does win games.

Nut head 85 Reply

That call on Jarvis was freaking bull and then the refs in sports wonder why there should be robot referees

david sanders Reply

Congrats fans….Cleveland found the endzone and actually used Nick 👏👏

Arnold Davis Reply

The whole browns team sucks and management

C.D.C Reply

The officiating has been terrible. Awful. But the Browns led this game 20-6 and they’ve turned the ball over four times (five if you count the blocked punt, which is basically a turnover). That’s a bigger problem than the officiating.

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